Saturday, October 24, 2009

Library Thing

I completed the entry of all of my parish register and other fiche into Library Thing. The next items to enter are the records and the rest of the music tapes. Then we can start on the books and other records upstairs. Our house is small but we have bookcases simply everywhere.

I want to get back to playing the piano once again. Probably I will begin in mid November. I am starting to see a better plan for working. My tendency to sit at the computer for eight hours and more a day is too much. I need to do some other type of work as well. I also want to get back to knitting and sewing. Injuring my shoulder is part of the reason for my spending so much time on the computer as it was something that I could still do. I would talk into the microphone and use the speak program to enter long sections of text which worked really very well once I had trained the system. I did play the piano a little but it did strain my shoulder and I couldn't knit or sew.

However, my shoulder is much improved and I can now get back to doing some of the things that I loved doing before I went back to work over twenty years ago now. Once I started to proofread eight hours a day I didn't really have the time to knit and sew and that was the beginning of it all. I love to smock and would like to do some of that again as well. My daughter's brother and sister in law are expecting a baby and I want to knit a little outfit for the baby for her to give to them. she is really very very busy with her third year of medicine. They are in the hospital full time now. I am so very proud of her for taking it on but I would really wish for her to be in research and do her Ph.D. but she is following the career she has always wanted and more power to her in that regard. I have no regrets on not doing it myself I must admit! It was my career path of many many years ago. I enjoy what I have done in terms of family and working.

Tomorrow is another busy day so I will probably not get too much done on transcription but hope to get back to it early next week.

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