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Dove Family at Woodford

The Dove Family at Woodford is one of my finds at Salt Lake City back in October/November 2008 and I am a long time getting back to looking at them and why I felt the evidence pointed to Mary Dove being the wife of Thomas Rawlins. Thomas Rawlins was baptized 20 September 1783 at Enford, Wiltshire. The Rawlins family had been at Enford since 1743 when their eldest son was baptized there. Thomas was a grandson of the couple that are first at Enford. I need to actually transcribe the Parish Registers for Enford to determine if there were Rawlin(g)s there prior to 1743 - visually I have not found any.

Jeremiah Rawlins (baptized 13 Apr 1755 at Netheravon, Wiltshire) was the father of Thomas above and he had married Sarah Tanner at Tilshead, Wiltshire 1 Nov 1780. When I found the marriage of William Rawlings and Mary Ford at Wylye I was not overly surprised at the distance as this family seemed to move about marrying. However, now that I have worked on French Canadian Parish Registers I need a little more now when I find these records although this was the only marriage that would work in the IGI and BVRI II for William Rawlins/Rawlings. However, as I mentioned in the Rawlings writeup I will continue hunting out more evidence for this marriage. The Jeremiah Rawlins and Sarah Tanner marriage is correct (Jeremiah is identified as of Enford). That brings me back to Thomas Rawlins and marrying Mary Dove at Woodford, Wiltshire 9 Dec 1807. Enter the 1841 Census where Thomas Rawlins is found with his wife Mary and two sons Isaac 25 years and William 15 years and at Enford, Wiltshire. The age of Thomas works (55 years and actual would be 58 so rounded down as per the instructions given to the enumerators) and the age of Mary is also 55. They are listed as being at Netheravon and I believe this family lived on the outskirts of Enford close to the outskirts of Netheravon so it is the enumerator's call likely as to where they are listed. I am lucky with this family as the 1861 census lists Thomas a widower, William and Elizabeth Rawlins (my 2x great grandparents) are living with him along with two of his sons and I am now realizing that Jeremiah is still there so he was not transported after all - the Jeremiah transported was sent in the 1840s to Australia. Always good to go back and check material.

But back to the Dove family and I found a marriage between William Dove and Jane Morgan 1 Jan 1783 at SaintThomas, Salisbury, Wiltshire. This William  Dove is perhaps the William Dove baptized 4 May 1755 at Woodford and the son of William and Mary Dove who baptized four children at Woodford and Mary was buried there 4 Jun 1787.

Children of William and Mary Dove

William (as above)
Samuel baptized 27 Mar 1757; buried 29 Nov 1758 at Woodford
Ann buried 30 Apr 1764 at Woodford
Robert baptized 30 Apr 1763; buried 30 Jul 1679 at Woodford

I did not find a marriage for William Dove and Mary at Woodford but this was at Salt Lake City and I did not spend a great deal of time reading back through the Parish Registers. There was a Mary Dove buried 30 Oct 1733 at Woodford as well. There was a Susanna Dove daughter of Mary Dove (widow) buried 14 May 1717 at Woodford.

I did not find a baptism for a Mary Dove between 1783 and 1798 at Woodford but I did find Robert Dove baptized there 14 Apr 1793 and buried 6 Aug 1793 at Woodford. No other children appeared to have been born to this couple.The beta site of the IGI lists a Mary Dove as buried 12 Jun 1787 at Woodford (no further information given). I would anticipate that her baptism/birth was likely in the 1780s because she married in 1807 at Woodford.

I need to further investigate the Dove family and purchasing the Woodford Parish Registers might be a good step. I shall investigate doing so for the next Dove day.

I also want to get back to working on our son-in-law's French Canadian Ancestry (Bédard, Dumoulin etc) and will now set up an hour each day to look at particular families. This process works very well for me and leaves me free in the morning to work on Blake and Pincombe or other material that comes to light. I also want to get back to entering books into Library Thing to complete that project.

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