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Will of Thomas Blackmore yeoman Bishops Nympton - The National Archives PROB 11/206/147, probated 17 Nov 1648

I am now into the wills of the Blackmoore/Blackmore family of Bishops Nympton and closeby. I knew of this family from my mother and that my Pincombe line at Bishops Nympton was descendant of this family. The testator Thomas Blackmore has been married twice and has a large family. His first wife Maria Saunders and Thomas had four known children: Hugh, Walter, Johane and Margaret. With his second wife Johane Datscombe: Lewes, Agnes, Edward, Jane, Julian, Thomas and Anthony. Thomas was baptized 12 Sep 1591 at Bishops Nympton and 55 years of age when he was buried.

However, it remains that my 8x great grandfather was either Thomas or Anthonie Blackmoore/Blackmore. It was the daughter of Thomas or Anthonie, Johan Blackmore, who married John Pincombe 25 Sep 1655 at Bishops Nympton. All Pincombe families found at Bishops Nympton through the next nearly four centuries are descendants of this couple.

The Blackmoore family can be found at Bishops Nympton from the time of the Parish Registers on and prior to that time as well. The first marriage of the Blackmoore family recorded in the parish registers was 2 Dec 1559 (the marriage registers begin in 1558) at Bishops Nympton. This was the marriage of John Laneman of Rose Ash and Johane Blakemore.

Although it would have been great to find information on my Blackmoore family that would definitively name this Thomas as my ancestor from this will that is not to be. There remains another three wills for the Blackmoore/Blackmore family in this area that I will work away at. This one was particularly difficult to read and I hope to fill in the spaces/revise in the future at some point. As was the case of the Pincombe wills which I transcribed earlier, I had only ever read these wills but now wish to have them all transcribed before the next time at Kew imaging wills and other documents. I still have quite a few to do :)

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 22 Jan 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/206/147
Testator: Thomas Blackmore, yeoman
Place: Bishops Nympton, Devon, England
Date of document: 7 Aug 1648, probated  17 Nov 1648
Read: Electronic copy images
Document quality: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[esta]m[ent]Thomas
[Margin]: Blackmore

