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Blake Newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 3

Blake Newsletter
Table of Contents

1.    Blake family at Bacton, Suffolk
2.    Galway Blake family
3.    Cornwall Blake Family
4.    Blake yDNA study

Blake family at Bacton, Suffolk
I was sent a rather interesting five page document on the Blake family at Bacton, Suffolk, England which had been prepared by a researcher for another member of a society to which I belong. She decided to pass it on to me for my use. I entered all the material into Legacy checking against Family Search records, Find My Past and Ancestry since I do not live in Suffolk and could not check the Record Office. I did check the information online at the Record Office. Once completed I extracted a text file of the descendants of the furtherest back Blake member and put that into my blog noting that an earlier research had done the work but unable to name the earlier researcher:

Galway Blake Family
I completed the project of extracting all the information from Michael Joseph Blake’s two volume set on the Blake Family of Ireland from 1300 to 1600 and 1600 to 1900. His genealogical tabulated information was extensive and he also included many many early documents that he held the originals plus he also went into the Court House in Dublin and extracted information as needed. What a most fortunate publication for the Blake family in Ireland as the Dublin Fire of 1922 destroyed many of the early records of Ireland. I have now extracted the census information for the Blake families in Ireland and will also begin to extract the CMB information that has now come online. Eventually I plan to produce a gedcom which I will put up on WorldConnect.

Cornwall Blake Family
The work on the Cornwall Blake family continues and I am working on the parishes that are 25 miles from Bodmin. When these are complete there will just be a couple of dozen parishes left in Cornwall with Blake records. I am about one third of the way through those parishes. I am able to see Blake families for a number of generations emerging as I extract the material. I want to do the census for all Blakes in Cornwall and work that into the parish registers before I actually publish any of the information so suspect it will be the end of the year or into next year before that happens.
Blake yDNA Study
There are 94 members although only 52 members have yDNA results for the Blake yDNA study at FT DNA. Other members have joined with their Family Finder results and some of these members do have matches in Family Finder. This is a way in which women with the Blake surname can participate in the study if they are unable to find a Blake in their line to test. Most members of the study trace their Blake ancestry back to the British Isles but there are three members who trace their lines back to Germany. More members in the study are most welcome and absolutely essential to learn more about the founding lines of the Blake family

Elizabeth Kipp,
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