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Will of John Blake, yeoman, Charleton, Andover, Hampshire - Hampshire Record Office 1625A-015, probated 2 May 1625

The present testator John Blake of Charleton is a brother to Edward Blake of Charleton who was buried at Andover in 1653. These two are children of Nicholas Blake and Dorothy Blake. With Nicholas having been a son of John Blake the Younger and Dorothy a daughter of John Blake the Elder. Both of these Johns were sons of Robert Blake brother to Nicholas Blake (left his will in 1547 at Enham and Robert left his will in 1542 also at Enham). Nicholas died young (his will is to come) and was buried 1 Mar 1586 at Andover. His widow remarried to Thomas Noyes. The children of Nicholas and Dorothy were Marye, John and Edward and the children of Thomas Noyes and Dorothy were Peter, Thomas, Ann and Dorothy.

This is the Robert Blake line as I tend to refer to it. By far the larger of the two lines coming down from Nicholas as Robert had six sons and Nicholas had two sons and two daughters.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 4 Feb 2014
Source: Hampshire Record Office, 1625A-015
Testator: John Blake, yeoman
Place: Charleton, Andover, Hampshire, England
Type of Record: Will
Date of document: 8 Jun 1624, probated 2 May 1625
Condition: 17th century English, legible copy

[Margin]: 1625A-015

1    In the name of god Amen The eighteth day of June in the yere of our Lord god 1624 and in ye yeres of the Raigne of o[u]r most gratious sov[er]aigne
2    Lord king James of England Frannce and Ireland the Two and Twenteth and of Scotland the seaven and Fifteth defender of ye faith etc I
3    John Blake of Charleton in ye p[ar]ishe of Andever in the countie of South[amp]t[on] yeoman beinge sicke of bodie but god be thanked of good and p[er]fit memorie
4    doe make my last will and Testam[en]t  in manner and forme followeinge First I commend my soule into the handes of my blessed savior and Redemer
5    Jesus Christ hopinge throwe his death and passion to have a ioyfull resurrexition when all mankind shall come to ijudment before his glorious ma[jes]tie
6    And my bodie I commend to the earth from whence it came It[e]m I give to the p[ar]ishe church of Andever x s It[em] I give to the poore ofe
7    Charleton x s It[em] I give unto my daughter Dorothy Blake Three skore poundes of lawfull English monie It[em] I give unto my daughter
8    Ann Blake Three skore poundes of English monie It[em] I give unto my daughter Rebecca Three skore poundes of English
9    monie Provided allwayes that my wiffe shall have the use and occupa[t]ion and p[ro]fitt of all these legaces which I have given my children until
10    they come to the lawfull age of xxi tie yeres or to be married and shee to brede and bringe upp my children well as shee ought to doe And at
11    the age aforesayd or at thire dayes of marriage to deliver them thire por[t]ions which shall first happen And yf anie of my children shall happen
12    to die before the day of marriage or the age of xxi tie yeres that her por[t]ion shall be equallie devided to those other of
13    my children that shall remayne alive And yf it shall happen that two of my children die before the day of marriage or
14    the age of xxi tie yeres Then I will their portions remayne to her that is then alive And yf all my children happen to die
15    before they be married or come to the age of xxi tie yeres then I will that all their legaces shall remayne unto my wife And yf my wife
16    happen to die before my children be married or come to the age of xxi tie yeres Then I will that my ov[er]seers shall see
17    my children brought upp and shall receave the dispose their legaces to their use and bringing upp It[em] I give unto my daughters Ann
18    and Rebecca each of them a brass pot at the decease of my wife All the rest of my goods moveable and unmoveable I give and
19    bequeath unto Joan my wife whome I make my whole executrix of this my last will and Testam[en]t It[em] I will that yf my wife doe
20    marrie That then he that shall marrie with her shall first enter into sufficient bondes to my ov[er]seers to brede my children
21    and if he will not enter into bond then the overseers shall have the childrens por[t]ion to do as the fathers will is
22    as they ought and to pay them their legaces according to my will before expressed And I doe also intreat my loving brethren
23    Edward Blake of Charleton and Peter Noyes of Penton Grafton to be ov[er]seers of this my last will and Testam[en]t and to be aiding
24    and assisting to my executrix in the p[er]formance and execution thereof And my desire will and meaning is that yf at anie time
25    hereafter anie scruple ambiguitie or dout shall happen to arise about anie matter or thing touching this my will and
26    Testam[en]t that my ov[er]seers shall deside and determine the same and for their paynes to be taken herein I give unto either of
27    my ov[er]seers iij s iiij d In witness whereof I have unto this my will sett my hand seale the day and yeres above men[t]ioned
28    John Blake
29    Sealed and subscribed in ye p[re]sence of Thomas Whes Jun[ior]
30    Sereck Scullard
31    Probatum fuit humoi test[ament]um suprascriptum in
32    _______________________________________________________
33    ________ secondo die Maij A[nn]o d[omi]ni 1625
34    bonor etc _______ testamentum ________________
35    Joh[ann]e Blake vid Relict  ___________________
36    ____ etc de bene etc iurat _____________________
37    Joh[ann]e vid Exec
38    obt ipa vig Edw Blake
39    ____ irietry xls y coman
    [Page 2]
40    A True Inventory of all the goods and chattels of
41    John Blake of Charleton in the parish of Andever
43    died seased of taken the xxi day of April 1625
44    by Sirack Scullard and John James and Edward Blake
45    and John Beard
46    Imprimis in the holle a table borde and forme Joyne shoules and one chayre and 2 stoles and one Coubert and one Cradell    xvj s
47    Item the Bookes and 6 peces of pewter and one warming pan and one candlestick and 9 sacers and one morter and one stole and one bord clothe    xxvj s iiij d
48    Item to augers and one fender an 2 pot hangers and one pearre of pot hockes and one tostting f[o]rc and one fleshocke and one fiere pan and one gierder and one payre of belowes And nine fliches of Backen    iiij li vj s
49    Item in the Chichin 4 kettels twoe postnets and one stilles and one dripen pan and one friing pan and 2 spitts and one basten ladell and 2 tobb and one chopen knife and 4 Re_bers and one _nerne and one mathock and 2 bars and one hachat and one Bile and one bilhock and 5 barales and one knife and one podering toub and one botter charne and a Dozen of Dishes with other old things    iiij li
50    Item in the chamber one fether bed and 3 flockebeds six coverlits 3 payre of blankets and 4 pellows and six paire of sheets and 4 bousters iii beddsteds and 2 chists and 3 coffers and 2 boxes and one payre of stockcares and 3 pillowtys and one chaier and one sward and a dagger    xl li
51    Item A dosen of pewter and 2 candilstickes and one bason and one chamber pot and 2 peeces of cloth    iij li
52    Item 3 busheles of wheat and 3 quarters of barly and 2 quarters of moult and one painting reets and x sacks and one peare and one bushel    vj li iij s
53    Item 3 horses one harsnet and harness and woodropes and one courtine and one Rowber and 2 carts and one plow and a payre of harraws    xiij li
54    Item vij boards and 2 ladders and a lade piece with other ould things    xx s
55    Item of wheat 12 buseles and of barly viij quarters    xliiij s
56    Item x load of great woods and 2 load of smale woode and vij ton of timber  and a horsframe and one grinding [s]tone    x li
57    Item 4 kine 3 boulhaks vj hogs    xij li
58    Item six skore of shepe    xxx li
59    Item of wheat upon the ground and of faches and of barly and of woots and of pearson twoeskore and to ackers    lxiij li
60    Item his waring apparel    v li
61    The some is eight skore pound and seventeen pound and xiiij s viij d   

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