Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blake marriages 1837 on

I continue to work on my excel file of the nearly 30,000 Blake marriages between 1837 and the mid 1900s on Free BMD (I was a transcriber for Free BMD for about six years and it was the first project that I took on when I became interested in genealogy). Principally I am spending time on the 1837 to 1911 marriages so that I can then move to the census and using Free BMD, Find My Past and Ancestry put together family groupings that I can then link back to the information that I have acquired on the Blake families in particular areas in the Parish Registers. This is an enormous task but I try to do a little each week.

I will return to working on WordPress and the Blake one name study page as I want to become very familiar with this piece of software before purchasing TNG. I have had a few comments on TNG and other software for displaying online information. I think that TNG thus far gives me the type of display that I want for the Blake one name study. I have been using Tribal Pages for the Pincombe one name study and need to do more work on that site as well but without an effective yDNA study it is really concentrated in the Bishops Nympton/South Molton/North Molton and London areas plus my line in Canada.

The Blake marriages on Free BMD are often enough in small areas so that I can readily connect the correct spouse and in the case of the female line I record only the husband's name (and eventually children when I find them) but nothing further down (and that includes my own family line since my married surname is Kipp).

For the work that I have done on Routledge they have invited me to join the family group but my Routledge lines are from my 3x great grandparents as I descend from their daughter Elizabeth Mary Ann (born 1804 Parkhead, Bewcastle, Cumberland, England). My grandfather carried the name Routledge as his second name but I haven't joined the society because I do not want to set a precedent. It is so much easier to just say when you marry out of a line then only your children will be recorded in a one name study. When you start to move to precedents then it invites conflict I rather think.

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