Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Emails concerning the Blake family

Lately I have received half of a dozen emails from people asking me about different lines of the Blake family in the British Isles. Because I am now into newsletter mode and working on the BMBs for Cornwall I am probably not going to respond until after mid April. Apologies on that and I will try to send out this short mention in an email to the senders as well.

I am always looking for people interested in doing particular sections of Blake and I have no intention of taking your work and claiming it as my own. I intend to put my work up on Family Search along with all the data that I have collected as I do each tree. I should do that with the Joseph Blake branch at Upper Clatford and will look into doing that sooner rather than later so that I do the same as I develop trees. If anyone knows that there is an error in any of the trees I would love to hear that as well since I can correct it if you send me the relevant sources to make the changes.

I think of this entire process as my contribution to the Blake family. I will be 70 this year and this is my hobby for which I do not need any credit personally. I am quite happy to share the limelight with hundreds or thousands of other Blakes. If each of us put together what we know and gradually build  a set of trees on Family Search. I also use My Heritage and Ancestry and Find My Past and potentially could put trees on any of these sites or match up with existing trees.

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