Thursday, August 28, 2014

August 2014

August 2014 has been a very busy month for me with very little transcription done of the Blake wills. As always it is a busy gardening time and we uprooted a crab apple tree that we have wanted to take out for a few years. It is always hard for me to remove a tree - they live a long time and in their lifetime see so very much. This tree doesn't have quite such a long history only 35 years but still it was sad watching it come down. Helping to be the remover of its being. I simply love trees. They are one of the many gifts God gave to us. We still have two large trees and they will prosper from the loss of this one using up the ground water. In all we have removed six trees over time from our property. Six trees that we actually put in. But now we have another three trees behind us which the City planted and they are spreading out and covering the end of our property (we back on a main road). Our yard is becoming quite dark by mid afternoon with all the tree cover around us on both sides so this one little crab apple tree will not be missed. I have made jelly and juice from the fruit of that crab apple tree and it was the sweetest crab apple product I ever tasted. The bees likely crossed the apple tree next door with the crab apple so that the fruit was just a little bigger and sweeter than it would have been.

But I digress. This next week will be my week to return to Cornwall trees and hopefully I will manage to get something up this time. It will take me a day or so to get back into momentum with this Blake line. My find yesterday in the Pipe Rolls makes my look back in Cornwall ever the more interesting because this too is an old Blake line. Are they all descendant of the le Blak family of Rouen, Normandy? Did they choose the name spontaneously because of the actual word Blak which has the meaning of fair from the French Gaelic or dark from the Old English. My own line was somewhat fair as my grandfather had grey/blue eyes and he used to comment that his sisters were fair haired and blue eyed. I am the only one of my siblings with a blue eye ring but my eyes would be called hazel rather than green or gray, there is some brown in my eyes.

My other grandfather also had grey eyes but the hair colouring was definitely quite dark. Learning lately from Britains DNA that the predominant eye colour in the British Isles is blue was something I didn't know before. Tempting to test my brother for blue eye colour and I may do that in a bit. Testing at two or three different companies is quite interesting (I have tested our yDNA at FT DNA, National Genographic and Britains DNA; our mtDNA at FT DNA, National Genographic, Britains DNA and Sorenson and our atDNA at FT DNA, National Genographic, Britains DNA and hopefully we will be able to test at Ancestry through my cousin. That is to come and I am quite excited as ancestry has a huge database. Once they open their testing to Canada I shall get my brother to test there as well. We have an amazing number of matches with people in the USA but only one ancestral line here in the Western Hempshere on our direct line - my mother, her father and his mother. I can on occasion be helpful to people looking for their ancestral location when they match me on particular lines where I have traced down all the children back in the 1700s.

Back to the New Brunswick 1921 census and I will complete that tomorrow. I want to then group the families into another couple of blogs and see what I have learned about the descendants of Captain John Blake. I then need to have a look at the OPRs for Scotland where this family is said to be ancestral to and investigate the couple of baptisms there in the right time frame. It would not be that unusual for descendants of the Blake family of Somerset to disappear into Scotland after the Glorious Restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England. They would certainly not have been very favoured given the role they played during the days of Cromwell.

This month has flown by quickly but the long dark days of winter will soon give me more time to work on my genealogy. I have promised to give a talk on one name studies after Christmas to the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. This will be the very last one as I really do not want to take the time to work on these talks. It is valuable time to my studies. But it is also nice to explain the idea of one name studies and it does encourage me to look at the larger picture of what I am doing and even make changes in my approach on occasion.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

City of Ottawa Archives - BIFHSGO section

My husband had a meeting at the City of Ottawa Archives today so I tagged along to have a look at the BIFHSGO and OGS collections of British material.

I never noticed the Pipe Rolls for Hampshire in their library before so spent my entire time with those particular items and interestingly enough all the Pipe Rolls for Winchester Bishopric have been digitized at the Hampshire Record Office in Winchester from 1208 to 1710. If I ever get to Winchester I shall spend some time with that set of documents.

The Pipe Roll of the Bishopric of Winchester 1301 - 2 (Hampshire Record Series Volume 14) (ISBN: 1859751083 / 1-85975-108-3)

The Pipe Roll of the Bishopric of Winchester 1409-10
Mark Page (editor)
Published by Hampshire County Council, Winchester, first edition, "Hampshire Record" series, volume XVI, 1999
ISBN 10: 1859752845 / ISBN 13: 9781859752845

Both of these books are held by the BIFHSGO library at the City of Ottawa Archives.

There has been a little discussion on the origin of the Blake Surname recently with another member of the Guild. I have steered away from Niger as having been a possible earlier spelling of Blake and the Pipe Rolls for 1301-2 had a rather interesting entry at Wargrave. In the paragraph under Prequisities there is a Hamo Niger listed and a John Blak listed. Found it rather interesting and the Pipe Rolls gives the modern name for Niger as Black. I have pretty much thought that way from the time that I took this study up and this does help me along that path.

I am though starting to rethink my thought that Blake might be a characteristic surname. Not leaving it entirely but giving it more thought. In 1301 there were already seven different men with the Blak/le Blak surname listed in the Bishopric of Winchester Pipe Rolls. In 1274 there was a Richard le Blak at Rouen, Normandy requesting permission to set up a market in England. Alice la Blak is a daughter of Richard at Wargrave Berkshire. Is John a son of Richard? Is Laurence a son of Richard?  Is Hamo a son of Richard/brother of Richard? Walter is a son of Hamo. Is William a son of Richard?

