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Kent family at Selworthy and Porlock

I have missed a few names in my research rotation and will wait for next time to catch up on them. Today I want to think about the Kent family. Grace Kent married Robert Siderfin 5 Feb 1752 at Selworthy Somerset. The only Grace Kent that I found baptized at Selworthy was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Kent 25 Apr 1731. I have the fiche of the original registers for Selworthy and there is a transcription of these baptisms online at Martin Southwoods site ( and looking for the Kent family at Selworthy there are a number of entries with parents:

Thomas and Alice Kent
Thomas and Susanna Kent
John and Elizabeth Kent
William and Mary Kent

in the appropriate time frame.There is only one daughter named Grace.

Marriages at Selworthy are also online in this time period:

Thomas Kent married Susanna Siderfin 27 Nov 1725
William Kent married Mary Slowly (bride of Porlock) 25 Mar 1734

Thomas and Susanna Kent had a son Thomas baptized 11 Oct 1726 at Selworthy and he married Grace Giles 15 Jun 1769 at Selworthy. Their son John Kent baptized 15 Jun 1770 at Selworthy married Betty Rew a daughter of John Rew and Sarah Moggridge. Betty was a sister to John Rew who married  Elizabeth Siderfin 30 Jan 1792 at Selworthy was these are my 3x great grandparents. Elizabeth was the daughter of Robert Siderfin and Grace Kent. Knowing this interesting piece of information I did try to discover more about the Kent family a few years ago. As far as I could tell John Kent father of Grace and married to Elizabeth were from Porlock. I have the parish registers on fiche for Porlock and I have still not investigated the marriages there. That is a project I need to work on for this family. John and Elizabeth Kent baptized their son John Kent 15 Feb 1729/30 at Porlock. Grace was baptized at Selworthy, Elizabeth their next child was baptized 16 Jun 1733 at Selworthy, Thomas was baptized 29 Dec 1736 at Porlock, Sarah was baptized 28 May 1738 at Selworthy, Bettie their last child was baptized 14 Oct 1749 at Porlock.

Selworthy burials online do not begin until 1778 so I need to look at the burials as well in my perusal of the Kent family at Selworthy and Porlock. There was an Elizabeth Kent buried there 3 Jun 1780.

Looking back at the blog that I produced for the last research day on the Kent family I had resolved to look for a Joseph Kent mentioned in the will of Grace Escott since her beneficiaries included my ancestor Elizabeth Siderfin (married to John Rew).

However, this extraction of information that I found today and linking the Siderfin family with the Kent family i.e. the marriage of Thomas Kent and Susanna Siderfin in 1725 is rather interesting given that Robert Siderfin (her brother Augustine's son) married Grace Kent in 1752.

However, the family of Thomas Kent (he was baptized 20 May 1704 at Selworthy and the son of Thomas and Joan Kent. In the past I extracted the Kent family from a number of parish registers namely Luccombe, Minehead, Selworthy, Stoke Pero, Timberscombe, and Wootton Courtney as I have the original parish registers for all of these. I did not do Porlock however, But looking at Selworthy and Thomas Kent who was baptized there in 1704 son of Thomas and Joan Kent. This Thomas is possibly the Thomas who was baptized at Selworthy 6 Nov 1677 son of George Kent. The first baptism I find for children of George at Selworthy is John baptized 18 Jul 1663. There isn't a marriage for George Kent in this time period at Selworthy. However, one of George's sons was Joseph baptized 2 Nov 1674.

I did collect wills for the Kent family and I rather think before I explore the parish registers I will transcribe those wills. I have ten wills for the Kent family:

Mary Kent, Widow of Selworthy Somerset, PROB 11/1131/108, probated 14 Jun 1785
Thomas Kent, Gentleman of Porlock, Somerset, PROB 11/540/61, probated 10 May 1714
John Kent, of Dulverton, Somerset, PROB 11/186/150, probated 26 May 1641
Andrew Kent, Tanner of Porlock, Somerset, PROB 11/647/25, probated 4 Oct 1731
Mary Kent, Spinster of Periton, Minehead, Somerset, PROB 11/1359/225, probated 19 Jun 1801
George Kent,of  Selworthy, Somerset, PROB 11/55/179, probated 21 Apr 1573
William Kent, Yeoman of Timberscombe, Somerset, PROB 11/456/271, probated 27 Jul 1700
Ilett Kent, Widow of Porlock, Somerset, PROB 11/887/434, probated 21 May 1763
Walter Kent, of Porlock, Somerset, PROB 11/220/551, probated 16 Feb 1652
William Kent, Miller of Porlock, Somerset, PROB 11/335/300, probated 20 Feb 1671

The next Kent research day I shall begin with Mary Kent of Selworthy's will.

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