Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cold Virus continuing - 31 March 2009

I still have my cold virus but it appears to definitely be improving. Yesterday I completed RD 3 for 1901 Bishops Nympton Census. I am still missing 410 names for the 1911 census but perhaps as I work my way through RD4 and RD5 for Bishops Nympton I will be able to locate more people in my broadcast searching of the 1911 census. I do not expect to find all of them because people are moving about more now than earlier and new names are appearing in each census and missing from the following - simply not predictable. I also sent a note off to the Library to correct the census for Bishops Nympton in 1881 and 1891 on their webpage. I think perhaps only one RD was done for those two years. They wrote back to thank me and say that they will correct the numbers.

As I work my way through my summary now (1841-1891) I am wondering how much information I can acquire about these many families at Bishops Nympton. Should I attempt to write them up or would it be meaningless since I do not know them. Well I do know a very few of them because they are my ancestors and their blood relatives but I lack that knowledge that makes them really come alive. Just being able to write about them being in the census, knowing the dates of birth, marriage and death of their children is interesting and productive for family research. From the Census I can tell where they lived every ten years. I can reconstruct the parish showing the location of all the farms but can I reconstruct the Village. Possibly I can acquire maps of the village and that might be a good next step. I have the details back into the 1700s on the village with respect to ownership/lease of properties. I find it fascinating that Robert Pincombe farmed Park, Eastwood and Westwood which ended up being three separate farms after he and his brothers were no longer alive. Mind you he had eight children and my ancestor John was 19 when his father died so likely already on the land working for him. There is a gap between 1827 and 1834 when I do not know precisely where John was. I need to finish my transcription of the land records for Bishops Nympton which is perhaps where I should head once again. It is some months now since I did my transcription of the records that I photographed at Salt Lake City.

Today I shall continue with the census of 1901 and extracting what I can of 1911 for Bishops Nympton. I should investigate the Devon Record Office to see what type of maps I might be able to purchase. I should like to begin writing up Bishops Nympton and perhaps I can find someone to look at my writeup. I shall have to think about that. It would be quite fascinating to produce something useful given that I have heard of Bishops Nympton since I was a young child. But all of that knowledge was third hand from my mother who had it from her father - neither of whom had ever been to Bishops Nympton. William Robert (my great grandfather) was only 14 when they came to Canada in 1851 and he lived at Molland. I wonder if they traveled back and forth to Bishops Nympton? His uncle Thomas Rew was at Sheepwash which wasn't far from Gatcombe (farm at Molland). Certainly they did travel as I found Elizabeth (mother of William Robert) Rew Pincombe with her eldest son John at Upper Hopcott Farm in Wootton Courtney Somerset in 1841.

Woke up early coughing a little but it is so much better with regard to sleeping. Back to sleep for a couple of hours and perhaps in my dreams I will recall incidences that help me with my research. I am blessed with this recall memory and it can also be a punishment as I recall unpleasantness as well as happy times.

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