Monday, October 27, 2014

Brick Wall number 9

And my title will vary because my blog was locked up about five years ago when it was checked out for being spam because of a repeating title! I am spending about an hour a day on my research once again and want to build that back up to 4 or 5 hours per day but will not go back to 8 to 10 or 12 hours per day.

Brick Wall number 9

Wife of John Kent

This particular lady continues within that set of Somerset families that I have. I haven't been to Somerset yet and I suspect that is part of the reason that I have a couple of problems there. The record office at Taunton is said to be excellent and I look forward to having a look one of these days.

John Kent and his wife Elizabeth were the parents of Grace Kent who married Robert Siderfin (5 Feb 1752 at Selworthy) one of the sons of Augustine Siderfin and his wife Mary Davies (Brick Wall Number 10). I have been through the Selworthy Parish Registers having a look because Grace was baptized there (25 Apr 1731). However her elder brother John was baptized at Porlock (15 Feb 1730) so I have also been through the Porlock Parish Registers to find a marriage for John Kent (baptized 28 Jan 1708 Porlock) and Elizabeth (unknown). No luck thus far and there are a few Kent families there. There is an Elizabeth Kent wife of John buried at Porlock 4 Oct 1739.

For the record it is 2 miles from Selworthy to Porlock, it is three miles from Luccombe (another Kent place) to Porlock, it is 4 miles from Wootton Courtenay to Porlock. These are not great distances in terms of movement place to place.

In this early time frame how far would they go to marry? I am confident that John Kent is the son of John Kent and Joan Beague who married 15 Dec 1694 at Luccombe and their children were all baptized at Porlock. This family tended to be blacksmiths.

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