Thursday, November 17, 2011

1688, 1689 and 1690 at North Molton

The years 1688, 1689 and 1690 were quite severe at North Molton with the burials doubling and more. No indication of the cause in the parish register but looking at a few webpages smallpox is mentioned as being a problem after the 1650s.

At the end of 1690 I  have now transcribed 4347 baptisms, 834 marriages, 2548 burials and 162 banns. There are more people listed as being from another parish which could be the new priest or just more diligent record keeping. The parish if not North Molton is a very handy item to have tracing some of these families where you might find Gould or Thorne or Shapland/Shopland families in many of the parishes in the North Molton area.

The Parish Registers were particularly difficult to read from 1687 to 1690 and hopefully they will improve for the last few years for which I have fiche copy (end of 1706). More Pincombe entries for me to sort out. Certainly there are at least two distinct lines at North Molton. I can not be absolutely sure that they are both descendant of Thomas Pincombe. There is a possibility that they may descend also from William Pincombe (possible third son of Unknown Pencombe who first came to North Molton in 1485).

I think that two more days may well complete the Parish Registers but perhaps a third day will be needed. Once completed than I will proofread it as I have time and then submit it to Genuki Devon where Brian Randall maintains the webpages.

My next project is to convert my word text of the Bishop Nympton parish register to an excel file. The 954 page document will likely take me a number of days to convert. Since I will have dedicated time to do the project I hope to complete it soon and also put it up on Genuki Devon. I am the On Line Parish Clerk for Bishops Nympton.

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The excess deaths might have something to do with the end of the 17th century being especially cold, and often wet. See