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Will of Robert Blake, yeoman of Halse, Somerset - The National Archives PROB 11/224/141, probated 9 Jul 1652

The testator is likely the Robert Blake married to Elizabeth Blake, widow, of Over Stowey who left her will which was probated 16 May 1656. She mentions her children Robert, John and Grace as does he. Still wondering if this is the descendant of John Blake of Kingston who was a son of Thomas Blake of Wedmore and hence of the Blake Over Stowey line.

This would mean that this line is also collateral to the line of Admiral Robert Blake. However, the land referred to in this will at Wemdon clearly connects to the Blake family at Halse.

I still have not yet determined if the Blake family at Halse is descendant of Thomas Blake of Wedmore. There are five Blake wills at Halse: Elizabeth the relict of Robert Blake (current testator), John who was a brother to Robert Blake (possibly the Robert Blake who left his will in 1639 and the father of the present testator), William Blake who only names a son John in his will of 1594 but mentions his property at Wembdon,  the will of Robert Blake 1639 where he mentions John Blake of Kingston and the will of Agnis Blake 1641 (wife of Robert Blake who left his will in 1639).

What we do know thus far about Thomas Blake at Wedmore was that he was buried there 8 Dec 1580 and that he and his wife Isobel had nine children but only four survived to be mentioned in his will: Thomas , Lucia, John and Elizabeth. Thomas married Alice Tutton 10 Feb 1587 at Wedmore and they had four children but only one son Richard and I have not yet been able to trace him down. Lucia married Robert Jarvis 11 Jan 1586 at Wedmore, John was baptized 230 Jan 1571 and I am suspicious that this is the John who left his will in 1620 who identified his brother as Robert and his children Anne and Anstice (he is married to Katherine). 

William Blake in his will of 1594 identifies his father as Robert and a son William. It is possible that his wife had a posthumous child which would account for the Robert brother of John. But this negates this family as being connected to Thomas Blake of Wedmore which is fine but we continue to be left with the mystery of the Blake family at Halse and the ancestor of Robert Blake father of William leaving his will in 1594.

The mention of property at Stogursey is also interesting. Robert also mentions his sister Edith. The mother of Robert’s father Robert was Edith. Still more thinking to do on this family.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 26 Oct 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/224/141
Testator: Robert Blake, yeoman
Place: Halse, Somerset, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 6 Nov 1651, probated 9 Jul 1652
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: The Will of Robert
[Margin]:  Blake

