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Will of Arthur Garland Blake, Esquire in the Civil Service of the Honorable the East India Company of Madras, East Indies - The National Archives PROB 11/1568, probated 3 Apr 1815

Arthur Garland Blake, the testator, was baptized 16 Aug 1779 at St Marylebone son of Arthur and Anne Susanah (Garland) Blake and he died 30 Nov 1813 in India. Arthur Blake (Esquire) married Anne Susannah Garland at St George the Martyr, Southwark, Surrey 11 Feb 1775 (Ancestry).

Children baptized by Arthur and Anne Susannah (Garland) Blake:

Arthur Garland Blake baptized 16 Aug 1779 at St Marylebone
Edward Parker Blake baptized 9 Aug 1782 at St  Marylebone

There is a Bill listed at the National Archives: Durnford v Bunbury C12/690/6:

[C1799 D13].

Short title: Durnford v Bunbury.

Document type: bill only.

Plaintiffs: Andrew Montague Isaac Durnford and wife.

Defendants: Henry [Bromley] Lord Montfort, Sir Charles Bunbury, Robert Ladbrooke, William Mainning, John Proctor Anderdon, Sir Patrick Blake, James Henry Blake, Arabella Blake, Arthur Blake, Arthur Garland Blake, Edward Blake, Thomas Hodges and wife, Marianne [Bromley] Lady Montfort, Henry Bromley, Peggy Shea, Margaret Shea, Henrietta Shea, Mark Anthony Blake, George Blake, Charlotte Ritta, James Ritta, Robert Brookes, Sarah Cocksedge, Stair Stewart and John Basher.

The Blake members listed in this bill are likely interesting and include: Sir Patrick Blake, James Henry Blake, Arabella Blake, Arthur Blake, Arthur Garland Blake, Edward Blake, Mark Anthony Blake, and George Blake. Edward Blake is a brother to Arthur Garland Blake and their father was Arthur Blake (Arthur being a son of Andrew Blake and Marcella French).

Sir James Henry Blake (3rd Baronet) was the son of Sir Patrick Blake (1st Baronet) and Annabella Bunbury. He was the brother of Sir Patrick Blake and his wife Annabella Blake.

Sir Patrick Blake was married to Annabella Bunbury and father of Sir Patrick Blake, Sir James Henry Blake and Annabella Blake. His siblings were Christopher Blake (died in 1780), Edward Blake (died in 1763), Frances Barbara Blake, Mary Anne Blake and Arthur Blake. Frances Barbara Blake married Thomas Hodges. Marianne, Lady Montfort and married to Thomas Bromley is the same Mary Anne Blake. Her son was Henry Bromley, 3rd Baron Montfort.

The father of Sir Patrick Blake, Christopher Blake, Edward Blake, Arthur Blake, Frances Barbara Blake and Mary Anne Blake was Andrew Blake and he was married to Marcella French.

This is the Galway Blake family. Andrew is a 9th great grandson of Richard Caddell alias Blake.

There is a lot of information on these families online.

A write up of Arthur Garland Blake appears ina webpage online:

Arthur Garland Blake was on the Civil Service of East India Company and he went to Cambridge Adm. pens. (age 17) at CAIUS, 1796. S. and h. of Arthur, of Langham, Suffolk. School, Charterhouse. Scholar, 1796-8. Entered the E.I.C. Service. Assistant in the Public Department at Colombo, 1799; to the Collector at Guntoor, 1800; under the Collector at Chicacole, 1802. Registrar to the Judge of the Zillar of Guntoor, 1803; to the Judge of the Provincial Court, Northern Division, 1806. Assistant Judge at Masulipatam, and Collector of Rajahmundry, 1812. Died Nov. 30, 1812, at Rajahmundry. (Venn, II. 130; Madras Civil Servants; G. Mag., 1813, I.)

Neither Arthur nor his brother Edward appear to have any descendants.

The will of their mother Anne Susannah (Garland) Blake was probated  at Surrey in 1816 and written the 4 Feb 1809. I will transcribe this will and blog it following the will of Edward Blake published on the 4th of February 2017.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 2 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1568
Name of testator: Arthur Garland Blake
Place: in the Civil Service of the Honorable the East India Company of Madras, East Indies
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 22 Jun 1813, probated 3 Apr 1815

[In margin] Arthur Garland Blake
[Top] In the Supreme Court of Judicature of Madras

1    Be it known to all Men that
2    on the twenty second day of June Anno domini 1813 the two
3    several testamentary paper writings of Arthur Garland
4    Blake Esquire in the Civil Service of the honorable the East
5    India Company under their precidency of Fort Saint George
6    deceased (two Copies of which are hereunto annexed) were
7    exhibited and proved before this court and administration of
8    all and singular the Goods Chattels and Credits to the deceased in
9    any wise and belonging was and is hereby committed to Edward
10    Parker Blake Esquire entitled to act as Executor under the said
11    Testamentary paper writings being first sworn well and truly to
12    administer the same etc pay the lawful debts of the said
13    deceased and the Legacies in the said testamentary paper
14    writings contained as far as the Goods Chattels and Credits of
15    the said deceased shall extend and the Law requires and also to
16    exhibit into the same court a true and perfect Inventory of all and
17    singular the said Goods Chattels and Credits and also a just
18    account of all the Effects of the said deceased when he shall
19    be thereto lawfully required Given under the Seal of the
20    said Court at Madras aforesaid the twenty fifty day of June
21    1813 John Shaw Depy Regster
22    I Arthur Garland Blake
23    of the honorable East India Company’s Civil Service do hereby
24    set aside all and every the Will Codicil or other Testamentary
25    writing executed by me and do declare my Brother Edward Parker
26    Blake of the honorable East India Company’s Civil Service to
27    be the sole Executor of my property as well real and hereditary
28    as personal I therefore will and bequeath to him the whole of
29    my property of whatever nature it may be written in
30    Masulipatam this twenty fourth day of July in the year of our
31    Lord one thousand eight hundred and five Arthur G Blake
32    Witnesses hereunto W G Pearse, Thos Alexr Oakes, Hugh Spotteswood
33    I Arthur Garland Blake do confirm this testamentary
34    writing this twentieth day of October in the Year of our Lord
35    one thousand eight hundred and ten requesting at the same time
36    of my dear Brother Edward Parker Blake to make over to my
37    Brother the Interest arising from my share of our Charge on Sir
38    Patrick Blake Baronet West India property for his sole use and
39    benefit during his life Arthur G Blake
40    Examined Compared and carefully collated with the original
41    Testamentary paper writings proved in the Supreme Court of
42    Judicature at Madras and attested to be true copies John Shaw
43    Depy Regr
44    On the 3rd April 1815 admon with Will and Codicil annexed of the Goods of Arthur Garland
45    Blake late of the honorable East India Companies Civil Service on
46    the Madras Establishment at Rajah Mund__ in the East Indies Esquire
47    deceased was granted to Anne Susanah Blake one of the lawful
48    attornies of Edward Park Blake the sole Exor according to the
49    tenor of the said Will and Codicil for the use and benefit of the said
50    Edward Parker Blake now residing at Guntoor in the East Indies being
51    first sworn duly to admr

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