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Will of Martha Beard, widow, Saint Olave Southwark - The National Archives PROB 11/410/18, probated 4 Jun 1692

Martha Beard the testator is the wife of Thomas Beard woolwinder and his beard was published earlier in my blog:

There is a mystery in all of this as later in 1692 there is a document which I have labeled Sentence of Martha Beard. This is the late 1600s and William III and Mary II are on the throne. The Sentence is in Latin but at some point I will perhaps look through it but I have not yet determined if Thomas is part of the Beard family from which I descend.

Elizabeth Marriott is mother to Thomas Beard (and it appears still living) and Margaret is mentioned as a sister to Martha herself and she lives at Reading. Lydia Knight is also a sister of Thomas and mentioned in his will. The Boult family figures largely in her will but no mention of this family in the will of Thomas.

The last will in this group for Beard is by John Beard of St Thomas Hospital Southwark. This very large complex is still in Bermondsey and covers several blocks. I was tempted to go inside when we were there last as a number of my family members were born/cared for or died there in the 1700s. It is a four page will and must admit to being curious at its contents as it is written just prior to the death of Henry Beard my four times great grandfather.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 18 Jan 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/410/18
Testator: Martha Beard, widow
Place: Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey, England
Date of document: 1 Feb 1691, probated 4 Jun 1692
Read: Electronic copy images
Document quality: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[esta]m[ent]
[Margin]: Martha Beard

1    In the name of God Amen I Martha
2    Beard of the Parish of St Olive Southwarke Widdow
3    and Relict of Thomas Beard deceased being in good health and of sound
4    memory praised be God for the same doe make and ordaine this my
5    last Will and Testament in manner and forme following Imprimis I
6    commit my Soule into the hands of God that gave it mee trusting on the
7    merrits of Jesus Christ for the pardon of my sinns and for eternall life
8    and salvation Item I give and bequeath unto my sister Margaret
9    Phillimort the wife of {name missing} Phillimort of Reading the summe of
10    twenty shillings Item I give unto Elizabeth Marriott the wife of
11    {name missing] Marriott a Blacksmith in Bishopsgate Street the summe
12    of ten shillings Item I give unto Lydia Knight the wife of Wm Knight
13    the summe of ten shillings Item I give unto Nathaniel Jarvis the
14    summe of ten shillings Item I give unto Daniel Pengrove ten
15    shillings Item I give unto Jane East the summe of ten shillings
16    Item I give unto John Boult the summe of ten shillings Item I
17    give unto John Boult the summe of ten shillings Item I
18    give unto Rebeca Brien the summe of ten shillings Item I give
19    unto William Boult and Elizabeth Boult son and daughter of Joshua
20    Boult ten shillings apeece Item I give unto John Allen of Southwarke
21    Leatherdresser the summe of fifty pounds And after my debts
22    Legacys and funerall expences are discharged and paid All the
23    rest and residue of muy estate whatsoever and wheresoever I give
    [Page 2]
24    unto my freind Joshua Boult of London druggist and doe hereby
25    constitute and appoint my abovesaid freind Joshua Boult to bee sole
26    Executor of this my last Will and Testament revoakeing and makeing
27    void all former Wills and Testaments by mee made In witnesse whereof
28    I have hereunto set my hand and seale this first day of February In
29    the yeare of our Lord One Thousand Six hundred Ninety and One
30    the marke of Martha Beard Sealed, Signed, published and declared
31    to bee my last Will and Testament In presence of us Susanna Pigott
32    Sarah Adames Joseph Brown

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