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Will of Dorothy Blake 1647 written at Andover Hampshire

The Will of Dorothy Blake was transcribed by me in 2008 and it altered my thoughts on the ancestry of my Blake line because she did not mention William the eldest son of her son William Blake (Clerk). The will was written initially 13 October 1647 at Andover. William Blake was living at Penton according to the baptisms which were entered into the Andover Parish Register. The distance away is not great but for whatever reason Dorothy does not mention the newly born William (baptized 9 Aug 1647 at Penton). The other two children were baptized in 1649 and Dorothy was buried at Andover 28 March 1648.  The records in this time frame are not good at Andover (I think that William entered the baptisms into the register himself adding then noting that the baptisms had been at Penton - the writing is different from the usual writing at that time). It is possible that the infant did not survive as I do not find a marriage for him at Andover although the name Blake is common enough in the area that I could miss that. I do not find a marriage for Bridget the daughter of William Blake and Ann Hellier. The only record I find is John Blake married to Elizabeth baptizing children at Andover from the 1680s to the early 1700s. Searching through the Parish Register as I transcribed of Andover though has again given me sufficient evidence that I once again connect Thomas Blake who married Ann Carter at Penton as the son of  Thomas Blake who married Mary Spring at Andover and this Thomas a son of John Blake who married Elizabeth and hence John Blake as son of William Blake and Ann Hellier baptized 10 May 1649 at Penton but recorded in the Andover Parish Registers. I am now satisfied with the link between these generations although as always I look for wills to substantiate the linkage. Probate of this will was to Richard Blake (her son) as named in the will. I am still working on the Latin transcription.

Will of Dorothy Blake (widow of William Blake Lynnen draper at Andover):

Transcription - Elizabeth Kipp
Document: Will
Source: National Archives, UK, #336
Place: Andover, Southampton [Hampshire]
Date: 13 Oct 1647
Name: Dorothy Blake, widow (William Blake)
Condition: Old English, slightly faded, 4 pages

