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Will of Edward Blake - The National Archives PROB 11/148/64, probated 12 Jan 1626

Edward Blake, the testator, does not give his place of residence but does request to be buried in the Churchyard of the parish Church at Lu[d]gershall which is in Wiltshire so I have placed his will in Wiltshire. However, his property is at Andover which, as always, catches my eye as my Blake line was at Andover and environs. Is this Edward Blake grandson of Robert Blake (brother to Nicholas Blake who left his will in 1547 at [Knights] Enham? He would be quite elderly as his birth was estimated to be circa mid 1540s making him circa 85 years old. At this point he has son Edmont and daughters Margaret and Katterne mentioned in the will and the son of Edmont Nicholas and daughter Elizabeth. His daughter in law Elizabeth is perhaps the wife of Edmont but this isn’t mentioned. Nicholas appears to be old enough to inherit property so 21.

Ludgershall is 8 miles WNW of Andover. The wills that I have coming from the Hampshire Record Office may help to understand this will somewhat better as they are dealing with the Blake family at Andover.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 26 Nov 2013
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/148/64
Testator: Edward Blake
Place: England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 4 May 1625, probated 12 Jan 1626
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: T[estament] Edwardi
[Margin]: Blake

1    In the Name of God Amen this is my will and testament made
2    the fourth daie of May, 1625 Item I bequeath my soule into the hand of God and his sonne
3    Jesus Christ which I hope to be my savior and my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of
4    Lurg[er]shall Item I give to my daughter Margaret lx pounds Item I give to my daughter Katte-
5    rne lxxx pounds Item I doe give to my sonne Edmont Blake his sonne Nicholas Blake all my
6    lands in Andever Item I doe give to his daughter Elizabeth xl pounds Item I give to his daughter
7    Marie x pounds Item I give to the church of Lurgeshall 5 shillings and all the rest of my goods moveable and
8    unmoveable I doe appoint my daughter in lawe Elizabeth Blake to be my sole executor of this
9    my last will and testament and the executor to have fell twelve monethes ende to paie those lega-
10    sies and I doe appoint to be my overseers William Maten of Tedworth and Thomas Andres
11    the elder of Collingborne Signed sealed and deliv[er]ed in the presence of us John Noyes his
12    marke Nicholas Gurton

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