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Will of William BlakeYeoman of Andover - National Archives, PROB 11/64/474 , probated 14 Nov 1582

As mentioned yesterday, I am today blogging on the will of William Blake of Eastontown, near Andover, Hampshire, England. William died between 27 July 1582 and the 14 November 1582 when his will was probated by his second eldest son William. This was the first long will that I transcribed after I learned to read the early English which appears in this will. It is seven pages in total and with very small handwriting; it is 329 lines in total. I think he was a very precise man as he details absolutely everything that could possibly go wrong in the settling of an estate. He is particularly precise in how his wife Elizabeth is to be treated. I wonder is he so precise because she is a second wife? There is confusion about this William Blake of Eastontown. He writes his will, he is mentioned in several Visitations and he appears on the Blake Pedigree chart held by the Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office. I wander between two thoughts with regard to this William Blake. Either he is the same man appearing on all of these documents or there are two William Blake gentlemen living at Eastontowne who died in the same year 1582. What are the odds? I have no idea actually and continue to hunt out references to William Blake to see if I can determine if he was the only William Blake who died at Eastontown and was the father of two sets of children.

Just to place William in the correct spot in the genealogical framework. He mentions his siblings after his opening religious section of his will and he is a devout Catholic holding the opinions of the English Church as we are now into the reigne of Elizabeth I daughter of King Henry VIII. in between Henry and Elizabeth there has been Edward VI and Mary. Edward moved the Church of England even further away from Rome than his father had and Mary returned the Church of England to Rome. Elizabeth wanted to be a fence sitter with regard to Rome but the Pope solved that dilemma for her by excommunicating herself, the entire Church of England and accepting only those who prayed and received the Mass from a priest of Rome (i.e. a Roman Catholic priest).

William then names his brother Edmund who must still be living in 1582 although I have yet to find him. He also mentions his sisters Elizabeth Monday and Ann Godwyn. These are the same children that Nicholas Blake names as his children along with William (and William is named as having children by 1547) in his will and that will be my will to post tomorrow. William is now located in the family that lived at Enham (near Andover prior to 1527 when his grandmother Jone Blake widow left her will naming her sons Robert and Nicholas and her daughter Elizabeth married to Mr. Mylne). Unfortunately the name of her husband is not mentioned in this will and I believe that I will blog on this will next following the will of Nicholas. Then I will return to my orderly list of files to transcribe in Hampshire. This William was also mentioned in the will of William Blake of Speen Berkshire probated 28 Jul 1552:

I am glancing once again at my transcription in May of this will and I note the reference to Benham and there was a claim that a Robert Blake family lived at Benham in the 1400/1500 time period (not yet substantiated by me). I have reviewed  William Blake of Speen's will. Changes made to fill in some missing text and they have not particularly added anything to my knowledge of William Blake of Eastontown.

However I have now placed William into his genealogical time frame from his grandmother Jone Blake leaving her will in 1527 to his father leaving his will in 1547 and now William himself with his will in 1582. William lists his children in the will and if he has been married twice he does not make mention of that:

He mentions his two youngest sons first - Richard and Thomas. He then moves on to his daughters mentioning first Amye and she is married to Drewe Rombold. Next daughter mentioned is Margeret and she is married to (unknown) Jarvis. Third daughter to mention is Agnes married to (unknown Kynton). Elizabeth married to Peter Beale is mentioned next and she is the daughter about whom I have more information. Their eight children are all baptized at Priors Dean with the eldest Eleanor (Helena) married to Anthony Habberley baptized 11 Mar 1579. Perhaps her likely date of marriage is 1578 or 1579 since March is the end of the year rather than the beginning in this time frame. Possibly she was 21 when she married giving her a possible date of birth around 1558 or earlier (or later since young marriages also occurred). Her last child was Elizabeth and I have not yet found her baptism but giving a two year break which is not actually true in this family but close then Elizabeth was likely born around 1593 when Elizabeth would have been around 35 years of ago (or older since women often had children into their 40s). Playing with this timeline lets me look at the marriage of William with regard to time frame and all of his daughters are married by 1582 the date of his will. The last mentioned daughter is Mary and she married Ralfe Rigges and she is the daughter about whom I have the most information. She died before 1 Sep 1612 at Fareham. They had ten children with the first one buried 35 Apr 1580 at Fareham. The fifth child Mary is the first for whom I have a baptism and that was 27 Jun 1585 at Fareham. The Rigges family is in the Visitation and I have extracted their family information from there and collected records where available. It would appear that Mary has married before Elizabeth  leaving one to conjecture that Elizabeth may have been older rather than younger in the estimation of ages. Even randomly placing these children into the family of William with John the eldest there are in total ten children mentioned in the will (sons John, William, Peter, Thomas and Richard). Placing the children on an approximate distance apart scale of two years and knowing that Elizabeth may have been the last daughter to marry in 1578 or 79 at the possible age of 21 with a possible year of birth around 1558 and she was not the youngest then working back to the eldest John five children or more earlier than John may have been born around 1548 or earlier. Which brings us to Nicholas' will which I will put up tomorrow and he mentions that William has children in 1547 so we are coming close and either some have died or John and another were born prior to 1547 when Nicholas wrote his will.