T[esta]m[ent] Dorothee Blake

1    In the name of God Amen I
2    Dorothy Blake of Andover in the County of South[amp]t[on] widdowe beinge sicke and weake in body
3    but of sound mind and perfect memory  I thanke my God for the same doe by this present
4    Codicill, which I desire and my meaninge is shal[l ]be reputed and taken as part of my last will
5    and Testament I order and appoint that whereas there ys fifty poundes owing by bonde
6    by Mr. Richard Pearce and Mr. Pister Hyde w[i]th the interest thereof  unto me as Executrix of the
7    last will and Testament of my late husband William Blake deceased for the use and benefite
8    of my Daughter Dorothy Smyth which sayd debt of Fifty Poundes with the Arreares of
9    interest thereof beinge likely to prove a very desperate debt my will and desire ys that
10    in these the sayd somme of Fifty Pounds with the interest thereof cannot bee recovered by
11    Suitt att Lawe That then my Executor doe allowe and pay tenn poundes towardes the sayd
12    Losse  my sonne William Blake the somme of Tenn Poundes by way of abatement out of
13    his Legacye given him by my last will and Testament and that my sonne Peeter Blake
14    doe likewise abate and allowe towardes the sayd losse the somme of Tenn Poundes out of
15    the Legacye given him as afforesaid And likewise that my daughters Margarett Terry
16    Mary Spearinge Jonne Sedgwicke and Ann Long doe allowe by way of Abatement out
17    of their severall Legacyes given them by my last will and Testament the Somme of Five
18    Poundes apeece for and towardes the sayd Losse and the sayd moneyes soe allowed and
19    abated as afforesayd amounting in all unto the foresaid somme of Fifty Poundes to bee
20    forthwith delivered into the handes of some trusted freind or freindes whom my Overseer
21    shall make choise and approve of soe that my Daughter Dorothy doe accure and enioy
22    the full benefitt and proffit of the sayd moneys as the time shall arise and become due
23    from time to time att the yearly Rate of Sixe Poundes in the hundred and in case my
24    sayd Daughter Dorothy Smyth depart this lyfe before John Smyth her husband then
25    the benefitt and profitt of the sayd monies to bee and continue for and towardes the
26    maintenance of her children. But  in case the sayd John Smyth happen to depart this lyfe
27    before his sayd wife then my will and meaninge ys that the sayd somme of Fifty pounds
28    bee within six monthes next after his decease payd into the handes of my sayd Daughter
29    Dorothy Smyth to bee and remayne to her sole propper use and behoofe and to dispose of
30    the same as shee shall thinke meete In witnesse whereof and fore the confirmacion of this
31    present codcill I have sett my hand and Seale this third daye of January Anno D[om]ni
32    1647 Dorothy Blake [signed] Published Sealed and Subscribed in the pre[sen]ce of Elinor Bunny her
33    Marke Elizabeth Whann & others
34    In the name of God Amen december
    [page 2]
35    the last An[n]o D[om]ni 1647, I Dorothy Blake of Andever in the County of South[amp]t[on] widd beinge
36    sicke in body yet (thankes bee given to god) of good and perfect mind and memory by waye of
37    Codicill w[hi]ch I desire may be annexed to my last will and Testament in that the same may
38    bee reputed and taken as part and parcel thereof) doe hereby further declare my will
39    and meaninge in manner and forme followinge viz a [viz]t my will and meaninge ys that the legacys
40    which by my last will and Testament bearing date the xiijth of October 1647 I bequeathed
41    to my sonnes William and Peeter Blake and to my Daughter Margarett Terry Marie
42    Spearinge and Anne Long bee raysed and payed out of the moneys due unto mee by bond
43    or other specialtyes as the same shall aryse to bee due and can be recovered by my Executor
44    And if the sayd moneys soe to become due cannot bee recovered but by suits in Lawe that
45    then my sayd sonnes and daughters above mencioned shall according to their severall proportions
46    ioyne in the charges of the Lawe w[i]th my Executor in the prosecution thereof eyther as
47    Plaintifes or Defendants ag[ain]st those in whose handes the sayd money shal[l ]bee then due and
48    shal[ l]be soe deteyned And yf any losse shall happen to bee or that any of the sayd Debtes
49    by specialties or otherwise shall proove desparate and cannot be recovered then my will
50    and meanings ys that all the sayd Legacies (according to their severall proportions) doe
51    beare at their owne costes their proportionable partes of demnity of the Legacies in my
52    sayd last will given unto them or eyther of them In witnesse whereof to this p[re]sent Codicill
53    I have subscribed my name and sett to my Seale  Herein the day and year above written
54    Dorothy Blake[signed] Read signed sealed and published as p[ar]cell of my last will and Testament in
55    the presence of William Smyth Nicho[las] Blake Ex[ecu]t[o]rs
    [break for ease of reading]
56    In the name of God Amen I Dorothy
57    Blake of Andover in the County of South[amp]t[on] widdowe being at this present of good
58    and perfect memory this thirteenth day of October 1647 in the three and twentieth
59    yeare of the Reigne of our Sovereigne Lord King Charles of England et[c] doe make and ordaine
60    this my last will and Testament in man[n]er and forme followinge That ys to say first I
61    commend my Soule into the handes of my faithfull Creatour assuredly trusting through
62    the only merritts and mediation of Jesus Christ my Blessed Redeemer to Obtain remission of
63    my sinnes and eternall happines by him my body I committ to the earth to be decently
64    interred at the said discretion of the Executor of this my last will there to rest in hope of
65    joyfull resurrection And so touching the disposecion of my worldly estate my will and meaning
66    ys as followeth Imprimis I give unto my sonne William Blake Clercke the somme of twoe
67    hundred poundes lawfull English money to bee raysed and payd unto him out of my personell
68    estate and the yearly Rent of my lease att Chilboulton in the sayd County the same to bee
69    payd att four payments within the space of two yeares next cominge after my decease
70    att the two most usuall times or dayes of payment in the year That is to say att the five and
71    twentyth of March yearly and the nyne and twentyth of September yearly in the sayd
72    two yeares by equall portions the first payment thereof to beginne att eyther of the sayd
73    dayes which of them shall first come after my decease or sooner yf ytt can be raysed out
74    of my estate upon condicion that he utterly relinquish and waive the benefitt of the
