Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Post NAFTA - another political post

Are we about to enter a Post-NAFTA era?

Mind you I did not have a problem with NAFTA when it was signed. I could see bonuses for everyone both sides of the borders. Those bonuses did happen and continue to happen; but we (Canada) also lost factory jobs; Brantford had 40% unemployment and it wasn't the only city thus affected by the signing of NAFTA.

Advice I would give to our prime minister - match tariff with tariff and protect the Farm Management system (we can use the money to support the Unemployment Insurance System). If we do go into a Post-NAFTA era then so be it. But I am against dismantling the Farm Management system. The USA just want to send their over production in dairy to us but we already have enough for our consumption (we have quotas so no overproduction although we do buy six times as much dairy product from the United States as we sell to them). Wisconsin cheese is great actually although I like our own as well. We actually let in 10% import of dairy; the USA only permits 3% import of dairy which includes our tiny amount. Not sure what we sell to the USA maybe yoghurt, ice cream??

We are a well balanced set of trading partners. There was an 8.6 billion surplus of imports from the USA to Canada (goods and services) last year. But President Trump doesn't like Canada he is making that more and more obvious.

Post-NAFTA we would have hydroponic vegetables in the winter - that would be exciting. We would not have to listen to all this discussion on NAFTA anymore. If President Trump doesn't want to trade with us then so be it. We move on. There are lots of people eager to jump in and start up businesses to replace what we import. Then there is marijuana coming in. Doesn't interest me personally but it is a great tax grab for the government - more money to help Canada through the Post-NAFTA period if we are going to have one!

I love cabbage salad and huge tariffs on vegetables in the winter would mean that I could make cabbage salad all the time (my family do like their fresh vegetables). We store vegetables here in Canada for winter consumption! Then there would be lots of cooked carrots and onions another favourite of mine. And always potatoes.

I said it before and I again say it. What does President Trump dislike about Canada? We could just go our own way; get the pipeline built and continue to diversify our trading partners. We will always be good neighbours and friends to our American neighbours. There will be a new President in two or six years.

I remember the talk around the room when I was a child and my English born grandparents were still alive. Prime Minister Chamberlain was so happy when he brought back the paper signed by Adolf Hitler. A sobering thought went through my mind as I watched the past days events with North Korea. Peace in our time would be wonderful that is true and one prays being the high church Anglican that I am. I expect there are a lot of prayers being said these days especially in Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

Great News, Canada, the United States and Mexico will co-host the 2026 World Cup. The nicest part aside from the thrill of our being part of the World Cup is by 2026 there will be a brand new President in the White House and God willing, he/she will like Canada. God, in your Mercy, I do thank you. 

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