However, we still do have the several different haplogroups for Blake in the yDNA study and they are quite different including several different I haplogroups and several different R haplogroups both R1a and R1b.

Place                                Surname    Forename       Date
Wargrave                        Blak          John              1301-2
Havant                             Blak         Laurence       1301-2
Wargrave                         Blak, la    Alice              1301-2  (daughter of Richard le Blak)
Wargrave                         Blak, le    Richard          1301-2
Merdon                            Blak, le    Thomas          1301-2
Waltham St Lawrence     Blak          Hamo             1301-2
Waltham St Lawrence     Blak          Walter            1301-2 (son of Hamo Blak)
Staplegrove                     Blake, le    William         1301-2

Bishops Sutton               Blake          Emma            1409-10
Holway                          Blake           John               1409-10
Soke                               Blake          William          1409-10

Wargrave is a hundred in Berkshire at this time period and includes the parishes of Waltham St Lawrence, Warfield and Wargrave. It is 35 miles NE of Andover just to place it into the context of the Blake family at Andover.

Havant is near Portsmouth and so 33 miles SE of Andover.

Merdon included the present parish of Hursley. Hursley is slightly south west of Winchester and 14 miles SSE of Andover.

Staplegrove remains somewhat of a mystery as one tends to think of Somersetshire with this village name.

Bishops Sutton is to the east of Winchester and 18 miles ESE of Andover.

Holway is again a Somersetshire name.

Soke is a mystery.

Nevertheless, exciting finding so many different Blak/le Blak/Blake names in 1301-2 in Hampshire.

Looking at the Calender of Patent Rolls in this time period:

1305 3 20 Westminster le Blake Henry Dorsetshire
1305 3 20 Westminster le Blak Robert Dorsetshire
1315 7 12 Westminster le Blake John Berkshire
1323 7 24 Faxfleet le Blak Simon Hampshire
1340 9 18 Andover le Blake John Berkshire
1340 9 18 Andover le Blake Roger Berkshire
1343 5 16 Westminster Blake Robert Hampshire
1352 11 26 Westminster la Blake Alice Hampshire
1352 11 26 Westminster le Blake Walter Hampshire
1352 11 26 Westminster le Blake Henry Hampshire
1355 11 12 Woodstock Blake Adam Wiltshire
1357 10 21 Westminster Blake Robert Wiltshire
1365 10 18 Westminster Blake Robert Wiltshire 
1386 1 28 Westminster Blake John Wiltshire
1386 2 12 Westminster Blake Robert Wiltshire
1389 9 15 Clarendon Manor Blake John Hampshire

1392 7 20 Windsor Blake Thomas Hampshire
1394 2 12 Westminster Blake John Hampshire
1402 10 13 Westminster Blake Andrew Hampshire
1405 5 22 Westminster Blake John Hampshire
1421 4 24 Westminster Blake John Hampshire
1452 6 16 Westminster Blake George Hampshire

The Blake Pedigree Chart at the Swindon and Wiltshire Record Office has the son of Richard Blague/Blaake as  Henry Blague / Blaake married to Elizabeth Dorrant (daughter of Edward Dorrant).  The only time frame at the beginning of the chart is the notation that events occurred during the reigns of Edward I and Edward II (1272-1307 and 1307-1327). The deeding of a property in Essex also mentioned took place in 1302. However it wasn't Richard Blague/Blaake who deeded that property it was Roger le Blake of Madebrook, Herefordshire. A small error in reality but it does leave one to wonder if Roger and Richard were related and the story simply went a bit astray through the years! There is a Roger Blake in Berkshire in 1340 mentioned in the Calendar of Patent Rolls.

I keep remembering that the Roman Legion could move from Devon to London in just over a day's forced march so what could a man on horseback do? The fields of England could be and likely were easily traversed on horseback.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Census 1891-1921 for Blake in New Brunswick

You might wonder why I am not consistent in the naming of these blogs for the Blake census in New Brunswick. A few years back my blog was put into a remedial state whilst it was checked to make sure it was a human running it. I had titles that were too similar so now I am careful to vary the title that I use for similar blogs! I couldn't access my blog for about one week. Mind you it is good to know that such tools are used against spam!

Today we are missing a barbeque were were going to attend because I can not hear. Normally I can but I want to have my hearing tested and hence I must have any wax removed from my ears and I didn't realize when I started to put the drops in that I would end up being almost stone deaf. It is gradually clearing but today I can still only hear if one talks loudly to me. I would be a loss at a party; not able to understand anything that was being said to me or to listen to anyone else talking in general. Hence, we gave our pardons for not attending. It was for the local DNA group so am sorry to miss it. We have missed so many meetings as life has just become too busy and complicated for us. Hardly a week goes by that we are not doing something and most often two or three things. Where did those quiet weeks go of a couple of years ago. 