1    In the name of God Amen I Robert
2    Blake of halse in the County of Somersett yeoman beinge of perfect health of
3    body and mynd (praised be God) doe make and ordaine this my last will and
4    Testament in manner following First I give unto the poore of halse Tenn Shillings
5    to be distributed unto them by my Executrix or Administrators Item I give and
6    bequeath unto Robert my Sonne Fortie pounds And unto John my Sonne Fourescore
7    pounds and unto Grace my daughter Fourscore pounds to be paid unto them
8    eespectively when they shall attaine unto their severall ages of one and Twenty yearesor
9    qithin three moneths after the death or next marriage of Elizabeth my wife w[hi]ch
10    ahall First happen Alsoe I give and bequeath unto Robert my Sonne his Executors
11    administrators or Assignes after the death of my said Wife my Grounds lyeinge
12    in halse aforesaid called Finses (which I purchased of Mr Jones) for and dureinge
13    the Residue of my Terme which shall be then to come therein And my will is That
14    if
    [Page 2]
15    if my wife shall not in the Judgment of my Overseers Sufficiently maintaine all my said
16    children then the portions of money hereby given unto them Shalbe paid into the hands of my
17    overseers for maintenance of my Said Children within Six Moneths after notice thereof
18    given unto her in that purpose Alsoe I give and devise unto my said Sonne John and his
19    heires for ever after the death of my wife all my lands in Stogursey Marsh in the said County of
20    Somersett And if he shall dye before he shall attaine to the age of one and Twenty yeares Then
21    I give and devise the same Lands after my said wife’s death unto my sonne Robert and his heires for
22    ever And my will is that such person or persons as by virtue of this my will Shall jnioy the said
23    lands in Storgursey Marsh Shall pay unto Grace my daughter One hundred pounds of
24    lawfull English money within one yeare next after such tyme as my said sonne John Shall
25    or Should have Accomplished the age of one and Twenty yeares provided allwayes and
26    the same meaning of this my will is That if Elizabeth my wife shall be living at the tyme
27    when the said One hundred pounds Shalle come payable to my Said daughter Grace as is
28    is above limited Then neither of my said Sonnes or other person Shalbe charged with the
29    payment thereof until one yeare after the decease of my said wife And then I will that
30    the said One hundred pounds shall be paid unto my said daughter by such person or
31    persons as shall jnioy the said Lands And my will is further that if my said wife Shall
32    happen to dye before the said one hundred pounds become due then such person or persons
33    as shall jnioy the said Lands shall from and after the death of my said wife paye unto my
34    said daughter Grace Eight pounds yearly portion and every yeare until her said portion shalbecome
35    payable in Such manner and at Such tyme as I have herein before declared And
36    if default shall be made in payment of the said One hundred pounds at the before limited
37    tyme Then I give the said land in Stogursey Marsh unto my said daughter Grace and
38    her heires for ever And my will is that if my said daughter Grace shall happen to dye
39    before She shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares without yssue of her body
40    lawfully begotten That then this last legacie of one hundred pounds payable out of
41    Stogurseye Marsh as aforesaid shall be void to all intents and purposes But the legacies
42    of Fowescore pounds First bequeathed unto her I wholie give unto my Sonne Robert
43    and whereas I am to pay unto my Sister Edith One hundred and Fortie pounds when
44    she shall Accomplish her age of one and Twenty yeares which was given unto her by the
45    will of my Father And Twenty pounds more which I have received for her My will
46    is that if my Executrix or Administrators shall quietly Jnioy the halfenddast of A
47    Tenement in Wemdon in the said County of Somersett called Perry wood until my
48    said Sister shall attaine unto the age aforesaid and shall not in the meane tyme be
49    charged with more than Eight pounds apeace towards the maintenance of my said
50    Sister Then my Executrix or Administrator shall pay unto her Two hundred pounds And
51    assigne over unto her all the Jnterest which I have in the said Tenement in Wembdon
52    soe as my said Sister shall at the same tyme Seale and deliver unto my Executrix or
53    Administrators A sufficient general release of all Accomptes debts and demands
54    whatsoever All the rest of my goods and Chattells whatsoever not formerly bequeathed
55    my debts paid and legacies discharged I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth my wife
56    whome I make Executrix of this my will. But if my said wife shall happen to dye before
57   probate hereof shalbe made Then I make my said sonne John and my daughter Grace
58    Executors hereof And in Case they dye they dye before probate made Then I make my
59    said Sonne Robert Executor And I desire my Overseers hereafter named to take letters
60    of Administration dureinge my said Childrens minorities Lastly I desire my brother in
61    law John Sellocke and my brother Edmund Blake to be Overseers of this my will And
62    doe give them for there Care and paines to be taken in and about the Execution thereof
63    twenty shillings apiece and their necessary Expences In Witnesse whereof I have to
64    every sheete thereof beings three in number Sett my hand and Seale the Sixth day of
65    November in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand six hundred Fiftie and one
66    Robert Blake Seased published and declared to be the last will and Testament of
67    the said Robert Blake in the presence of us Henry Haddridge J Sellacke
68    Edmund Blake Wat: Peirce An Addi[t]ion to my will Alsoe I give unto
69    my daughter Grace Fortie pounds to be paid unto her when the legacie of
70    fowrescore
    [Page 3]
71    fowrescore pounds given her by this my will Shall become due and payable And my
72    will is that if my said daughter shall dye before the Said legacie of Fortie pounds Shalbe
73    com due unto her then the some shall remaine unto my sonne John if he be lievinge if not
74    unto my sonne Robert And whereas my father by his will gave unto my
75    and bedstead performed and my mother gave the same unto my Sister Edith my will
76   is that Tenne pounds shalbe paid unto my said Sister in consideration thereof
77    when she shall Accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares She then Seallinge
78    a personal release unto my Executor In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my
79    hand Robert Blake Witnesses Ja Sellacke Wal: Pearse Corye Comer
80    This will was proved at London before the Right Worshipfull Nathaniell Grey
81    Knight doctor of Lawes and Master or Keeper of the prerogative Court lawfully
82    constituted the ninth day of July in the yeare of our Lord God One Thousand Six
83    hundred Fiftie two by the Oath of Elizabeth Blake the Relict of the said deceased
84    and Sole Executrix named in the said Will To whome was Committed Administration
85    of all and Singular the goods Chattell and debts of the said deceased She beinge
86    first legallie Sworne (by Commission) well and truly to Administer the same.

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