Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dog Sitting Days Three and Four

Missed posting yesterday on our interesting day with the dogs. It is getting unusually warm here and our snow is quickly melting. That means instead of a snow day for the dogs in the back yard, it is a mud day. The larger dog was covered and needed a bath when he came in but fortunately he loves the hair dryer so soon fluffy and clean again.

Another busy days for the two dogs but they are missing their "parents." Last evening a black car like theirs came past the house and they were convinced they were returning and went and barked at the door waiting for them to come in but had to tell them no not yet still a few more days to wait. We are nearing the half way point though.

Last night a very good night's sleep for both of them and they didn't wake up until 7:00 a.m. A good night's sleep for them (eight hours each) and for us! They did not wake up even once in the night.

Today a run in the yard early and then a good long walk before noon. We begin day five early in the evening. Amazing how once the half way point is reached time moves faster although we shall see if that is true in this case.

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