1    In the name of God Amen
2    the seaventh day of August in the three and twentyth yeare of the Raigne of our
3    Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God of England Scotland Frannce and
4    Ireland king defender of the Fayth etc I Thomas Blackmore of Bishops Nimpton in the
5    County of Devon Yeoman beinge sicke in bodye but of right and perfect memory (thankes
6    bee to Allmighty God) doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament in man[n]er
7    and forme followinge Imprimis I bequeath my Soule into the handes of Allmighty God
8    my only Saviour and Redeemer hoping through his meritorious death and Passion to
9    enioy the ioyes of lyfe everlastinge and my body to Christian buryall Item I devise and
10    bequeath unto Johan my wife all the estate graunted by mee to her Father deceased and to
11    her brother Lewis Datscombe in the Rectory or Parsonnage of Bishops Nympton all my
12    estate in Wredburne scituate in East Ansty Parish All my estate in two parcell of land
13    called Gradethorn and Gradethorne meadowe lyinge and being w[i]thin the Parish of
14    Oakeford All the estate which of right she ought to have in Sowaell in the Parish of
15    Brushford and County of Somersett And the Forty poundes of money which was to her
16    given by her Father's last will and Testament All the chests and coffers which she was
17    owner of att the time of our Intermarrynge and one other great Chest which my Father
18    gave her Item I give and bequeath unto the sayd Johan my wyfe six kyne two mayned
19    weaning heyfer calves one Bull two heifer yearlinges one heifer of two yeares age
20    and upwardes Forty melch ewes now usually milked att Parsonage aforesayd twoe
21    Rammes and Twenty lambes the sayd Cattell and sheepe to bee allowed and appointed
22    by the free election of my Executor hereinafter nominated Item I give unto her one old
23    Mare one sydesaddle and packsaddle two hackney girts two pack girts one coveringe for
24    a syde saddle one bridle one halter and one payre of carne crookes Item I give unto her
25    all my Swyne hogges pigges and poultry that wholly goe att Parsonage Item I give
26    unto her all the bedsteddes bedds and their usual furniture standinge in the chamber over
    [Page 2]
27    the Buttery there (the Curtynes and yron Rodes now thereunto hanging only excepted)
28    the Bedsteede Bedd and furniture uppon which my sonnes Thomas and Anthony doe nowe
29    usually lye Item I give unto her the halfe onelie of all my brasse potts the half onelie of
30    all my brasse pannes and caldrones the halfe onelie of all my pewter vessells one silver
31    bowle guilted and one silver spoon the halfe onelie of all my woodin vesselles att Parsonnage
32    one Garnier or corner Hutch standing on the Sowthsyde of the Mault howse att Parsonnage
33    one other corner Hutch standinge on the Easte syde of the sayd Mault howse allwayes wholy and
34    freely p[re]served to my Executors herinafter nominated Item I give unto hir my Tableboards
35    standinge in the Hall one squar Table standing on the West syde of the same hall my Table
36    board and livery Table in the Parlour three Formes now standings in the sayd hall nere
37    Parlour Item I give unto her all my Corne and Pease now in the Feildes att Parsonage
38    together w][ith the syth thereof Item I give unto her All my Corne in the Barne and other
39    Howeses att her Parsonage all my hay att Parsonage all my wooll all my spinninge
40    turnes and cardes one Skeaner all my butter and cheese one cheese Rack all my flesh
41    in sault or saulted (my two second best flitches of Bacon and all other howshold provision
42    whatsoever fitt for my Funerall only excepted) the same to bee freely had and taken by my
43    Executors without disturbance or dinyall Item I give unto her my greatest spitt my least
44    spitt my dripping Panns and Frying pann three of my bist casks all my ____inge
45    stuffe my dough sheetes my best corne pecke all my Ladders att Parsonage my best
46    chaire three Frame stoules all my Earthen vessells (my greatest earthen Jugg only excepted)
47    the Kettle in the hall and all my wood att Parsonage my best Table Cloth sixe of my best
48    Table napkins any best cheese wring my dry hurdle my two best Piggs troughes one
49    dozen of neeld spoones two dozen of ordinary Trenchers one dozen of fruite Trenchers my
50    best bellowes and two best each of pothookes and pothangers my Gridyron forskyron my
52    two best B_andyrons my second best payar of Andyrons my best lither bottle one
53    ____ and woll weightes and one bill hooke provided allwayes and my will and
54    meaninge is that yf Johan my wyfe doe not demeane and behave herselfe fairely and
55    instly to my Executor in this my will hereafter named in the true deliverance of all
56    such thinges unto him as doe or shall unto him rightfully belong that then the aforesayd
57    Legacyes herein before to hir bequeathed shal[l ]bee utterly voyd and all the right and property
58    of them shall wholy redonnd to the use and proffitt of my executor hereafter mentioned
59    the course thereof in case of difference to bee first heard and adiudged by my Overseers
60    and Rulers hereafter nominated Item I devise and bequeath unto Walter Blackmore
61    my sonne all my estate in Knoll Downes and Wibworthy Moore together w[i]th all my wrytings
62    thereonto belonging And yf Hugh Blackmore my sonne shall happin to dye before hee