Eldest son is John and no details on John besides his being eldest. John is not named Executor unless William the second eldest son defaults. I am left with two thoughts in that regard. John doesn't live closeby is my first thought and my second is that John is already married and has perhaps a large family responsibility although William takes great pains to protect his inheritance to his children as if there aren't any heirs male of John. Any possible grandchildren are not mentioned by William although he does mention godchildren and are these his grandchildren? Not sure about that.

William second son

Peter third son

Thomas fourth son

Richard fifth son

The Blake Pedigree Chart which I mentioned earlier is held at the Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office. It is a beautiful chart about four feet wide and twelve feet high. It lists William Blake of Eastontown as the son of Roger Blake of Pinhills Wiltshire. I think this is incorrect but have no concrete proof to deny it other than the note on the chart that William Blake died in 1582 at Eastontown Andover Hampshire. The children listed (and the wife) do not appear to be the same children as in William's will. He is said to be married to Avis Ripley and have children Agnes married to Roger Hyde, John married to Margaret Blake daughter of William Blake of Eastontown, William married to Ann Tutt and Peter who never married. William in the will below does have a daughter Agnes but she is married to (unknown Kynton) and he does have the three children mentioned John, William and Peter. Hence one can see my difficulty in resolving these two mentions of William Blake of Eastontown. The will is the difficulty. If one just goes with all the Visitation information the family lines just seem to flow and the Pedigree Chart at Swindon and Wiltshire was built from the Visitations.

One item though William clearly notes that he is in the family of Nicholas and Margaret Blake of Enham and not the son of Roger Blake and Mary Baynard as shown on the Blake Pedigree Chart.

I haven't resolved anything yet but doing all these wills is starting to give me a picture that I hadn't really expected to evolve. I am thinking that the two William Blake mentions could be the same man but two different marriages. Perhaps Agnes has married twice and I must look at that more intently as I work through these wills. When you read the will below you will understand my thoughts that Elizabeth could be his second wife and he is ensuring that the children (namely John and William) clearly understand how he wants their possible step mother to be treated after his death. The older children in several cases as it turns out do not remain at Andover but move towards London. Enjoy the will; I think it is one of those landmark ones that is just fascinating to read and has so much information in it about the times and how people lived.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 20th February 2008 (proofread 27 Sep 2012)
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/64/474
Name of Testator: William Blake, Yeoman of Andover, Hampshire
Place: Eastontowne, Andever, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 27 July 1582, probated 14 November 1582
Read: Electronic copy
Condition: scan, smudges, middle English writing, tiny writing, quite legible

