Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Storm

Wicked snow storm lashing us here in Eastern Ontario at the moment - we expect 20 to 30 cm of snow only but the cold wind is swirling it about so will seem like more as it packs in around the houses and cars! We were out for groceries already and home again snug as a bug in a rug. Snow is late this year but it is coming with a vengeance just to let us know that it hasn't forgotten us.

Still no work on genealogy - just too busy. All the VHS videos are now entered into Library Thing and the next thing to enter are the DVDs. We still haven't touched all the books in the basement or upstairs - our house is more books than anything actually. When our youngest was small she asked if she lived in a Library! However, she loves books as well. I suppose in a way she did grow up in a library except it was our own. We have a more complete set of National Geographic books than the library has. We have more genealogy books in one place than most small libraries. We have been to the large repositories like Ontario Archives, LAC, NEHGS, NYPL, Allen County Public Library, Salt Lake City where there is considerably more of course. Requests for information have dropped off which is fortunate as I simply do not have time at the moment to really do anything in depth on anything. Gradually I am withdrawing from commitment to anything. Eventually I will be concentrating 100% on my own family history. It seems apt as I approach 65 to do so. Already in three months I am behind in the DNA field since I no longer read everything that I see. I am concentrating on my DNA and my husband's family lines.

Back to winter time sports and the like. It will be fun to be snowshoeing, skating and skiing once again. We have to wait for the really cold nights though to freeze the canal. Our daughter will be home for Christmas in another week or so although she will be spending a good chunk of the day on research but it will be so much nicer than writing her thesis. It is so wonderful that she is done, defended and awarded her degree. Now she can look forward instead of always having to look back at the research that she was writing up. It really does make you lose a year of research - that year of writing up although necessary in order to clear that one big hurdle that separates you from the people who haven't defended.

I am getting used to my new glasses gradually. It has been a struggle as the one lens is much stronger (like it used to be). I am not really sure why the lens was weakened but perhaps because of the weight which is quite like the glass lens actually. The way of convincing me to go to plastic lens was to say that they would be much lighter! They were actually but I never could see as well as I am seeing now. I thought it was because of the plastic but actually it was the weakening of the lens. The byproduct though is that my right eye is much stronger than it was before but it also explains my headaches of the last 12 years!

Today I shall make the orange chiffon cake and perhaps get started sewing. We will be inside for most of the day likely.

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