Thursday, April 30, 2009

Andover Parish Registers - 9

I did not manage to cover as much material today as the last couple of days. The last row of the first fiche is difficult to read and large chunks of the pages are missing unfortunately. The good side is that this is not a time period that is critical for my Blake research. I have completed to July 1624 and there are now 1850 baptisms in the database. I have 26 pages left to transcribe in the baptisms. The next seven though will be rather slow and I haven't looked at the 2nd fiche yet to see how it looks in terms of legibility.

I did not find the baptism of Richard Spring (my 8x great grandfather married to Ellen Drew). Nor do I find a baptism for Ellen although there was a Drew family at Andover in the 1590s and early 1600s. I shall have to check for these families in the areas around Andover.

I worked on my family tree examining some of the lines to consider my next steps in looking at the material that I brought back from Salt Lake City. Once I have completed up to 1700 for Andover I will set it aside for other pursuits.

I had ordered the marriage registration for Isaac Debnam and Emma Hemsley Buller and it arrived. The witnesses are George and Elizabeth Debnam and a George Debnam and Elizabeth Eaton can be found on Free BMD marrying December quarter 1838 at Newington Surrey. If this is the witnesses that could be quite interesting. Christopher Buller is listed as a cutter on the wedding registration. I can not tell by the registration if he is alive (the death registration I have for a Christopher Buller is dated 18 Nov 1839 Bromley Kent). The Buller family continues to quite fascinate me. There I sit in the middle to late 1700s with all this information but I can not move backwards yet. What I need to find are a few wills!

Tomorrow I will continue with the Parish Registers of Andover but it will be slower going. I am getting eye strain. I need to get back to working on the DNA study database as well.

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