1891 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Moncton, Westmorland
Robert C Blake, head, 66 NB, NB, NB
Sarah Blake, wife, 63 NB, NB, NB
Penina Blake, daughter, 19 NB, NB, NB
Samuel Blake, son, 27 NB, NB, NB
Lillie Blake, daughter in law, 25 NB, NB, NB

Alexander Blake,  head, 63 NB, England, England
Sophia Blake, wife, 45 NB, NB, NB
Hattie Blake, daughter, 10 NB, NB, NB
Annie Blake, daughter, 6 NB, NB, NB
Ernest Blake, son, 2 NB, NB, NB
Nina Blake, lodger, 19 NB, NB, NB

Anna Blake, head, 30 NB, Quebec, Quebec
Laura Blake, daughter, 9 NB, NB, NB
Maggie Blake, daughter, 7 NB, NB, NB
William Blake, son, 6 NB, NB, NB

Mary Blake, domestic,  18 NB, NB, NB (living with the Jamieson family)

Sarah Blake, domestic, 17 NB, NB, NB (living with the Sumner family)

Ronena Blake, lodger, 8 NB, NB, NB (living with the Stewart family next door to Robert C Blake)

Annie R Blake, lodger, 5 NB, NB, NB (living with the Stewart family next door to Robert C Blake)

Thomas Blake, head,  73 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Bridgit Blake, wife, 68 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland

Woodstock, Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 63 NB, NB, NB
Nancy Trewin [Blake?], daughter?, 62 NB, England, England

Hillsborough, Alert
James Blake, head, 53 NB, NB, NB
Elizabeth Blake, wife, 52 NB, NB, Scotland
James O Blake, son, 17 NB, NB, NB
Lillian May Blake, daughter, 11 NB, NB, NB

Samuel Blake, head, 31 NB, NB, NB
Annie Bell Blake, wife, 30 NB, NB, NB

William Blake, head, 42 NB, NB, NB
Emma Blake, wife, 41 NB, NB, NB
Watson Blake, son, 19 NB, NB, NB
Maurice Blake, son, 17 NB, NB, NB
George Blake, son, 15 NB, NB, NB
John Blake, son, 13 NB, NB, NB
James Blake, son, 10 NB, NB, NB
Frank Blake, son, 7 NB, NB, NB
Martha Blake, daughter, 2 NB, NB, NB

James Blake 2nd, head, 37 NB, NB, Scotland
Jane Blake, wife, 31 NB, NB, Ireland
Ethelwin Blake, daughter, 8 NB, NB, NB
Ada B Blake, daughter, 4 NB, NB, NB
Mary L Blake, daughter, 1 NB, NB, NB

Charles W Blake,  lodger, 24 NB, NB, NB (living with Shaw family)
Benjamin F Blake, lodger, 22 NB, NB, NB (living with Shaw family)

Fredericton Kings Ward, York
George Blake, head, 50 NB, NB, NB
Susan Blake, wife, 49 NB, NB, NB

 Portland Victoria Ward, Saint John
George Blake, head, 48 NB, Ireland, Ireland
Catharine Blake, wife, 46 NB, NB, NB
George F Blake, son, 14 NB, NB, NB
Harry Blake, son, 3 NB, NB, NB
Maria Blake, daughter, 2 NB, NB, NB

Edward Blake, head, 37 NB, Ireland, Ireland
Catharine Blake, wife, 30 NB, Ireland, Ireland

Durham, Restigouche
William Blake, head, 45 England, England, England
Margaret Blake, wife, 45 NB, Scotland, Scotland
Emily Blake, daughter, 18 NB, England, NB
James Blake, son, 16 NB, England, NB
Caroline M Blake, daughter, 12 NB, England, NB
Christina Jane Blake, daughter, 10 NB, England, NB
Harriet Ellin Blake, daughter, 7 NB, England, NB
Wilfred Blake, son, 3 NB, England, NB
Peter Steward, father in law, 84 Scotland, Scotland, Scotland
Peter Junior Steward, brother in law, 51 NB, Scotland, Scotland

Dalhousie, Restigouche
Alfred Blake, head, 41 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland
Catherine Blake, wife, 41, Quebec, Quebec, Quebec
Catherine Blake, daughter, 17 NB, Ireland, Quebec
Eva Blake, daughter, 14 NB, Ireland, Quebec
Louisa Blake, daughter, 12 NB, Ireland, Quebec
Amelia Blake, daughter, 6 NB, Ireland, Quebec
Jane Blake, daughter, 4 NB, Ireland, Quebec

Lancaster, Saint John
John Blake, head, 42 NB, NS, NB
Sarah C Blake, wife, 39 NB, NB, NS
Mildred Blake, daughter, 7 NB, NB, NB

Chatham, Northumberland
Dudley Blake, head, 40 NB, NB, NB
Ann Blake, wife, 38 NB, NB, NB
Mary G Blake, daughter, 14 NB, NB, NB
James F Blake, son, 12 NB, NB, NB
Robert E Blake, son, 9 NB, NB, NB
William E Blake, son, 7 NB, NB, NB
John E Blake, son, 5 NB, NB, NB
Margaret A Blake, daughter, 3 NB, NB, NB
Albert V Blake, son, 1/12 NB, NB, NB

John Blake, head, 50 NB, NB, Scotland
Ellenar Blake, wife, 45 PEI, Ireland, PEI
Alexander Blake, son, 24 NB, NB, PEI
Ida Blake, daughter, 17 NB, NB, PEI
Cecil Blake, son,  12 NB, NB, PEI

Richard Blake, head,  65 England, England, England
Ann Blake, wife, 75 England, England, England

Woodstock Queens Ward, Carleton
William T Blake, head, 39 NB, NB, NB
Edith J Blake, wife, 26 NS, NS, NS
Mabel H Blake, daughter, 6 NB, NB, NS
Liddie R Blake, daughter, 3 NB, NB, NS

Queen Ward, Saint John City
Jane Blake, domestic, 37 NB, Ireland, Ireland (living with the Speer family)

Alnwick, Northumberland
John Blake,  son?, 15 NB, NB, NB (living with the William B Ross family)