[Margin] T[estator] Willi[a]m Blake

    [Page 1]
1    In the name of God amen; I William Blake
2    of Estontowne, within the parishe of Andever in the countie of Southampton yeoman, beinge in good and
3    perfecte memorye of mynde and healthe of bodye (thancks be geven to allmightye god) wayethinge and pondering
4    with my self the shortnes of the dayes of manne and the uncertentie of the tyme when hit shall please
5    Th[e ]allmightee to call us to his mercye oute of this transitory lief, And that wee are but Stewardes here
6    of this worldly gooddes and possessions to use accordinge to the rules of christian charitie to Godds honour
7    and glory and muste at the generall daie of Judgemente render accompte of the obteyninge houldinge and
8    ymployinge thereof to his dyvine maiestie, doe hereby of my self and by the councell and advise of my
9    good Freindes make and declare this to be my last will and testamente in wrytinge, revokinge by theise
10    presents all form other former willes of myne made, either by worde of or wrytinge at anye tyme before
11    the date hereof, And declaringe this to be my sole and onely last will and testamente in manner and forme
12    foollowinge and none other (viz Firste I yealde my soule and spyrite to the moste highe and blessed Trinitie
13    three personnes and one very god the Father, the sonne and the holye ghoste, whoe hathe made redemed
14    and sanctified all the electe people of god, of which, number I doe hope that I am one; trustinge and belevinge
15    onelye by the meritts of Jesus Christe his bitter passionne, the second personne in the same Trinitie to bee
16    a saved soule and in him at the daie of dome to have a ioyfull resurrection of this fleshe of myne,
17    willinge my Bodye in the meane tyme after my deceasse to be buried in christian buriall within the church
18    of Andever aforesaide nere the cloke house doore there and in suche sorte as shal[l ]be thoughte most meete
19    by my executors, protestinge also by this my laste will and testamente that I houlde and beleve all th[a]t
20    whatsoever was promised for me at the tyme of my Baptisme and all the articles of christian faythe
21    whatsoever which I aught to houlde or beleve and whiche the moste holye visible Churche of Christe
22    here on earthe teachethe and houldeth, acknowledgenge my self hereby throughe the grace of god to dye
23    therein, wholye prostratinge and submittinge my self to the obedience of the same Churche wheare
24    soever the same is dispersed thereonto oute the worlde, utterlye renouncing and defyinge all Sectes
25    heresies and damnable opinions whatsoever theye be, and of whomesoever there are houlden contrary
26    to goddes holye worde, the true catholike faithe and the Churche of Jesus Christe our Lorde and
27    savioure for the whiche he shedde his most precious innocente and guiltless bloude. And as
28    concerninge the bestowinge of all my gooddes and chattells, I doe make thereof my laste will and
29    testamente in manner and fourme followinge and no otherwyse, That is to saye, I geve to thee
30    Cathedrall Churche of Min[s]ter eight pence, And to the parrishe churche of Andever Thirteene
31    shillinges and fouer pence, And to the Churche of Knightes Enham Thirtene shillinges & fouer
32    pence, And to the poore people of Andever aforesaide Three poundes fyve shillinges and eighte
33    pence, to be amongste theme distributed by the discrecion of my executor and overseers. Item
34    I geve and bequeathe to Edmunde Blake my brother Tenne poundes of currant Englishe money
35    to be delyvered to him within one half yeare after my decease. Item I bequeathe and geve to my
36    sister Elizabeth Monday fyve poundes of the lyke currante englishe monneye, to be paide unto her within
37    one yeare after my deceasse. Item I geve to Alice Godwyn my sister twentie shillings of the
38    like currant Englishe monneye. Item I geve and bequeathe to everye one of my godchildrenn
39    whiche shal[l ]be lyvinge at the tyme of my deceasse one good cydde lambe a peece. Item I geve and
40    bequeathe to Richarde Blake my sonne Fyftye poundes of currant englishe monneye, to be paide
41    unto him or his assignes within one yeare after my decease. Item I geve and bequeathe to
42    Thomas Blake my sonne Two hundred and fyftie poundes of lawfull Englishe monneye to be
43    paide unto him and his assignes yearlie after my decease by Fyftie pounds together by the yere,
44    untill the said Somme Two hundred and fyftie poundes shal[l ]be fullye satisfied and paide. Item
45    Item I geve to Amye Rombold my daughter two kyne one bullocke and twentie sheepe to bee
46    delyvered within one yeare after my deceasse, And the said sheepe to be delyvered oute of my flock
47    as theye shall rome at lease. Item I geve to Magarett Jarvis my daughter Fyve marks of currant
    [Page 2]
48    englishe monneye to be paide her within one yeare after my deceasse. Item I geve to Agnes Kynton my daughter
49    one cowe and a bullocke, And to Elizabeth Beale my daughter fouertie shillings in monney. Item
50    I geve to Marye Rigges my daughter fourtie shillings of currante englishe monneye to be delyvered
51    her within one yeare after my deceasse. Item I geve unto my eldeste sonne John one hundred sheepe
52    to be delyvered ymmediatelye uppon my deceasse ronninge at leace And also two horsses or fyve pounds
53    in money at the electionn of my saide sonne John by hym to be taken or delyvered upon my decease
54    Item I geve and bequeathe unto Elizabethe Blake my wieff two kyne to be delyvered unto her ymmedi
