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Blake Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1 2016

Blake Newsletter Volume 5 Issue 1 2016
Table of Contents 
1.   Delayed issue

2.   Galway Blake family 
3.   Blake one name study 
4.   Cornwall Blake family 
5.   Family Finder Results

1 Delayed Issue
The busyness of life has resulted in my actually forgetting to post this issue of the Blake Newsletter. Happy New Year to all readers albeit a somewhat delayed good wish. Not being prone to having New Years Resolutions I should perhaps consider having the newsletter always be on time as one perhaps. This Volume #5 will continue on as the earlier 4 volumes with just the two pages unless I receive items to put in.

2 Galway Blake Family
After the first of April I shall return once again to working on the Galway Blake Family. A bout of illness through November and December made me rethink my priorities and I decided I simply had to draw my own family history together and publish books on myself, my parents, my grandparents, etc. That way all my information would be gathered together in one place along with all the pictures that I have from these earlier generations. In my own case I felt that descendants of my parents reading through my notes is unlikely and so my history was written of nearly 900 pages thus far including many many pictures. I am still in that process which is why it will be the first of April before I return to active one name study research.

3 Blake one name study
No new information on the Blake one name study other than new members in the DNA study most of whom are testing Family Finder. Personally I think this is the way ahead in the future for family research although the yDNA test for the male line will always be the most important DNA test to do.

4 Cornwall Blake family
The Cornwall Blake family continues to be a question mark in my mind. I can not decide if I should publish what I have found or simply store it along with the rest of the one name study material. No one has tested their yDNA that can trace their Blake line back to Cornwall. 

5 Family Finder Results
I continue working on a method to display Family Finder results. Only a sufficient number of individuals in my own line have tested Family Finder so that such a display at the moment would not be helpful to the project. 

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