St Stephen, Charlotte
Mary Blake,  lodger, 85 Ireland, Ireland, Ireland (living with the McConvey family)

Institutions, Albert
E____ce Blake, 17 NB

1901 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Woodstock Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 74 NB (English)
Cary L Marshal [Blake}, daughter, 25 NB (English) born 5 May 1876

John Blake, head, 63 NB (Scotch) born 24 Sep 1837
Ellen Blake, wife, 60 NB (Scotch) born 1 Feb 1841
Cecil Blake, son, 22 NB (Scotch) born 2 Nov 1878

William T Blake, head, 40 NB (English) born 8 May 1861
Edith I Blake, wife, 37 NS (English) born 3 Nov 1864
Mabell H Blake, daughter, 15 NB (English) born 11 March 1885
Lydia R Blake, daughter, 12 NB (English) born 21 March 1888
William T Blake, son, 11 NB (English) 21 Sept 1890
Jasper J Blake, son, 4 NB (English) 3 Oct 1896
Dorothy N Blake, daughter, 1/12 NB (English) 2 Feb 1901
Charles B Blake, brother, 35 NB (English) 9 Mar 1866

Chatham, Northumberland
John Blake, head, 63 NB (Scotch) born 24 Sep 1837
Ellen Blake, wife, 60 NB, (Scotch) born 1 Feb 1841
Cecil Blake, son, 22 NB (Scotch) born 2 Nov 1878

Dudley Blake, boarder, 55 NB (English) born ? (Living Pallen family (Ellen J born 18 Feb 1863))

Mary G Blake, housekeeper, 25 NB (Scotch) born 28 May 1875

Ernest Blake, servant, 16 NB (Scotch) born 1885 (living with Hay family)

Maggie Blake, adopted, 12 NB (Irish) born 3 June 1888 (living with the Maher family)

Hillsborough, Albert
Robert L Blake, head, 54 NB (Irish) born 1 Jun 1846
Amanda J Blake, wife, 59 NB (Irish) born 13 Jan 1842
Minnie A Blake, daughter, 22 NB (Irish) born 4 Jul 1878

William L Blake, head,  52 NB (English) born 19 Jan 1849
Emma Blake, wife, 50 NB (German) born 19 Mar 1851
George Blake, son, 25 NB (English) born 18 Jul 1875
James Blake, daughter, 19 NB (English) born 10 Apr 1881
Frank Blake, son, 17 NB (English) born 26 Aug 1883
Martha Blake, daughter, 12 NB (English) born 21 Apr 1888

James J Blake, head, 46 NB (English) born 8 Apr 1854
Jane Blake, wife, 41 NB (English) born 12 May 1859
Ethelwin Blake, daughter, 17 NB (English) born 5 Sep 1883
Blanche Blake, daughter, 14 NB (English) born 4 Aug 1886
Mary Blake, daughter, 11 NB (English) born 5 Aug 1889
Roy Blake, son, 7 NB (English) born 20 Jul 1893
Lloyd Blake, son, 5 NB (English) born 12 Aug 1895

Morris Blake, head, 28 NB (Irish) born 2 Jan 1873
Felicia Blake, wife, 30 NB (German) born 25 Mar 1871
Charles Blake, son, 2 NB (Irish) born 28 Nov 1898
Thomas Blake, son, 2/12 NB (Irish) born 20 Jan 1901

Harvey, Albert
Flora Blake, boarder, 7 NB (Scotch) born 3 Oct 1893 (living with Tingley family)

Victoria Ward Saint John City
George Blake, head, 48 NB (Irish) born 6 Oct 1852
Catherine Blake, wife, 48 NB (Irish) born 20 Jan 1853
Harry A Blake, son, 14 NB (Irish) born Feb 1886
Mary Blake, daughter, 12 NB (Irish) born 5 Sep 1888

Edward Blake, head, 45 NB (Irish) born 26 Jul 1855
Jane Blake, sister, 51 NB (Irish) born 20 Jun 1849

Moncton, Westmorland
William Blake, head, 30 NB (English) born 13 Oct 1870\
C Mary Blake, wife, 32 NB (English) born 1 Jun 1878
C Melvin Blake, son, 11 NB (English) born 14 Mar 1890
E Mary Blake, daughter, 8 NB (English) born 14 Mar 1893
Benjamin Blake, brother in law, 30 NB (English) born 16 May 1870

Joseph Perrigo, head, 59 NB (French) born 28 Dec 1841
Annie Perrigo, wife, 46 NB (Scotch) born 5 Apr 1854
Laura Blake, step daughter, 20 NB (English) born 28 Jan 1881
Maggie Blake, step daughter, 17 NB (English) born 3 Aug 1883
William Blake, step son, 16 NB (English) born 24 May 1884
Nancy Imhoff, mother in law, 82 NB (German) born 17 Jun 1818

Annie Blake, ad daughter, 15 NB (Scotch) born 12 Jun 1886? (living with Stuart family)

Alex Blake, head, 73 NB (English) born 24 Aug 1827
Sophia Blake, wife, 53 NB (English) born 24 May 1847
Ernest Blake, son, 12 NB (English) born 4 Feb 1889
Nina Blake, daughter, 10 NB (English) born 3 Sep 1890
Charles Blake, son, 8 NB (English) born 12 Jan 1893

