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Blake Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 4

October 1, 2012 [BLAKE NEWSLETTER - VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4]

Blake Newsletter

One housekeeping item and that refers to this newsletter. It is not a
subscription item. It appears on the Blake website, my blog and on my
webpage. I will be putting it up on my blog this evening, on the Blake
website shortly and it will be on my personal website as well.
Wills of the Blake Family

I am now continuing with my transcription of the Wills of the Blake
Family that I have in my possession. At the moment I am working on
Hampshire and have published the wills of several different Blake lines
on my blog commencing the 24th of September 2012 after an hiatus of
several months. Gardening and the long days do take a toll on my
transcription time throughout the spring and summer.
At some time in the future I hope to return to these wills and continue
with analysis of their content and putting together of related family
lines. Each of the wills includes information on the testator and people
mentioned in the will. If anyone has a Blake will that they are having a
problem deciphering I will try to assist you. I am becoming quite
familiar now with the old style of writing. Hard to believe that some of
the older wills are easier to read then the wills created in the 1800s!
These wills are all available from The National Archives website (of
the United Kingdom) that I am working on at the moment for the most
part. Several of them are from the Hampshire Record Office
(Winchester, UK). I make note of their accessibility.

Blake yDNA Study

The latest new member to the Blake yDNA study matches two other
members of the English Ancestry group (4). I am learning more about
their lines with two members of the group living in the United States
and the third member in England. Although there are slight differences
they are within the criteria for linking them together as having a
common ancestor sometime in the past 10 generations or less.

Persuading as many Blake males to test as possible is one of my top
priorities. There will be different haplogroups and one of the intriguing
bits in all of this for me is discovering why the name Blake was chosen
in so many different areas of the United Kingdom. Is there a common
link between all of these families through a female Blake marriage
where a son of that marriage has taken the surname of one of his
maternal uncles for inheritance purposes? I also realize there is the
possibility of non paternal events occurring as well but certainly this
then produces a new Blake line.

Next newsletter will be published at the beginning of January. Perhaps
by then time will have permitted me to look more closely at the yDNA
results with regard to the deep ancestry of the haplogroups involved. I
think perhaps it is time to revisit the haplogroups and have a short
discussion on their emergence in the British Isles.
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