Saturday, July 11, 2009

Genealogy Wise

A bit of eye strain so I decided to leave the Andover Parish Registers alone for a day. Just a couple of years left of baptisms and then I start the marriages and after that the burials. I have completed the first row of images and I am working on the 4th image of the second row (12 images to a row). There are 4 complete rows and 4 images in the fifth row. A total of 52 images on this fiche so I am just a little over 1/4 of the way through Parish Register 2.

I worked on Genealogy Wise for a while creating a few new groups. I had created my personal Blake Family of Hampshire UK, Pincombe one name study and Siderfin one name study. I have now created a Hampshire Genealogy group (UK), a Routledge from Bewcastle Cumberland group, an H11 mt DNA group, and a Buller Surname group. I have joined a number of groups including an England Family History, London Genealogy, Devon Genealogy, Warwickshire, Tapp, and a Blake Surname. I joined the Blake Surname group out of curiosity as I already have my Blake Family of Hampshire UK group.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time on the Andover Parish Registers once again. Next week I will get back to Timberscombe Parish Registers.

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