Addington, Restigouche
Alfred J Blake, head, 50 I Jersey born 17 April 1850
Catherine Blake,wife, 52 Quebec born 7 Mar 1849
Catherine Blake, daughter, 26 NB (English) born 26 Jul 1874
Eva Blake, daughter, 24 NB (English) born 24 Dec 1876
Louise Blake, daughter, 22 NB (English) born 22 Jul 1878
Amelia Blake, daughter, 16 NB (English) born 6 Dec 1884
Alfred J Blake, son, 9 NB (English) born 10 Nov 1891

Durham, Restigouche
William Blake, head, 55 England (1868) born 12 Jan 1845
Margaret Blake, wife, 55 Scotland (1870) born 23 Dec 1845
James Blake, son, 26 NB (English) born 9 Aug 1874
Christina Blake, daughter, 20 NB (English) born 20 Mar 1881
Harriet E Blake, daughter 17 NB (English) born 11 Feb 1884
Wilfred Blake, son, 15 NB (English) born 5 Sep 1887
Peter F Stewart, brother in law, 41 NB (Scot) born 9 Aug 1859

Lorne, Victoria
Carrie Blake, lodger,  23 NB (English) born 8 Jul 1877 (living with Everitt family)

Alnwick, Northumberland
Henry Blake, boarder, 22 NB (Scotch) born 5 Decd 1878 (living with Savoie family)

Frederic Blake, servant, 20 NB (Scotch) born 20 May 1880 (living with Buchanan family)

Edgar Blake, adopted, 16 NB (Scotch) born 11 Mar 1885 (living with Buchanan family)
Albert Blake, adopted 10 NB (Scotch) born 16 Mar 1891 (living with Buchanan family)

Wesley Blake, lodger, 20 NB (Scotch) born 4 Mar 1880 (living with Morison family)

1911 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Sub District 21, Westmorland
Robert E Blake, grandfather, 86 NB, born Jun 1824, English (living with the James family)
Sarah Blake, grandmother, 83 NB, born Jan 18
29, English (living with the James family)

Moncton, Westmorland
R L Blake, head, 65 NB, born Jun 1846, Irish
Amanda Blake, wife, 69 NB, born Jan 1842, Irish
Harry Blakeney, grandson, 18 NB, Jul 1893, English

 William Blake, head, 38 NB, born Oct 1872, English
Mary C Blake, wife, 40 NB, born Jun 1871, English
Melvin C Blake, son, 21 NB, born March 1890, English
Mary E Blake, daughter, 18 NB, born March 1893, English
William H Blake, son, 9 NB, born Jan 1902, English
Alice Jane  W Rossetta, niece, 15 NB, born Jun 1896, English

 Joseph Perrigo, head, 70 NB, born Feb 1841, Scotch
Anna Perrigo, wife, 55 NB, born Apr 1855, Scotch
Mary Blake, adopted daughter, 18 NB, born Sept 1892, Scotch

Lancaster Parish, Saint John City
Mary E Blake, patient, 66 NB, English

Hillsborough, Kings and Albert
William Blake, head, 62 NB, born Jan 1849, English
Emma Blake, wife, 60 NB, born Mar 1851, German
Martha Blake, daughter, 23 NB, born Apr 1888, English

Jane Blake, head, 52 NB, born May 1859,  Irish
Ethel Blake, daughter, 25 NB, born Sep 1885, Irish
 Mary Blake, daughter, 22 NB, born Aug 1888, Irish
Roy Blake, son, 18 NB, born Jul 1892, Irish
Floyd Blake, son, 16 NB, born Aug 1894, Irish

 Maurice Blake, head, 38 NB, born Jan 1873, Irish
Mary Blake, wife, 40 NB, born Mar 1871, English
Charles Blake, son, 12 NB, born Nov 1898, Irish
Thomas Blake, son, 10 NB, born Jan 1901, Irish
Bessie Blake, daughter, 7 NB, born Sep 1903, Irish
Emma Blake, daughter, 2 NB, born Jul 1908, Irish

 William Barbour, head, 50 NB, born Jul 1861, Irish
Lucy Barbour, wife, 38 NB, born Apr 1873, Irish
Emenine Barbour, mother, 80 NB, born May 1821, Irish
Annie Barbour, daughter, 11 NB, born Mar 1900, Irish
Liola Barbour, daughter, 7 NB, born Aug 1903, Irish
Russell Barbour, son, 3 NB, born Nov 1907, Irish
Flora Blake, step daughter, 18 NB, born Oct 1892, Scotch

Saint John City
Jane Blake, head, 60 NB, born Jun 1850, Irish

George Blake, head, 60 NB, born Jan 1851, Irish
Katherine Blake, wife, 56 NB, born Dec 1854, Irish
Henry Blake, son, 24 NB, born Feb 1887, Irish

Woodstock, Carleton
William Blake, head, 55 NB, born Jun 1865, English
Jennie Blake, wife, 50 NB, born Apr 1861, English
William Blake, son, 20 NB, born Dec 1890, English
Jasper Blake, son, 15 NB, born Jul 1895, English
Thelma Blake, daughter, 13 NB, born Feb 1898, English

Chatham, Northumberland
Fred Blake, head, 33 NB, born May 1878, Scotch
Minnie Blake, wife, 26 NB, born Jul 1884, Scotch
Mildred Blake, daughter, 6 NB, born Mar 1905, Scotch
Mona Blake, daughter, 5 NB, born Apr 1906, Scotch
Carrie Blake, daughter, 3 NB, born Oct 1907, Scotch