55    ately uppon my deceasse by her owne choyce oute of my herde of kyne, And also five sowes to bee
56    delyvered unto her by her owne choice oute of my herde of swyne. Item I doe bequeathe and will
57    unto my saide wieff all that her apparell woolens and lynnens which she shall have for her body
58    at the tyme of my deceasse, And also two feather or downe beddes nexte to my beste bedde and one other
59    flocke bedde for her maide to lye on, and twoe of my coverlettes to be chosen by her, nexte my Two
60    best coverlettes and also twoe paire of my beste blancketts and one paire of my seconde blancketts And
61    also eighte pairs of my sheetes to be chosen by her, nexte after my sonne William hathe chosen fouer
62    payre, And also two of my beste spones, twoe of my beste brasse pottes, two of my beste kettells
63    twoe of my best skelletts and two of my beste broches, and two of my beste Andirons, And also one
64    dossens of my best pewter platters, one dossens of pottengers, and one dosesns of saucers, fouer
65    candlesticks, and sixe ioyne stooles, one table borde, one cupborde borde and the one half of my
66    poultrye whiche shal[l ]be aboute my house at my deceasse, by her to be chosen, and also my beste
67    amblinge hackney that I shall have at the tyme of my deceasse and her saddle and furniture
68    belonginge to her for her iourneyinge. Item I geve and bequeathe to my sayde wife (uppon
69    condicion that shee shall clayme no Dowrie of my fee symple Landes, whereof I shall dye seyzed
70    or whiche I have bequeathed by this my laste will  the yearlye Annuytye of Twentye pounds
71    duringe her lieff to be issuinge and payable by my executours. oute of all my leasses and fearmes
72    that I houlde of the righte honnourable the Lord Sandys, at fouer feasts of the yeare quart[er]ly
73    to be paide (viz the firste quarter to begynne the nexte Feaste either of Michaelmas, Christmas,
74    Th[e ]annunciation of our Blessed Ladye, or sainte John Baptiste, whiche shall first happen
75    after my deceasse, And so at the same Feasts quarterlye fyve pounds a quarter yerelye to her
76    to be paide duringe her lieff, And if it happenn the saide Annunytye of Twentie poundes or any
77    parte threreof to be behinde and unpaide at anye tyme duringe the naturall lieff of my saide
78    wieff, by the space of eighte daies after annye of the saide Feastes aforesaide as whiche the
79    same oughte to be paide unto the saide Elizabethe my wieff, That then and from thenceforth
80    it shal[l ]be lawfull for the saide Elizabethe my wieff and her assignees to enter into the sayde
81    Fearmes and other the permisses oute, whereof the saide Annuytie is goinge, yssueable or payable
82    whiche I houlde of the saide Lord Sandys, and thereuppon to distreyne, and the distresse to
83    dryve carrye awaye and with[ h]oulde untill the saide Annuitie and there everye thereof (yf annye
84    shall happen to be behinde be to her and her assignees fullye contented and paide). Item I
85    will and bequeathe unto the saide Elizabethe my wieff duringe her lieff, the fyndinge and
86    keepinge of two kyne to be found and kepte for her and to her use and proffitte uppon the
87    sayde Fearme groundes of the fearme of Andever, bothe in wynter tyme and in Sommer tyme
88    And to have as well pasture for theme, as also fodder of sweete strawe to susteyne theme, in
89    good plighte, allwaies to be foddered, pastured, watered, and used at the paynes and provision
90    of my executor and by theise Servauntes and at their charge and industrye. And also I
91    bequeathe unto her my sayde wieff the fyndinge of two sowe hoggs for her and to her owne use
92    and proffitte to be kepte uppon the sayde Fearme of Andever, and to be sounde and well harboured
93    and well used and served within my saide Fearme of Andever in suche sorte as is meete and as
94    shall well contente my saide wieff ordered at the provistion coste and charge of my executors
95    and the industrye of theise servauntes duringe her life. Then I bequeathe unto her fouer dossen
96    of my poultrye of all sortes viz of Capons, hennes and thirteene suche and best shall fansye and
97    like my saide wieff, and also the fyndinge so manye of poultrie duringe her life to be founde
98    fedde, harboured and well used and held, within my saide Fearme of Andever in suche sorte
99    as is meete and as shall well contente my saide wieff at the coste and charges of my saide
100    executor. Item I geve and bequeathe my saide wief yerelie duringe her life, for her necessary use one
    [Page 3]
101    waight of woll to be paide yearlye by my executor out of my Fearme of Andever the same yearlye to be deliv[er]ed
102    at the shere tyme, and that she choose yearlye the same waighte of wooll of the firste weighte of wooll
103    that shal[l ]be weighed of the ferme sheepe yearlye at shepesheare. Item I bequeathe and will that my
104    wieff shall have house rome, duringe her naturall lieff for the abode within my house of Estontowne
105    that I nowe dwell in for her self and her maide, and that she shall have to her owne onely use, duringe
106    her lief, the bedchamber that I and she doe nowe lye in, and that she shall have free concoursse and
107    accesse into the hall, the kitchine, and the reste of my houses of office, as well within doores as without
108    there allwaies to doe her necessarie busynes withall to her reasonable contemente, so as my executors
109    maye have with all, accesse quietlye into annye romes, within the housses of office to serve his turne
110    reasonablye, not disquietinge nor excludinge my saide wieff oute thereof at annye tyme to do her
