Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bishops Nympton Parish Register - 22 February 2009

Today, I completed the baptisms for Bishops Nympton up to 1880. The railway must have been coming through at this time as there are quite a few railway workers living in Bishops Nympton and the number of baptisms took a dramatic rise for a couple of years but the decline is now continuing. I completed Fiche 10 which is 1880 and Fiche 11 ends in 1923. I also have Fiche 12 and it brings me up into the latter part of the 1900s. Then I will begin the marriages from 1813 to 1837 (I was not able to purchase the marriage fiche beyond 1837). The last five fiche are burials from 1813 to the latter part of the 1900s. At that point I will have completed my transcription (word for word) of the Bishops Nympton Parish Relgisters. I have already started to proofread and build an excel file. Although I can search the word file the excel file allows me to sort the data in interesting ways.

Another snowfall and we just cleared away that lovely load of white fluffy stuff. Fortunately the warmer spell has shrunk the piles down somewhat but they are a solid mass of ice for the most part now and we will not likely see the end to them until at least mid April but it does water the ground very well as it melts so that we seldom have to water our lawns until mid Summer.

I spent some time working my way through my hampers of material, knitting wool and crochet cotton. I threw out uncompleted items that do not interest me any longer (not too much!) and had a good look at all the material. I believe I have three lengths for suits which should be nice.

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