Thursday, June 20, 2013

Research and Gardening

Gardening and housework are winning out over research as they have for the last two summers along with enjoying biking, walking and all the other attributes of the now summer time.

I find this time of year that my transcription falls off as I find it difficult to transcribe with the long days of the spring/summer time.

I have begun the Devon wills for the Blake family and there are 27 Blake wills in Devon including the will of the husband of Elizabeth Blake (will blogged today) as I discovered looking through them quickly. I am hoping that some of them do link together. However the Blake family in Devon is large and appears in several distinct areas with quite a long history in the area.

I had always thought that they were descendant of the Somerset family but another researcher has mentioned to me their thoughts on the lines in the north being descendant of the Hampshire (Knights Enham) Blake family. It will be interesting if the latest testers for the Blake yDNA study show matches to the Hampshire lines.

Just to keep any readers for Blake material up to date on where I am at.

With regard to the Pincombe Study I have not done a great deal on Pincombe the past six months but do plan to return. I was finding it a mite disturbing having such diverse yDNA results for the Pincombe family in the United States as opposed to the Pincombe family in Devon, England. The Pincombe family in the US tends to belong to the spelling Pinkham although not entirely as descendants of my 2x great grandfather's brother also live in the United States and use the spelling Pincombe. It is always very disturbing to people who have done research for 30 years to discover they do not match the line that they believe themselves to be in.

With no close matches on my paternal yDNA I am not much disturbed by that happening because lines do go extinct as ours will with this generation (my four brothers do not have any sons) and the acquisition of surnames was a rather random process at times.

My other lines which I was working on day by day have gone somewhat by the board as I get used to my Windows 8 computer which I really do like. I need to set up my calendar once again and will do that in the Fall. I was to begin our son in law\s French Canadian lines as well but that too will wait for the Fall. I want to continue extracting the records from Drouin for his lines.

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