Monday, January 31, 2011

Robert Blake at Penton Mewsey

I gave more thought to the entries at Penton Mewsey for baptisms with father Robert Blake. The baptism of Thomas in July 1714 and then the baptism of John in February 1714. John is just two weeks old when he is baptized but no idea of the age of Thomas. The child next in age to Thomas is Edward baptized in 1711. Since Sacheverell is such an unusual name I rather think that we have the right Robert and the right John. With John being the John Blake at Abbotts Ann writing his will and remembering his nephew Sacheverell (amongst others)  and his sister Elizabeth married to Joseph Russell. The Russell family name is interesting as the mother of John was then Elizabeth Russell.

I heard from a Blake researcher that I had had conversation with about three years ago and she is getting set to retire and keen to follow her Blake ancestry. She mentioned finding reference to a marriage between Elizabeth Blake and Joseph Russell at Kings Somborne plus the baptism of a son Luke. I mentioned to my new Blake researchers to see if they would have a chance to pursue that lead since I do not have access to Kings Somborne parish registers. We will see if they are able to do that.

I continued with the Upper Clatford Parish Registers and completed the marriages with there being 170 up to 1724. I am now recording the burials and again the beginning of the register is excellent for transcribing.

I am trying to decide if I should begin transcribing the Blake wills now in between transcribing. I have so much information on the Blake family now in great lists and flat files that if there is a link that I can followup I will be able to do so. I will be transcribing the earliest wills working my way up to the 1700s and 1800s as I continue to transcribe the registers. I am now keen to begin Abbotts Ann registers as well. I will finish the Upper Clatford registers first though just to have them complete. It is after all my grandfather's parish.

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