Saturday, December 6, 2008


I became wrapped up in the political crisis here in Canada and watched television although did do some work on the protestation returns. Still proofreading Braintree and it is a slow process.

I also remembered I was working on my FamilySearch page for the 1916 Canadian Census (already completed a number of them) but they had taken it back again. I decided to try the Belgium emigree list and will work away at that the next few days.

With a few days passing since the initial crisis began here in our parliament, I have given some thought to the cause. Is it possible that our Prime Minister suddenly became sick and tired of all the jibes and comments being made by the Opposition leaders (they view their comments as usual political style) and was considering retiring and letting others carry the torch? I am left to think about that thought for awhile. The real farce was Elizabeth May rushing to Ottawa (thinking there was a Senate seat in it for her I suspect)and then making her usual inane statements but this time she really came up with a corker - tanks at Parliament Hill. I think perhaps she is just not suited to this life as she really doesn't know how to express herself. I felt that way at the debates as well. Her personal attacks on Stephen Harper were absolutely unacceptable and should have been halted. He is an excellent Prime Minister and shouldn't be driven from his post by inane comments. He has managed to get rid of the Liberals as our "permanent" government finally bringing back together the conservative parties of Canada. History will remember him well and be kind to him.

Off to the opera today.

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