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Will of Reverend John Blake, Clerk of Bishop's Lydeard, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/1798/68, probated 18 Apr 1832

John Blake is the testator, Clerk of the parish of Bishop’s Lydeard, Somerset. This is a known family and a collateral line to Admiral Robert Blake.

John was the youngest son of Robert Blake and Francis Poole of Nether Stowey. This is the Robert who was executor for his cousin Hester Blake’s will blogged earlier:


Children of Robert Blake and Francis Poole baptized at Nether Stowey

Robert baptized 27 Dec 1787; buried 12 Jun 1820
Francis St Albyn baptized 12 Feb 1789; buried 9 Jan 1864
Jane married to William Atkinson and buried 9 Jan 1872 (mother of John Blake Atkinson)\
Elizabeth baptized 26 Oct 1791; buried 4 Apr 1864
Ann born circa 1794; buried 4 Oct 1794
John born circa 1798; buried 7 May 1832

Witnesses to the will would be Robert Blake (father of John) and Frances Blake (likely his mother). John’s wife Jane was buried 17 Dec 1826 at Nether Stowey. No children listed.

From the Database of the Clergy of the Church of England: John obtained his SCL at St John’s College Cambridge and his LLB. He was ordained deacon 5 Aug 1820 by Richard Beadon and priest 16 Jun 1821 also by Richard Beadon. He was first curate at Shipham 6 Aug 1820 and then Bishop’s Lydeard 17 Jun 1820 and continued there to his death. He was Perpetual Curate at Cothelstone 31 Mar 1831 to 4 May 1832. He died 4 May 1832 and was buried 16 May 1832 at Nether Stowey (34 years of age).There must be an inaccuracy in this database as the will is shown to be probated 18 Apr 1832.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 12 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1798/68
Testator: The Reverend John Blake, Clerk
Place: Bishop’s Lydeard, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document:21 Jan 1832, probated 18 Apr 1832
Condition: 19th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: The Reverend
[Margin]: John
[Margin]: Blake
[Margin]: 5

1    I John Blake of Bishop’s Lydeard Clerk do declare this
2    to be my last Will and Testament I hereby give to my dear Sisters Frances St Albyn
3    and Jane the Sum of Five hundred pounds each to them their executors admors and
4    assigns but in the way following the said Sum of one thousand pounds of Five hundred
5    pounds each to be vested in the public funds or placed on mortgage or other eligible security
6    in the names of their Trustees hereinafter nominated and appointed and the whole or entire
7    account or proceeds of the same to be paid into the hands of my dear Sisters and their
8    receipts only to be accepted in discharge thereof for and during their natural lives and
9    moreover to be at their disposal by their respective last Will and Testament or other
10    Lawful Justament But in case of no such disposal then the said Sum of one thousand
11    pounds or the respective Sums of Five hundred pounds each or the said Sum of Five hundred
12    pounds of either of them the said Sum or Sums to be the sole and entire property of my
13    Sister Elizabeth her executors administrators and assigns or she being dead to her
14    lawful representative but subject nevertheless to her disposal of the contingent interest
15    in the same which she derives under this my Will all the Rest Residue and Remainder of
16    my property or property I shall or may dye possessed of I hereby give to my said
17    Sister Elizabeth and of whatever nature or kind both Real and personal to her heirs
18    executors administrators and assigns for ever I hereby appoint my said Sister Elizabeth
19    Residuary Legatee and my said Sister – the Reverend William Miller and the Reverend William
20    Merston Trustees to my said Sisters Frances St Albyn and Jane of and concerning their
21    legacies of Five hundred pounds each by this my said last Will and Testament signed sealed and
22    declared so to be this twenty first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand
23    eight hundred and thirty two in the presence of us as witnesses the word “said” in the bottom line of the first sheet having been
24    frst struck out and the bequest to my Servants of ten pounds each Lucy Scriven Lydia
25    Major and Charles Duddridge having been first introduced John Blake
26    Robert Blake Frances Blake Robert Knott
27    On the 18th April 1832 admon with the will annexed of the Goods Chattels and Credits of
28    the Reverend John Blake late of the parish of Bishops Lydeard in the County of Somerset Clerk
29    deceased was granted to Elizabeth Blake Spinster the Sister and residuary legatee named in the said
30    will have been first sworn by Commission duly to administer deo Exor

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