 Dudley Blake, head, 62 NB, born Mar 1849 (Ligginville), English
Catherine Blake, wife, 53 NB, born Feb 1858 (Black Vine), Scotch
Annie Dick [Blake?], daughter, 20 NB, born May 1891 (Napan), Scotch
Eva Dick [Blake?], daughter, 17 NB, born Sept 1894 (Napan), Scotch
Roy Dick, son, 15 NB, born Nov 1896 (Napan), Scotch
John Dick, son, 13 NB, born Feb 1898 (Napan), Scotch

Alnwick (Sub District 4), Northumberland
Henry Blake, head, 21 NB, born Dec 1889, Irish
Beatrice Blake, wife, 21 NB, born May 1890, Irish
Robert/Albert Blake, son, 2 NB, born Oct 1909, Irish
Gertrude Blake, daughter, 3/12 NB, born March 1911, Irish
George E Savoy, brother in law, 11 NB, born Nov 1900, Irish

Durham, Restigouche
William Blake, head, 65 England, born Jan 1846, English
Nellie Blake, daughter, 37 NB, born Feb 1884, English
Wilfred Blake, son, 23 NB, born Sep 1887, English

Saint John, Saint John City
George Blake, head, 60 NB, born Jan 1851, Irish
Katherine Blake, wife, 56 NB, born Dec 1854, Irish
Henry Blake, son, 24 NB, born Feb 1887, Irish

Mary E Blake,  domestic, 31 NS, born Feb 1880, English (living with Ruddock family)

 Campbellton, Restigouche
Alfred Blake, head, 52 Jersey, born Nov 1848, English
Catherine Blake, wife, 63 Quebec, born Mar 1858, French
Fred Blake, son, 18 NB, born Nov 1893, French

Sub-District 7, York
Charles W Blake, head, 31 England, born Aug 1890
Emily Blake, mother, 71 England, born Feb 1840

Sub District 16, Charlotte

Walter Blake, son (of Minnie Morrall (perhaps Blake earlier), 20 USA, born Sep 1891 (emigrated in 1892), English

Manner-Sutton, York
Rose Blake, adopted daughter, 16 England, born Aug 1894 (living with the Robinson family)

1921 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Parish of Hillsboro, St John and Albert
R. L. Blake, head, 75 NB, NB, Scotland, Scotch
Amanda Blake, wife, 81 NB, NB, NB, English

William L Blake, head,75  NB, NB, PEI, English
Emma A Blake, wife, 70 NB, NB, NB, English
Harold E Blake, grandson, 9 NB, NB, NB,  English

Jane Blake, head, 61 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Ethelwin J Blake, daughter, 36 NB, NB, NB, Scotch

Morris Blake, head, 48 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Felicia Blake, wife, 50 NB, NB, NB, Jersey
Thomas Blake, son, 20 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Emma Blake, daughter, 12 NB, NB, NB, Irish

Douglas Parish, York-Sunbury
Charles Blake, head, 41 NB, NB, NB, Scotch
Emily Blake, mother, 80 NB, NB, NB, English

Victoria Ward, St John City
George Blake, head, 62 NB, NB, NB, English
Katherine Blake, wife, 61 NB, Ireland, Ireland, Irish
Harry A B Blake, son, 32 NB, NB, NB, English

Loggieville, Northumberland
Cecil Blake, head,  43 NB, NB, PEI, English
Lisa Blake, wife, 34 NB, NB, USA, English
Dorothy Blake, daughter, 14 NB, NB, NB, English
Purdy Blake, son, 11 NB, NB, NB, English

Prince Ward, St John City
Frederick Blake, head, 40 NB, NB, NB, English
Mary Blake, wife, 35 NB, NB, NB, English
Mildred Blake, daughter, 16 NB, NB, NB, English
Mona Blake, daughter, 15 NB, NB, NB, English
Carrie Blake, daughter, 13 NB, NB, NB, English

Tabusintac, Northumberland
John Blake, head, 40 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Sadie Blake, wife, 35 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Warmen Blake, son, 7 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Emma Blake, daughter, 4 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Evelyn Blake, daughter 1, NB, NB, NB, Irish

David Savoy, head, 76 NB, NB, NB, French
Henry Savoy, son in law, 40 NB, NB, NB, Welsh
Beatrice Blake, daughter, 33 NS, NB, NB, Welsh
Albert Blake, nephew, 12 NB, NB, NB, Welsh
Myrtle Blake, niece, 10 NB, NB, NB, Welsh
Margarte Blake, niece, 8 Nb, NB, NB, Welsh
George Blake, son, 6 NB, NB, NB, Welsh
William Blake, son 4 NB, NB, NB, Welsh
Mina Blake, daughter 2 NB, NB, NB, Welsh

Durham, Restigouche
Wilfred Blake, head, 33 NB, England, NB, English
Alice Blake, wife, 31 NB, NB, NB, Scotch
William A Blake, son, 7 NB, NB, NB, English
Preston Blake, son, 5 NB, NB, NB, English
Stewart Blake, son, 7/12 NB, NB, NB, English
William Blake, father, 75, England, England, England, English

Woodstock, Victoria and Carleton
William Blake, head, 27 NB, NB, NS, English
Hope Blake, wife, 25 USA, USA, USA, Irish
Edith Blake, mother, 53, NB, NB, NB, Scotch
William Scollinson, brother in law, 27 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Lydia Scollinson, sister, 28 NB, NS, NS, English
Mable Blake, sister, 32 NB, NS, NS, English
Thelma Blake, sister, 20 NB, NS, NS, English

