Friday, February 6, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 6 February 2009

Continued with the Landkey Parish Registers and completed up to 1715. The number of Baptisms continues to be small but also the burials. There are a lot of marriages considering the size of the parish but most of them are from outside. There are now 1432 baptisms, 655 marriages and 1280 burials. It is interesting to compare with the International Genealogical Index where there are 3282 baptisms between 1602 and 1837 and 1141 marriages between 1602 and 1837. There are a number of baptisms missing from the IGI in particular the Southwood and the Wilkey family are, for some reason, missing from the early registers.

I suggested doing the Lenten Blessings for the Anglican List as a Blog and the owner of the List liked the idea. I am glad of that as I think it will be a nice way to display the Blessings in the future. One can just scroll back and find the one that especially interested them.

We took the dogs for two walks today and the puppy is getting to be better and better at walking instead of running - it is natural to a Sheltie to run. It will take him a while to moderate his tempo for a friendly walk instead of a good run.

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