Sunday, September 20, 2009

Presentation and back to work - 20 Sep 2009

My presentation is complete and it was well received - about 20 questions which added to my talk as it explained a couple of items that I had put forward but not everyone understood the meaning. It is my last talk as I want to dedicate my time to transcriptions and working on my DNA projects plus I need to update my Genuki Hampshire webpages.

I purchased a couple of items at the Conference that I have been wanting - herald's visitations and maps of the Andover area of Hampshire and the Selworthy area of Somerset as pertains to my ancestors in these two counties. They are Ordnance Survey maps and quite excellent. There were quite a few vendors at the Conference and I spent a few minutes after my talk looking at their tables.

I want to work on the Hinxman v Blake document with an eye to completing it in the next couple of days. I also need to prepare to look at the Great Driffield film once again as we will visit the LDS library soon - my husband's Warlin film is in. I do not see that I will make much use of the St Mary Borne film as I photographed all the pages for Lambden and I do not think that this is my direct Lambden line. I am still inclined to think he was from Berkshire directly. However, solid proof of that would be most interesting at this stage.

I worked on the Hinxman v Blake document again last evening and I am on the third scan now (the last third of the rather large document). I have 14 lines to complete and then I can go back and fill in the blanks!

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