Moncton City, Westmorland
Chas S Blake, head, 28 NB, England, NB, English
E M Blake, wife, 23 England, England, England, English
D H Blake, son, 1 NB, NB, England, English

Martha Blake, lodger, 27 NB, NB, NB, English (living with Kirby family)

Jasper G Blake, head, 24 NB, NB, NB, English
Ina Blake, wife, 19 NB, NB, NB, English

Joseph Lodge, head, 70 NB, NB, NB, English
Marie Blake, adopted daughter, 26 NB, NB, NB, English

Town of Campbellton, Restigouche and Madawaska
John Berkley, head, 39 NB, Nb, NB, Irish
Margareta Berkley, daughter, 18 NB, Nb, NB, Irish
Wallace Berkley, son, 14 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Leo Berkley, son, 10 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Evelyn Berkley, daughter, 8 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Jeannie Berkley, wife, 25 NB, NB, NB, French
Henery B Blake, son, 3 NB, NB, NB, Scotch

Everett Gillis, head, 40 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Eva Gillis, wife, 43 NB, Jersey I, PQ, English
Adophers Gillis, son, 14 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Blake Gillis, son, 12 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Gertrude Gillis, daughter, 6 NB, NB, NB, Irish
Alfred Blake, father in law, 71 Jersey I, Jersey I, Jersey I, English

Victoria Ward, St John City, St John and Albert
Arel F Blake, head, 28 USA, USA, USA (1915), English
Elma L Blake, wife, 27 USA, USA, USA (1915), Irish
Marion Blake, daughter, 1, NB, USA, USA, English
Helen L West, domestic, 18, USA, England, USA (1905), English

Milltown Ward 1, Charlotte
Alice Blake, lodger,  55 England, England, England (1903), English (living with Sengar family)

Brooks Ward St John City, St John and Albert
Arthur Blake, boarder, 46 England, England, England (1903) (living with the Westwood family)

MIlltown, Charlotte
Elsie Blake, lodger, 34 England, England, England (1921), English (Brown Establishment)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Blake families of New Brunswick, Canada

I am pulling Blake members out of the New Brunswick censuses from 1861 to 1921 and this blog post is 1861 to 1881. It will likely undergo a lot of moving around of the various entries as my main interest at this moment is the Captain John Blake line.  However, for future research I wanted to extract all Blake families. I know, my Blake line, that our line was relatively distinct in Canada with just two brothers coming in 1911 and 1913 respectively Henry and then Samuel George (my grandfather with my father Ernest Edward George). Those descendants are known to me and the antecedents. All of these other Blake lines in Canada are from other parts of the British Isles (and perhaps elsewhere). I have not yet begun to think in terms of Blake outside of the British Isles unless the spelling is Blake or Bleak[e].

The 1861 Census of Canada for New Brunswick

Alnwick, Northumberland
Ann Blake (Black), mother in law, 74 PEI (living at the Robert Loggie household)

William Blake, [head], 52 NB
Mary Blake, wife, 54 Wales
John B Blake, son, 28 NB
Grace L Blake, daughter, 21 NB
Maria Blake, daughter, 18 NB
James Vanad[e]stine, nephew, 9 NB

James Black, [head], 26 NB
Elizabeth Jane Black [Blake], wife, 24 NB
George  Black [Blake], son, 4 NB
Samuel Black [Blake], son, 2 NB
Ann Black [Blake], daughter, 1 NB
Sarah Black [Blake], sister, 12 NB

Chatham, Northumberland 
Robert Blake, head, 55 NB
Hariet Blake, wife, 50 NB
John Blake, son, 24 NB
Ezebella J Blake, daughter, 22 NB
Ellin Blake, daughter, 20 NB
Catherine H Blake, daughter, 18 NB
James Mc Blake, son, 17 NB
Robert D Blake, son, 15 NB
Dudley P Blake, son, 13 NB
Mary Ann Blake, daughter, 11 NB
Donald C Blake, son, 9 NB
Elizabeth J Blake, daughter, 6 NB

Hillsborough, Albert
Samuel Blake, Head, 44 NB
Eliza Blake, daughter, 17 NB
Robert L Blake, son, 15 NB
Martha Blake, daughter, 9 NB
James Blake, son, 7 NB

Robert C Blake, head, 36 NB
Sarah Blake, wife, 33 NB
Harriet Blake, daughter, 14 NB
Archibald Blake, son, 6 NB
Joseph C Blake, son, 3 NB

St Andrews, Charlotte
Mary Blake, daughter, 30 NB (daughter of Prudence Marsh?)
Elizabeth Blake,  5 NB

Fredericton, York
Margaret Blake,  servant, 24 Irish

Manners-Sutton, York
William Blake, grandson, 6 NB (living at the David Scanlin household)

The 1871 Census of New Brunswick, Canada (Confederation was 1867)

Alnwick, Northumberland
William Blake, head, 62 NB (Scotch)
Mary Blake, wife, 64 England (Welsh)
John Blake, son 37 NB (Scotch)
Hariet Blake, daughter in law (?), 18 NB (English)
Sara Alice Blake, grand child (?), 2 NB (Scotch)
William Blake, grand child (?), 6/12 m NB (Scotch)
James Vanidestine, nephew (?), 18 NB (Dutch)
Allin Blake, ?, 9 NB (Scotch)
Elizabeth O'Brien, ?, 60 NB (Welsh)