111    necessarye busynes therein. Item I will that my executors shall at his coste and charges provide
112    and fynde unto my saide wieff sufficiente necessarye and as muche woodde and fyreboote as she shall
113    spende in her saide chamber, or aboute the necessarye usage of dressinge her meate and drinck, w[i]thin
114    my saide housse of Estontowne, And further more that if my saide wieff shal[l ]be mynded to remove
115    from my saide housse of Estontowne to dwell at her pleasure and better lykinge and contentement
116    within the Towne of Andever, Then I will that neverthelesse, my saide executore shall at his
117    and theire costes and charges provide and fynde unto her sufficient woode and fyrebote for her
118    chamber, bakinge, dressinge and brewinge of her necessarie meate and drinke in suche sorte, as
119    before is lymyted to her for her inhabitinge within my said house of Estontowne even in such manner
120    as thoughe she weare or shoulde be continnallye resiant there in all respecte, And shall further
121    yearlie paye unto my saide wieff for and towardes her house rente, so longe as she shall contynue
122    there or else wheare, oute of my house at Estontowne the yearlie somme of twentie shillinges,
123    by the yeare to be paide quarterlye unto her at suche Feasts and daies and in suche maner and
124    sorte as her Annuitie of Twentye poundes before mencioned is appointed to be paide. And
125    furthermore if it shall lyke my said wieff to inhabite in anye other place besydes the Towne of
126    Andever oute of the same parrisshe, That then so longe tyme as she shall so enhabite oute of the
127    same parrisshe, I do will that my executoure shall yealde and paie unto her for and in lewe of
128    suche kyne, hogge, wooll, and poultrie as she shoulde otherwise have had goinge and founde
129    by my executor uppon my saide Fearme of Andever the somme of fouertie shillings of currante
130    Englishe monneye yearlye to be paide her at the Feastes, daies and tymes, and in suche sorte as her
131    Annuytye of Twentie poundes before recyted is and ought to be paide, And that so longe tyme
132    as she shall so abide, and dwell oute of the saide parrishe of Andever, she shal[l ]be excludedd to
133    demande of my executor annye other dutye before to her limited bequeathed or appointed oute of
134   my sayde Fearme, besydes the saide Twentie poundes to her limited and bequeathed w[hi]ch nevertheles
135    shal[l ]be paide her, in manner and fourme aforesaid. Provided also and my will and entente is
136    and so I doe declare it to be my mynde, That if my saide wieff shall happen to marrye, and
137    not to lyve sole and in her widowhedd, That then she shall have the saide yearlie Annuytye of
138    Twentie poundes, in manner and fourme as before is to her appointed onelye and shal[l ]be excluded
139    and barred for ever by this my laste will of all other benefitte whatsoever, if she should otherwise
140    have oute of my saide Fearme of Andever (annye thinge mencioned in this my will to the co[n]trary
141    notwithstandwise. And soe that my whole mynde and will is that my fee symple landes w[hi]ch
142    I have to me and myne heyres by purchase or discente or otherwise, shall remayne contynue and
143    be forever hereafter in my name and bloude, withoute anye alteracion, discontynuance or devise
144    thereof to be made or suffered to the contrarye by those or annye of those or theire or anye of
145    theire heires, or heire males or annye of theme to whome I shall by this my laste will and
146    Testamente geve and bequeathe the same or annye parte thereof unto, I doe by this my will
147    And Testament geve and bequeathe all my Landes and Tenementes with all and singler thee
148    Appurtenauncs in manner and fourme followinge, That is to saye, Firste I geve and
149    bequeathe unto John Blake, my eldest Sonne, All that my two Tenements called Brownes
150    and Cambers with all and singuler the appurtenauncs situate in Knights Enham and Kinges
151    Enham within the saide Countie of Southampton, and all Landes arrables, meadowes feedings
152   pastures, commons, commodities, and advanntags whatsoever to the same Tenements or to anye
    [Page 4]
153    of theme belonginge or in annye wise apperteyinnge or as annye parte or parcell of themee or any of theme
154    used or occupied withall and singuler th[e ]appurtenaunces, whatsoever, And also all that my Landes Teneme[n]ts
155    and hereditaments called Brayes, and all landes arrables meadowes belonginge to the same withe th[e ]appur
156    tenancs, To have and to houlde the saide two Tenements called Brownes and Chambers withall and
157    singuler th[e ]appurtanauncs and also the said Tenemente called Brayes, and all other the Landes and p[re]misses
158    last bequeathed and recited unto the saide John Blake my sonne for terme of his naturall lieff, And after
159    his deceasse to the heires males of his bodye lawfully begotten, And for defaulte of suche issue to William
160    Blake my seconde sonne, for terme of his naturall lieff, and after the deceasse of my same William, to the
161    heyres males of his body lawfullye begotten the bodye of the saide William lawfully begotten And
162    for defaulte of suche issue to the heires males of the bodye of Peter Blake my Thirde sonne lawfully
163    begotten, And for defaulte of suche issue to the heires males of the bodye of Thomas Blake, my
164    fourthe sonne lawfully begotten, And for defaulte of suche issue, to the heires males of the body of
165    Richarde Blake my fyfte sonne lawfully begotten, And for defaulte of suche issue to the righte heires
