Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Back to Genealogy

Today I want to work on the French Canadian ancestry of our son-in-law. I have already been working on the parents of his paternal grandmother seeking out their baptisms and I have been successful. I am hoping that if there is an error she will spot it as she looks over any papers she might have for her family. I want to complete as much of the chart as possible and at the moment I only go back to her 2x great grandparents and the chart has room back to her 5x great grandparents. But I shall work back by generation collecting baptism/birth, marriage and burial/death records from Drouin on Ancestry. I also want to go to Library and Archives Canada to check out the directories for the families (and any other information that might be helpful). I will look at all the published histories for any of these families. So far I am looking at Grégoire, Lauzon, Tremblay, Lanoie, Rheaume, Brunet, Labelle, Séguin, Potvin, Giroux, Blondin, Lacroix, Thibaut, Constantineau, Boileau, St Amour and that is just back to the 2x great grandparents.

A mystery for me is their path and it lead to questions in my mind. The families are in the western area of Québec opposite Ottawa ON and then a movement up to Sturgeon Falls and then back again to Ottawa for one line and the other line comes immediately to the Embrun area. Am I right with the Sturgeon Falls families? I continue to look for proof but it is not impossible for one young man to travel from Papineauville to Sturgeon Falls I do not think but I would like more proof than just the baptisms and marriages. The burials are past the date of record in Ancestry so I will need to try and find that information another way.

Today I shall move back another generation looking for information that I didn't find earlier. As I move back though I have already found baptisms/marriages and burials for a number of the ancestors. It will be a little quicker and then I can start working on the 3x, 4x and 5x great grandparents and see how much information I can find. Unfortunately a lot of these families have not been researched which makes it even more important to try and find information and especially pictures if they are obtainable.

I will also spend a little more time on my Siderfin family today and continue to send information to my new correspondent.

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