Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cornwall Blake family in the 1841 census

Working away on the 1841 census and have complete the first 40 families on Find My Past. I was not able to place nine of these entries into my family tree file. But the 1841 is the most difficult as place of birth is not given nor is any relationship stated. Find My Past has 409 results with 20 to a page. Fortunately entire families can be discovered with just one entry which lets me skip by them later.

Still mulling around how I will display the results of bringing together all of this information. The Blake family is large in Cornwall and already I can see that there is a distinct Blake family in Cornwall and that the Devon Blake family has crossed into Cornwall through the years. Likely the Cornwall Blake family has moved the other way into other parts of England and the census will show that. This may still work moving across the counties towards Hampshire picking up Gloucestershire as I move because there was a lot of movement between Wiltshire/Somerset/Gloucestershire as well.

I also want to continue working on the Irish Blake family to get the census done for the Blake family there as well. But gradually I can see that there are some things that I will accomplish in the next five years that I will continue with the Blake one name study and some things that I will not touch. Interesting emails from people though on the Blake family.

I think that the only way to really understand the Blake family is with yDNA testing and family finder. With 106 people in the Blake project it is interesting to see how some of the areas are coming together. As more work is done on the Deep Ancestry of the various haplogroups that too will let us better understand Blake I rather think.

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