166    of my saide Ist sonne John Blake for ever. And furthermore I doe by this my laste will and
167    Testamente geve and bequeathe unto the saide William Blake my second sonne one Tenement
168    with Th[e ]appurtenauncs commonlye called Roses lyinge within Kings Enham aforesaide, And all
169    Landes tenementes, meadowes, pastures, feedings, proffitis and commodities and advauntages whatso
170    ever to the same Tenement belonginge or in any wise apperteyninge whiche I late purchased of Mr
171    Cauley, And also one meadowe, with th[e ]appurtenaunces lyinge in Kings Enham aforesaide, which I
172    late bought of one hecsye, commonly called Dichie meade. And also the Crofte withe Th[e ]appurtenauncs
173   called Whiteyeres crofte and all the landes with th[e ]appurtenauncs which I late purchased of John James
174    of Charleton lyinge in Kings Enham aforesaid, To have and houlde the saide Tenement called Roses
175    with th[e ]appurtenauncs and the saide meadowe called Dichie meade with th[e ]appurtauncs and the saide Lande
176    called Whiteyeres Crofte and the saide Landes late purchased of the saide John James with th[e ]appurte[n]auncs
177    and all other the laste recited premisses unto the saide William Blake bequeathed withe all and
178    singuler their appurtenaunces unto the saide William Blake my sonne second Sonne for terme of his
179    naturall life, And after his deceasse to the heires males of his bodye lawfullie begotten, And for
180    defaulte of suche issue, to the saide John Blake my eldest sonne for terme of his naturall life, And
181    after the deceasse of the same John to th[e h]eirs males of his bodye lawfully begotten with the lyke
182    Lymytacions in their respecte and degree as before is lymitted to the saide Peter Blake and the
183    others followinge him, And furthermore I doe by this my laste will and Testamente geve and
184    bequeathe unto the saide Peter Blake, my thirde sonne all that my Eleaven Tenements and one
185    Cottage withe all and singuler their appurtenaunces scituate and beinge in Andever, aforesaide,
186    nowe at the daie of the date of this my will in the severall tenure or occupacions of William
187    Northe, Hughe Tydder, William Hussie, Christopher Broughe and Goodman Wilson, William
188    Bathe, Robert Carde, George Masonn, John Presser, Robert Newell, Katherine Hide
189    and [blank] Wiggs widdowe, And also all that my three meadowes with th[e ]appurtenauncs
190    lyinge within Charletonn within the saide Countie of Southampton, nowe at the date of this
191    my will in the severall tenures and occupacions of John Purham, John James and John West.
192    To have and to houlde all the saide eleven Tenements and cottage and three meadowes laste
193    recyted withe all and singuler theire appurtena[u]ncs unto the saide Peter my Thirde Sonne
194    to him and to his heires for ever. And to th[e ]entente that suche Fearmes, Landes, Tenements,
195    withe all and singuler th[e ]appurtena[u]ncs whiche I houlde by Lease or Leasses, and of the graunte
196    of the saide Lorde Sandys, or of annye of his Lo[rd] Ancestors shoulde, contynue, remayne and be
197    to my bloudde and name withe my saide fee symple Landes in suche sorte and to somme of those
198    personnes to whome I have gevenn and bequeathed my sayde Fee symple Landes unto therefore
199    I doe by this my last will and Testamente geve and bequeathe the same landes in manner and
200    fourme followinge, That is to saie, I geve and bequeathe to my saide John Blake one Tene[ment]
201    withe th[e ]appurtenauncs, commonlie called th[e ]olde haule lyinge in Knights Enham aforesayde,
202    And all Landes and meadowes whatsoever in Leasies, pastures, feadinges, com[m]ons, proffitts,
203    commodities and advantags whatsoever to the same Tenemente belonginge or in anye wise
204    app[er]teyninge, And also one severall close withe th[e ]appurtuance commonly called Walworte
    [Page 5]
205    And also twoe meadowes in Andever beinge Lammas Lande houlden by Tenne shillings rente by the yeare
206    And also all my Lammas Lande and meadowe, whatsoever with th[e ]appurtenauncs lyinge in Andever,
207    or Andever feilde aforesaide, And all other my Landes and tenements, whatsoever conteyned and
208    mencioned uppon the grannde Lease to me made of the last recited premisses (excepte the Tenement
209    called Smythes and the parcell of grounde called Evatts Okes al[ia]s Glosshanger and suche Lammas
210    Landes as the saide William Blake my sonne nowe houldethe whiche saide Tenement called Oulde
211    hall and closes called Walwort, meadowe and lamas lande and other the laste recited premisse I
212    doe houlde of the saide Lorde Sandys for terme of yeares not yet expired, To have and to hold all
213    the saide Tenemente called oulde hall, the saide close called Walwortt and the meadowes and Lammas
214    lands aforesaide and all other the premisses with all and singuler, th[e ]appurtena[u]nces laste recited (except
215    before last excepted) unto the saide John Blake for terme of his naturall lieffe, yf my terme of yeres
216    thereof so longe shall endure, And after his deceasse the saide Tenemente called old hall the said close
217    called Walwort and the meadowes and Lammas Lande and all the laste recited premisses withe th[e ]appurtena[u]ncs
218    (excepte before excepted) to remayne contynue and be to the heires males of the bodye of my saide Sonne
219   John lawfullye begotten and so to contynue in my bloude and name from one to an other in lyke manner
220    and sorte and in everye respecte and degree accordinge to my sayde lymytacion made of my sayde fee simple
