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Election Poll 1710 for Southampton (Hampshire

For a long time I have had on the back burner the project of transcribing the Poll Election booklet for Southampton (Hampshire) taken in 1710. It is interesting in that it has nearly 5000 names of individuals who are freeholders (there are no females listed unless they have a very obvious male name). I have been trying to determine just how many people would have lived in Southampton in 1710. The population of England was around 5 million so about 1/10th of the present population. The present population is concentrated in the cities so it would probably not be statistically correct to assume 10% (i.e. present population of Hampshire is 1.6 million in 2001). However, 10% would give us 160,000 for the entire county where one might look at a family average size as 8 instead of 4 so there might be 20,000 families but some families were very large skewing the results quite a bit. However that would mean that 1 in 4 were freeholders. I have no idea if that is a reasonable number. But a freehold could be very small. Interesting thought anyway.

Blake families in Hampshire in the Poll Booklet:

306 Andover Blake John
1035 Charlton Blake Mr. John
1134 Christ Church Blake John Gentleman
1135 Christ Church Blake Stephen
1730 Gosport Blake John
2115 Hillsey Blake John
2370 Lockerly Blake William
2462 Lymington Blake John
2615 Milton Blake William
2803 Northwood Blake John
2957 Penton Mewsy Blake Peter
4034 Southampton Blake Alexander
4381 St Wellow Blake Joseph

I hope to be able, using the wills, to determine the ancestral lines for these Blake families. Now to get back to working on the Andover Parish Registers. When I do start to transcribe these wills I want to have all of my material transcribed that will help me to locate these families.

The question in my mind is what happened to all the Blake families at Andover by 1700. William father and Richard son had enormous families (duly recorded in their wills) but by the end of the 1600s there are only two distinct lines of Blake at Andover - one descended from Robert and the other descended from Nicholas (brothers born towards the end of the 1400s (Robert died in 1542 and Nicholas in 1547). The eldest son of William (son of Nicholas) moved to Surrey along with his entire family as far as can be determined thus far. The next eldest son William lived between Andover and London. The third eldest son Peter was at the Middle Inn in London (no children). That left Thomas and Richard at Andover and there is a remote possibility that Thomas is the progenitor of the Blake line at Oxford and eventually Reading. Hence Richard was the only son at Andover in all likelihood. He was a Linen Draper and he had a large family as did his eldest son William.

A search on the Andover phone book for the Blake surname yields 15 results; Upper Clatford 1 result, Goodworth Clatford 1 result, Quarley 1 result, Little London 1 result, 55 at Southampton including one at 3 Cranbury Road (my father was born at 103 Cranbury Road). I know that my father is the only male grandson of Edward Blake carrying his surname so all of these Blake families in the Andover area are descended from the brothers and uncles of Edward Blake or from the other line at Andover. I suspect that the Southampton Blake families are a mixture of Blake families from Wiltshire and Hampshire and possibly even from the other areas in England where Blake spontaneously arose.

The yDNA paper on the Blake family is now published and can be seen on my webpage if you are not a member of BIFHSGO.

Hopefully it will attract more people to the Blake Study which has members from around the world. Being able to actually separate out some of the lines is quite fascinating.

Continuing with the christenings for Andover I have reached Lady Day 1695 with 6750 christenings from the beginning of the Register. The total number of people on the Poll book at Andover is interesting at 160 individuals. The list follows for any who might be interested in the names in Andover in 1710. They match up very well with the register (I have put them in alphabetical order for ease in retrieval).

Aaron John
Andrews Thomas
Banks Alexander
Barnaby John
Barton Mr. Stephen
Bath Philip
Beale William
Bezer Joseph
Bezer Joseph
Binney Jacob
Bird Roger
Blake John
Brackston Richard
Bray John
Brice John
Brice Nathanael
Broad William
Bunce John
Bunny Benjamin
Bunny Joseph
Bunny John
Butcher William
Butcher William
Carter Giles
Clark John
Cook John
Cooper Michael
Cooper Robert
Cooper Isaac
Cornelius Henry
Cornelius John
Cornelius Henry
Cradock Peter
Crouch Michael
Crouch Thomas
Davis Thomas
Dowling William
Dudds Daniel
Earle John
Emmett William
Farr William
Flower Nicolas
Flower Daniel
Flower John
Fuller Abel
Gage Silas
Gale Thomas
Gale John
Gesney John
Gilmore Alexander
Golding William
Golding Richard
Goodall Henry
Goodall Richard
Goodall Henry
Goodwin John
Grace William
Gray Thomas
Gregory Edward
Gregory William
Griffin John
Grove James
Hall John
Hancock Robert
Haiter John
Head John
Hendy Robert
Hillman Robert
Hinxman Thomas Gentleman
Hinxman James
Holdway Edmund
Holland George
Hollis Samuel
Hooper Thomas
Hopgood John
Humphreys William
Ivory Robert
Jaques Thomas
Jennings Thomas
Jules Nicolas
Jules William
Jones John
King Isaac junior
King Thomas
Knight Thomas
Lambert Edmund Esquire
Leech Thomas
Leggatt William
Mackerell William
Mackerell Thomas
Manfield Robert
Mariner Joseph
Meless George
Miller John
Monk William
Mooring Joseph
Mooring John
Mountaine Joseph
Munday James
Musprett Jonah
Musprett John
Neale John
Neale Robert
Neale William
Neeles Benjamin
Noyes William
Noyes Robert
Noyes Peter
Nurse Richard
Olyffe John
Overton John
Page William
Payne William
Payne Thomas
Payne Robert
Payne Alexander
Peckingham Thomas
Philpot William
Pidding Daniel
Pike Daniel
Piper Thomas
Piper Robert
Pitt Robert Esquire
Pitt Thomas Esquire
Pollen Esquire
Powlett Lord William
Purdue John
Reynolds George
Russell Robert
Russell Richard
Scullard Zachariah
Scullard William
Shipton Morris
Shipton Thomas
Shipton Joseph
Smith John
Smith William
Smyth Thomas
Somner Christopher
Stevens John
Stratton Richard
Tarrant Randal
Tomms William
Tarlton Edward
Treacle Abraham
Turner John
Venter Abraham
Venter Walter
Wallis William
Waters Joseph
Watts John
Watts John
Watts William
Wayte John
Wayte Joseph
Wayte Richard
Webb Nathanael
White Joseph
Williams John
Wimbleton Joseph
Winbold Thomas

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