Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dog Sitting Day One

Although we have looked after dogs for people before including many years ago for a young couple at Church, we haven't really done it for an extended period for quite a while. Day One of Dog sitting has been fairly successful and we even made it to the Opera at SilverCity. Last night the dogs slept not too badly considering they never slept with us before. They mostly stayed in their beds for the night and didn't wake us up until 7:00 a.m.

We have a long back yard so as soon as they woke up we let them have a run. I managed to keep the larger dog's barks somewhat under control and we just let them run a short time just to get the wind out of their sails. Then another big play around 9:00 a.m. A long walk (2 km) and then we were off to the Opera. Arriving back five hours later we let them out again for a run and they both ran as fast as they could to the back of the yard. They had a great time. I am gradually training the younger one to stay away from the fence. I do not mind his barking so long as it is more of a greeting than a threat but I do not like dogs to lunge at the fence.

Day Two begins now and we will see how well we sleep this second night. We kept waking up to check and make sure the dogs were okay. I have to admit that I am somewhat terrified of grandchildren. It is something that has never really interested me. I suppose it should given all of my genealogy work but I have six siblings and already five great nephews and for sure there will be a lot more. I do not really need to have any grandchildren myself to carry on the line! My husband has six first cousins plus two nieces to carry on his lines!

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