221    Landes called Brownes, Cambers and Brayes so longe as the terme of yeares which I have in the granted
222    leasses of the same or of annye parte thereof shall contynue The saide John Blake and the heyres males of
223    his bodye bodye lawfullye begotten, and all other the persons before lymyted to enioye the saide Tenemente
224    called oulde haule & the saide close called Walworte and the said two meadowes and Lammas lande and other the premisses laste recited (excepte
225   before excepted) yealdinge payinge doinge and performinge all suche rentes dueties and covenants whiche
226    shal[l ]be after my deceasse at annye tyme due, paieable or to be donne to the saide Lorde Sandys his heires or
227    assignes or annye other personne or personnes whatsoever by reason of the graunde Leasse or Leasses made
228    thereof or of annye other parte or parcell thereof, other than suche rente and dutyes as shall growe due
229    by reason of the saide Tenemente called called Smythes and the saide groundes called Evatts okes alias
230    Glosshanger and other then for the said Lammas lande in the tenure of the saide William Blake my sonne
231    viz for the sayde Tenemente called Smythes fouertene shillinges by the yeare for the saide grounde called
232    Glosshanger Fyve shillinges by the yeare and for the saide Lammas Lande Twelve shillinges by the Yeare
233    And furthermore to th[e ]intente that my sonne William Blake and th[e ]other personnes hereafter lymyted to have
234    my Fearme of Andever shall contynue hospitalitie with the same accordinge to the proportions thereof
235    within the parrishes of Andever and Knightes Enham or one of theme duringe the terme of yeares w[hi]ch
236    shal[l ]be therein to con[tin]ue after the tyme of my deceasse, I doe by this my last will and testamente geve and
237    bequeathe unto the same William Blake my saide seconde sonne my Tenemente and house with th[e ]app[u]rtena[u]ncs
238    whiche I nowe dwell in commonlie called Smythes and all landes, meadowes, leasies, pastures, feadings,
239    commons, proffittes, commodities and advanntages, whatsoever to the same tenemente belonginge or in anye
240    wise apperteyninge, And also my Ferme of Andever, with all Landes, meadowes, leasaes, pastures, feedings,
241    proffittes, commodities, and advanntages, whatsoever to the same Ferme belonginge, or in annye wise appertey
242   ninge, whiche saide Fearme and Tenemente and other the last recyted premisses I doe lykewise houlde
243    for terme of yeares not expired of the saide Lo: Sandis (except and allwayes res[er]ved oute of this my last
244    gifte and bequeaste all suche parcell of lande as bene before by me geven unto John my sayde eldeste
245    sonne, To have and to houlde the saide Tenemente Ferme and all other the premisses withe all and singuler
246    their appurtenauncs last recited and bequeathed (excepte last before excepted) unto the saide William my
247    sonne for terme of his naturall lief, yf my terme of yeares thereof to me made shall so longe endure
248    And after his deceasse the saide Ferme and Tenemente and all other the premisses laste bequeathed and
249    recyted (excepte before laste excepted) to remayne contyneue and be to the heyres males of the bodye of the
250    sayde William my sonne lawfullye begotten and so from one to an other in like manner and sorte and in
251    everye respecte and degree accordinge to my saide Lymytacions made of my Fee symple landes called Roses
252    Dichie, meade and whiteyeares crofte, so longe as my terme of yeares, which I have in the grannd leasse
253    to mee made of the same or of annye parte thereof shall contyneue, The saide William Blake and ye
254    heires males of his bodye lawfullye begotten and all other the personnes before lymyted to enioye ye
255    sayde Ferme or Tenemente and other the premisess laste to him bequeathed yealdinge payinge doinge and
256    performinge all suche rentes dueties and covenannts, whiche shal[l ]be after my deceasse at annye tyme
    [Page 6]
257    due paiable or to be donne to the saide Lo: Sandys his heires or assignees or annye other personne or p[er]sonnes
258    whatsoever by reason of the saide grannde Leasse or leasses, made thereof or of annye parte or parcell thereof
259    or of annye the premisses laste recited and to the saide William bequeathed. The residue of my goods
260    (before not bequeathed nor disposed, my debtes and legacies beinge paide and this my laste will and testament
261    in all respectes iustlie performed and accomplished) I geve and bequeath to my sonne William aforesaide
262    to th[e ]intente that he and th[e ]other personnes before lymyted to have, my said Fearme of Andever shall
263    contyneue hospitalitie within the parrishe of Andever Knights Enham or one of theme during thee
264    terme of yeares of my said Fearme of Andever. Provided allwayes and my will and whole entent
265    is, That if it shall fortune after my deceasse anny of my said sonnes, or anny others to whome I have
266    limited to have and enioye annye parte of my landes or gooddes aforesaid, not to contente himself or
267    theme selves withe suche porcions of Landes or gooddes and in suche manner and sorte as I have before
268    gevenn and bequeathed the same unto him or theme, and unto everie or annye of theme, Or that theie or
269    annye of theme shall shewe themselves or annye of theme shall shewe himselfe or herself to have mislike
270    withe the same or of this my last will or of annye parte of the contente of this my testament, Or
271    shall endewe themselves or annye of theme shall endewe him or herself to devise doe practise attempte
