Thursday, December 15, 2011

Arnold Family

Reading the posts on the Dorset list, I discovered a new cousin (probably quite distant) who has done quite a bit of research on the Arnold family. It would be most exciting to read her book now unfortunately out of print so I will search for that but she has offered to send me a CD of her Arnold research which is greatly appreciated. I find that my only seven years of genealogy research has not given me enough time and background yet to really offer to send large sections to people. I am still busily checking and proving connections. For a specific name though I can provide some information that has been extracted from the original records providing that the individual shares part of my direct line. With my father being an only child born in 1904 and my mother had only one sibling with no children and she was born in 1916, there are only my own siblings who connect back along this direct line. Because my father was 33 when he married and my mother's father was 42 when he married I am back into the 1800s with all of my grandparents (1872, 1875, 1876, and 1886) and then for my great grandparents I am well back into the mid 1800s so that finding these people has not been at all difficult plus I grew up on a diet of family history luckily for me (1845, 1850, 1859, 1853, 1837, 1839, 1850, 1859). One more generation back takes me to the late 1700s and mostly first quarter of the 1800s for all my lines (1798, 1804, 1827, 1828, 1825, 1824, 1825, 1826, 1808, 1801, 1810, 1804, 1805, 1820, 1830, 1841).

Still continuing with the conversion of the Bishops Nympton Parish Registers and at the end of 1880 there are 6363 baptisms, end of 1812 3676 burials (the post 1812 are to come at the end of the file), 1111 marriages and 364 banns (no changes except in the baptisms). There are 106 years left on about 80 pages. The number of baptisms does decrease considerably in the 1900s. There are no Pincombe births in this time period which is as expected. All of the my direct line was gone from the Bishops Nympton area with emigrations to Canada and Australia.

The yDNA result has come in for the Pincombe study and he does not match either of the sets of results thus far. No one has tested in my direct line and I have hopes that someone will. The result on ysearch is supposed to be my fifth cousin but until someone I know is my cousin tests I am somewhat ambivalent about the result's accuracy. Hopefully one of these days more Pincombe/Pinkham descendants will test. The Pinkham testor is descendant of the New Hampshire family who did indeed emigrate from Devon. The result is exciting as it may prove whether or not the original investigators were correct in thinking that the Pinkham and Pincombe family share common ancestry. Their charts very much indicate this to be the case but yDNA can now conclude with accuracy whether or not two families are indeed related even if they share a couple of centuries of assumed relationship. Since the latest member is probably I2b1 rather than the R1b of the earlier members there is always the possibility that his ancestor took on the Pincome/Pinkham surname from his wife many centuries ago. Likely the Pincombe/Pinkham family grouping predates the Roman occupation of Britain. I2b1 members came from the Roman Legions mostly as auxiliaries and some of them stayed on. They could have become part of the Pincombe/Pinkham family grouping through marriage with daughters of this family prior even to surname selection.

Once Bishops Nympton is complete and it does appear I may accomplish this task before Christmas with respect to the conversion, then I will turn to South Molton transcription although these registers do not begin until 1600. The next part of the task is the proofreading of the file. Since I created it very early on in my transcribing career I do wish to proofread it very thoroughly before sharing it or sending it off to Genuki to put on the Bishops Nympton webpage. I receive even yet a few enquiries a week and I would like to publish all of my work to reduce their enquiries.

I have answered probably a thousand or more enquiries on my early transcriptions but I want to just put everything up where people can find it so that I can concentrate totally on my lines and those of our son in law.

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