75    legacye of Three skore poundes bequeathed unto him in or by the last will or Testament
76    of William Blake my late husband his late Father deceased Item I give unto my
77    sonne Peter Blake the like somme of two hundred poundes to bee raysed and payd as
78    afforesayd upon the like condicion as afforesayd And in case eyther of my sayd sonnes
79    William or Peter shall dye before they or eyther of them shall receaved their or
80    eyther of their Legacy or Legacyes soe bequeathed as afforesayd in part or in all my will ys
81    that then the same or such remanying part thereof behind shal[l ]bee payed by my Executor
82    according to and att the times herein before lymitted for the payment thereof to such
83    As they or eyther of  them by their or eyther of their last will or other disposall shall
84    appoint Item I give unto my daughter Margarett Terry the Somme of one hundred
85    Poundes of like lawfull money to bee payd unto her within Three monthes after my two
    [Page 3]
86    sonnes shall have received their legacyes afforesayd It[e]m I give unto my daughter Mary Spearinger
87    the somme of one hundred poundes of like lawfull money to be payd unto her within three
88    monthes after my said twoe sonnes and daughter Terry shall have received their severall legacyes
89    afforesayd It[e]m I give unto my daughter Joane Sedgewicke the like somme of one hundred poundes
90    and unto her two sonnes I give the somme of twenty poundes apeece to bee deducted and
91    allowed unto them respectively out of that somme which my sonne in law Robert Sedgwick
92    doth owe unto mee Item I give unto my daughter Anne Longe the like somme of one hundred
93    poundes to bee payd unto her w[i]thin three monthes after my sayd sonnes and daughters shall
94    received their severall legacyes aforesaid It[e]m I give unto Joseph Blake the sonne of my sonne
95    Richard Blake all that my house and land with the appurten[an]ces in Overton in the County
96    aforesaid after the decease of his sayd Father To have and to houlde unto him and his heires for
97    ever uppon this condicion that my daughter Dorothy Smyth shall and may quietly and
98    venerably hold and enjoy during her naturall lyfe the house wherein she now dwelleth in
99    Andover aforesayd late in the Tenure of Roger Sherfield gent Item I give unto Dorothy Jane
100    Sarah and Elizabeth Blake the foure daughters of my sayd sonne Richard Blake and unto
101    his sonne William Blake the somme of Tenn poundes apeece to bee payd unto the sayd
102    Four daughters att their several ages of eighteen yeares or dayes of marynge respectively
103    Whether of the two shall first happen. And unto the sayd William Blake att his age of one
104    and Twentye yeares. Item I give unto Dorothy, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth Smyth the
105    daughters of my daughter Smyth the somme ofTwenty poundes a yeare to be payd unto
106    them att their severall ages of eighteen yeares or dayes of marrynge respectively whether
107    of the two shall first happen yf  the same may bee soone raysed out of my estate and yf not
108    soe soone then ymediatly after the raysing thereof; And in case the same bee sooner raysed
109    then my executor herein named to allow and pay unto them respectively for and towardes their
110    maintenance att, and after the yearly rate or somme of six poundes p[er]centes for and
111    during all suche time as the several legacyes aforesayd shall remayne usatisfyed Item I
112    give unto Dorothy Spearinge the daughter of my daughter Mary Speeringe the some
113    of five poundes lawfull money of England and unto Dorothy Blake the daughter of
114    my brother Peter Blake the like somme of Five poundes to be payd unto them and to
115    eyther of them within six months next after my decease. And my will and meanings
116    ys that yf my whole estate will not extend soe farre as to satisfy all the severall
117    legacyes aforesaid Then every of the Legattes afforesayd shal[l ]be abated out of his her
118    or their Legacyes soe much in proportion as the estate shalbe deficient and come short
119    of the same And further my will ys that all such necessary Chardges and expenses eyther
120    in trust or equity- as my Executors herein named shalbe putt unto in as touching the due
121    execution of this my last will shalbe deducted by him and allowed unto him out of my
122    estate Item I give unto Twenty poor widdowes of the Parishe of Andover aforesayd of
123    good report the sommes of twelve pence apeece and unto Twenty poor widdowes of the
124    Parish of Overton afforesayd of like report the like somme of Twelve pence a peece to bee
125    payd unto them respectively ymmediately after my decease Item I give unto my sonne
126    in law Mr. Thomas Warren and to all my children and to my sonne Richard Blake
127    his wife the somme of three poundes a peece to buy them blacke for mourninge and
128    to my syster Clement Huchins the somme of fifty shillings to buy her a mourninge
129    Gowne Ite[m] I give unto my sonne William Blake my second damaske table cloth
130    one dozen of my best diaper napkins one dyaper towel and one payre of my best
131    holland sheets Item I give unto my sonne Peter Blake my best brasse pott one
132    payre of dowlas sheetes one payre of dowlas pillowbeeres one of my next best Table
133    clothes one dozen of napkins and one Towell of the next best after my sonne William
134    hath chosen his Item I give unto my daughter Terry my best black Gowne and Petticoat
135    and to my daughter Long my second best Gowne and mowheare Petticoate and unto
136    my daughter Dorothy Smyth All the residue of my wearing apparel of what kind
137    soever The residue of all my goodes and chattels whatsoever not hereby otherwise
    [Page 4]
138    disposed or charged I give and bequeath unto my sayd sonne Richard Blake whom I make and ordaine
139    sole Executor of this my last will and Testament And I do make and devise William Smyth of
140    Waddiche and Nicholas Blake of Gavilacre in the sayd county gent my loving friendes to bee
141    overseers of this my last will And for their paynes and faithfull assistance unto my Executor
142    in and about the same I give to eyther of them twenty shillings a peece to be payd att my
143    buryall In witness whereof I have published this to bee my last will and Testament revoking
144    hereby all former and have hereunto sett my hand and Seale the day and yeare herein first above
145    written Dorothy Blake Subscribed Sealed and Published in the p[re]sence of Thomas Chirch

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