272    or putte in use, or cause to be devised donne prastised attempted or putte in use or assente, consent agree unto
273    or suffer annye acte, thinge or thinges whatsoever or by what meanes soever whiche shalbe disturbe alter
274    violate, frustrate, breake or make voide, or shall or maie be by annye manner, intended construed or
275    ymagined to disturbe, alter, channge, violate, frustrate, breake or make voide, in annye respecte or pointe
276    this my last will and testament, and the contents and limitacions of the same, or of annye parte,
277    pointe, limitacion, legacie, bequeaste, gift or contents thereof, or of annye parte thereof, or shall
278    not stande to and obeye the order and iudgemente of my overseers and the longest lyver of theme
279    duringe their lyves in suche ambiguities, doubts, questions, and controversies as shall happen to
280    aryse hereafter uppon or by reasonn of this my last will and testament to all entents and purpos[e]s
281    That then in all and everie the cases laste recyted, my said sonnes and everye other person and
282    personnes shall and everie of theme to whome I have geven grannted or lymyted to have or enioye
283    annye parte of my landes gooddes or chattells aforesaide and everie of theme in so doeinge and
284    offendinge this my mynde in my last will and testament shall for ever lose the benefitt of this my
285    laste will, and Testamente, to all entents and purposes and the Legacies and devises to theme and
286    everie of theme or annye of theme by the same gevens devised or bequeathed, and whiche otherwise
287    theye or annye of them, in not so doinge or offendinge mighte have had and enioyed. As thoughe
288    no mencionn at all hadd beene made in this my laste Testamente of annye suche gifte devise or
289    Legacie And that then in everie suche case as aforesayd I doe geve and bequeathe by this my last
290    will and Testament the same porcion of my sayde goods and Landes to the resydue of my sayde
291    sonnes not so offendinge and to suche others aforesaide not so offendinge to whome I have made
292    the Lymytacions of the contynuaunce and enioyinge the reside of my sayde Landes, goods and
293    chattells to be equallye and indifferentlie devided and apporcioned amongeste theme. And
294    I doe make my sayde sonne William Blake my executor of this my last will and testament
295    Provided nevertheless and this my last will is, That if the saide William shall not or doe
296    not take uppon him the execucion and executorshipp of this my last will and Testament, or that
297    he and his issue male aforesaide shall not trewlye and iustlie paye all, the Legacies of this my
298    last will and also shall not doe accomplishe and performe the same thoroulye accordinge to my
299    entente and meaninge expressed in this my last will and testamenete, in all respectes whatsoever, or
300    shall not within one monneth after my deceasse become in sufficient bond unto my overseers or
301    suche of theme as shal[l ]be lyvinge at the tyme of my decease, or if theye shall happen to be deceased
302    to the Bisshopp of the dioces for the tyme beinge to obeye and performe this my laste will and
303    Testament, That then I will my said legacie and gifte before to him and his heires males bequeathed
304    and geven as well of my Landes as of my goods utterlye to surceasse and to be voyde and of none
305    effecte, And then I doe make my saide sonne John my executor of this my last will and testament
306    to see the same well and trulye performed Annye thinge before mencioned to the contrarie notw[i]th
307    standinge. And I doe by this my last will and testament appointe my verye trustie and welbeloved
308    freindes Richard Sotwell, Doctor of the Civill Lawe, and Andrewe Reade gent to be my ov[er]seers.
    [Page 7]
309    givinge willinge and granntinge theme and the longest lyver of theme full power and Authoritie by this my last will
310    and testamente if theye shall so please to determyn decide and ende all ambiguities, doubtes, questions or debate
311    whatsoever whiche hereafter duringe their lyves or the longest lyver of theme shall happen to fall oute
312    amongest my saide children, of annye other to whome I have geven annye of my Landes or gooddes unto
313    by this my will conc[e]rninge this my last will and Testamente or anny matter conteyned therein
314    And I doe bequeathe to eche of my saide overseers in token of my good will towardes theme for theire
315    paynes Fourtie shillings a peece to be delyvered within one monneth uppon my deceasse. In witness
316    whereof I have to everie paper leaffe of this my will sette my signe and marke, Geven the Seaven
317    and twentithe daie of Julye one Thousande fyve hundred eightie two. Anno Regni Regine [domine ]n[ost]re Elizabethe
318    vicesimo Quarto. And further have to theise presentes putte my mark and sette my seale. witness
319    the same those whose names are under written: William Stotwell, Richard Stotwell, John
320    Sotwell, An: Reade, John Deane
321    Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum apud London. Coram venerabili viro
322    mag[ist]ro Willi[el]mi Drurye legum doctore curie prerogative Cantuarien[sis] commissario etc[etra] Decimo
323   Quarto die mensis Novembrio Anno Domini mill[es]imo quingentesimo octagesimo secundo. Juramento Petri
324    Johnson notarij publici procuratoris Willim Blake filij et executoris etc[etera] Cui commissa fuit administrac[io]
325    bonorum etc[etera] De bene etc[etera] Jurat[e]

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