Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bishops Nympton Parish Register - 24 February 2009

Baptisms up to the middle of 1925 are now complete in my file and I added in the maiden names of the mother from free BMD in brackets. I will eventually extract the marriages from Free BMD but it isn't particularly easy to do that since the Registration District is South Molton which includes a number of villages. With the baptisms and the census though I can extract a lot of them just to fill in the time period from 1837 to the present for my online parish clerk duties.

I was proofreading my husband's syllabus for the OGS conference and finished that off this afternoon. It is mostly text supplied by others so not a lot of first time typing to check on. I have decided now to speak about a few good samples of family connections with DNA both yDNA and mtDNA in my 25 minute talk. I have new information on some lines and a couple of new lines that are quite interesting. Really DNA is just another tool to use to match together family lines and a very effective one at that.

We had pancakes and bacon for Shrove Tuesday plus cheese cake and fresh raspberries or fresh pineapple - I took the fresh pineapple and it was quite delicious.

Tomorrow I will continue working on the Bishops Nympton Register - I hope to finish about half of the last fiche for baptisms and then complete all of that on Thursday. Then I can do the marriages which involves cutting and typing in the relevant information for each couple. There is one fiche (60 images) with three marriages to an image so about 180 marriages to enter. I found the earlier marriages and banns to be slow and expect this will take me a few days to complete. Then the burials are eight to a page like the baptisms but less information so may actually be quicker. There are five fiche with 60 images to a fiche so 2400 baptisms to enter. I am looking forward to doing the burials as I am missing a few burial dates for my ancestors in the 1813 to late 1900s period.

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