63    shall undertake the estate of Matrimony I doe then devise and bequith unto the sayd
64    Walter my sonne all my right and interist in the Parsonage of Bishops Nympton duringe
65    the Terme to mee therein graunted Item I give and bequeath unto the sayd Walter my
66    sonne Thirty poundes of lawfull money of England to be payd within two yeares next after
67    my decease Item I give unto the sayd Walter my best long rydinge Coate lyned w[i]th bayis
68    Item I give and bequeath unto Johan Blackmore my daughter nynety poundes of
69    lawfull money of England to be payd within one yeare next after my death Item I give
70    and bequeath unto Margarett Blackmore my daughter Thirty poundes of lawfull
71    money of England to bee payd within two yeares next after my decease Provided allwayes
72    ande my will and meaninge is that yf my sonne Walter my daughter Johan or my
73    daughter Margarett shall happen to dye before he shee or they shal[l ]bee maryed soe as yet doe
74    soe exceed fower yeares next after my death that then the Legacyes and Portions herein
75    before given and bequeathed unto the sayd Walter Johan and Margarett shall remayn
76    and bee equally devided between the Survivor or Survivors of them and my Executor
77    hereafter mentioned ioyntly and together with them And further whereas my brother
78    Lewes Datscombe hath often promised mee to provide sufficiently for my sonne Lewes
79    Blackmore now in his Instley and espicially in June last past did againe _______
    [Page 2]
80    his sayd Promise yet neverthelesse I give and bequeath unto the sayd Lewes my sonne as a
81    Filial portion Twenty two poundes lawfull money of England of which sixteene poundes
82    ys now in my brother Datscombes handes and the other six poundes in my wyfes hand
83    And whereas I have heretofore for Fatherly affiction given and grannted unto my two
84    sonnes Thomas and Anthony twoe severall estates in Threwston and East Threwston
85    yet nevertheless I give and bequeath unto the sayd Thomas and Anthony Twenty pounds
86    apeece of lawfull English money to bee payd unto them within Fouer yeares next after
87    my decease or sooner yf a convenient opportunity for their better preferment shall
88    fitly require yet Provided allwayes that yf the sayd Thomas and Anthony together
89    with Julian there sister or eyther of them shall happen to survive the foresayd Johan
90    their mother that then the Tenant and Tenants of the Parsonage aforesayd shall well
91    and truely pay unto each of them the sayd Thomas Anthony and Julian the somme of
92    Three poundes six shillinges and eight pence yearly untill such time as they shall severally
93    accomplish the age of seventeen yeares Item I give unto my three daughters Agnes
94    Jane and Julian Fifty poundes a peece of lawfull money of England Agnes her Fifty
95    poundes to be payd within one month after she shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty
96    yeares Jane her Fifty poundes to be payd within one month after she shall accomplish
97    the age of one and Twenty Yeares Julyan her Fifty poundes to bee payd within sixe
98    yeares next after my death not doubtinge but that my wyfi their mother being lefte
99    well furnished both within doores and without will inlarge their portions sufficiently
100    hereafter Item I doe appoint my Executors to pay unto John Quinteck Five shillings
101    Item I give unto the Poore of the Parish of Bishopps Nympton Twenty shillinges
102    All the residue of my goodes and chattells not herein before given nor bequeathed
103    I give and bequeath unto Hugh Blackmore my sonne whom I make and ordaine
104    the sole and whole Executor of this my last will and Testament And I doe appointe
105    my wel[l ]beloved freindes and kinsmen John Towte John Pincombe David Hill and William
106    Pincombe the younger to bee Rulers and Overseers of this my last will and Testament
107    And I give unto each of them for their paynes takinge herein three shillinges
108    foure pence Witnesse my hand and Seale the day and yeare first above wrytten
109    This I doe add and annex unto this my last will and Testament as a
110    Codicill these thinges followinge viz[ a vi]t whereas I have thereby given and bequeathed
111    unto my daughters Agnes Jane and Julian Fifty poundes a peece to Thomas
112    and Anthony my sonnes Twenty poundes a peece in manner and forme therein
113    severally expressed my further will intent and meaning is that yf the sole sayd Agnes
114    Jane Julian Thomas and Anthony or any or either of them shall happen to dye
115    before the guiftes and legacyes to them soe given and bequeathed shal[l ]bee come due
116    and payable that then the sayd Guiftes and legacyes of him her or them or eyther
117    of them soe dyinge as affore sayd shall wholy ridund and in__ to the Proffitt and
118    advantage of the Survivors and Survivor of them to bee equally devided among
119    them Item I give unto my wyfe and to each of my children and to such other freinds
120    as my Executor shall thinke fitt one payre of Black gloves to bee worn att my
121    Funerall Item I give to my sayd wyfe one Rodden Fla_ke to keepe clothes in Item
122    I give unto my wyfe my greene corsitt of Jersey Thomas Blackmoore
123    Sealed published and declared as his last will and Testament in presence of
124    Mathew Hinscombe Anthony Blackmoore

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