Monday, February 9, 2009

Landkey Parish Registers - 9 February 2009

Continuing on with the Landkey Parish Registers and perhaps I will complete them this week. The interim priest has now been replaced by a permanent priest and his style is to use one page for baptisms, one for marriages and one for burials so that creates a change in my style of working. However I managed to find a good stopping spot at 1738 which means I just have to pick up a few marriages at the bottom of one page for 1739 and then at the bottom of the next page the burials for 1739 and then skip the first few lines of the next page and I am at baptisms for 1739. Surprisingly it did not take me that long to complete the ten years today but it is partly because there are not that many entries per year. There are now 1647 baptisms, 787 marriages and 1500 burials. I found Hugh Pincombe's burial as senior so his son is still alive in 1731 which is good to know.

We went snowshoeing this morning for about 1.5 hours and about 9000 steps! It was hardgoing but pleasant to be out on such a nice sunny day although cold. One works up quite a bit of heat going on snowshoes so no danger of freezing. The puppy was sliding along on the ice and scarcely broke his stride. He wasn't troubled at all by the sliding. He tried to use his claws to grip but he still isn't strong enough for that. We walked about 1.5 kilometres and that tires him out a little. He still sleeps quite a bit although he is quite strong for a pup. The other dog is more used to this type of weather and he is quite strong. He is very independently minded and keeps up a good pace.

I am still working on my presentation and need to send my husband, the editor, my "blurb" for the brochure. I will do that tomorrow.

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