Ellen Blake, ?, 15 NB (Scotch)

Hopewell, Albert
Samuel Blake, head, 55 NB (Scotch)
Rachael Blake, wife, 63 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 21 NB (Scotch)
James Blake, son, 16 NB (Scotch)

Hillsborough, Albert
Alexander J Blake, head, 43 NB (Irish)
Elizabeth Blake, wife, 50 NB (German)
W F Blake, son?, 17 USA (Irish)

Jane Blake, head, 35 NB (Irish)
Anna E Blake, daughter?, 13 NB (Irish)
Margery E Blake, daughter?, 11 NB (Irish)
Uriah S Blake, son? 9 NB (Irish)
Sarah J Blake, daughter?, 7 NB (Irish)
Charles P Blake, son?, 4 NB (Irish)
Benjamin Blake, son?, 2 NB (Irish)

George Blake, head, 30 NB (Irish)
Charlott Blake, wife, 30 NB (Scotch)
John Blake, son, 10 NB (Irish)
Catharine Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Alfred Blake, son, 4 NB (Irish)
Bessie Blake, daughter, 2 NB (Irish)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 3/12 NB (Irish)

James Blake, head, 34 NB (English)
Elizabeth J Blake, wife, 33 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 13 NB (English)
Samuel Blake, son, 11 NB (English)
Ann A Blake, daughter, 9 NB (English)
John A Blake, son, 7 NB (English)
Laura J Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

John M Blake, head, 32 NB (Irish)
Sarah J Blake, wife, 25 NB (Irish)
Douglas Blake, son, 5/12 NB (Irish)
Harriett Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)

Robert L Blake, head, 24 NB (English)
Amanda J Blake, wife, 29 NB (English)

William Blake, head, 21 PEI (Scotch)
Emma Blake, wife, 20 NB (English)

Eliza Blake, ? 14, NB (English) (living with the Tayler family)

Robert L Blake, head, 24 NB (English)
Amanda J Blake, wife, 29 NB (English)
Lillian I Blake, daughter, 1/12 NB (English)

Moncton, Westmoreland
Robert C Blake, head, 46 NB (Scotch)
Sarah Blake, wife, 43 NB (Scotch)
Archibald Blake, son, 16 NB (Scotch)
Joseph  Crandall Blake, son, 14 NB (Scotch)
Samuel Blake, son, 9 NB (Scotch)
Jeneth Elene ONiel, ? 8 NB (Scotch)

Tom Blake, head, 50 Ireland
Bridget Blake, wife, 45 Ireland
Mary Blake, daughter, 15 Ireland
Ellen Blake, daughter, 12 Ireland
Bridget Blake, daughter, 9 Ireland

Woodstock, Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 43 NB (English)
William Blake, son?, 15 NB (English)
George Blake, son?, 11 NB (English)
James Blake, son?, 9 NB (English)

Brook Ward, St John
Priscilla Blake, wife, 28 NB (English)
Henry Blake, head, 30 NB (English)
John Blake, son, 8 NB (English)
Elizabeth Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
Theadore Blake, son, 4 NB (English)

Andover, Victoria
Phebe Blake, head, 57 Ireland
Ann J Blake, daughter, 23 NB (Irish)
Phebe E Blake, daughter, 21 NB (Irish)
Mary Blake, daughter, 19 NB (Irish)

Kingsclear, York
William Blake, ?, 15 NB (Irish) (living with the Shapey family)
May Blake, ?, 13 NB (Irish) (living with the Shapey family)

Queen Ward, Saint John
John Blake, head, 70 Ireland
Bertha Blake, wife, 43 Scotland
Mary Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)
John Blake, son, 7 NB (Irish)
Abraham Blake, son, 5 NB (Irish)

St Stephen, Charlotte
Richard Blake, head, 65 Ireland
Mary Blake, wife, 50 Ireland

Mary Blake,?, 50 Ireland (living with the Casey family)

Chatham, Northumberland
Richard Blake, head, 46 England
Ann Blake,  wife, 50 England

Fredericton Kings Ward, York
Henry Blake, ?, 55 NB (Irish) (living with Fisher family)

1881 Census of Canada, New Brunswick

Hopewell, Albert
Samuel Blake, head, 64 NB (English)
Rachel Blake, wife, 72 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 32 NB (English)
James J Blake, son, 27 NB (English)

Annie E Blake, ?, 23 NB (English) (living with the Brown family)

Coverdale, Albert
William Blake, head, 30 NB (English)
Emma Blake, wife, 29 NB (German)
Watson Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
Maurice Blake, son, 8 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 6 NB (English)
John Blake, son, 3 NB (English)

Alnwick, Northumberland
John L Blake, head, 47 NB (Scotch)
Harriet Blake, wife, 28 NB (English)
William Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
Mary L Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Scotch)
Susan Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Scotch)
Elizabeth Blake, daughter, 4 NB (Scotch)
Henry Blake, son, 2 NB (Scotch)
John Blake, son, 7/12 NB (Scotch)
William Blake, father, 72 NB (Scotch)

Moncton, Westmoreland
R Charles Blake, head, 55 NB
Lora Blake, wife, 56 NB
Joseph Blake, son, 23 NB
Samuel Blake, son, 18 NB
Peninah Blake, daughter, 10 NB

Thomas Blake, head, 63 Ireland
Bridget Blake, wife, 60 Ireland
Bridget Blake, daughter, 20 NB (Irish)

Salisbury, Westmorland
William Blake, head, 27 USA (Scotch)
Anna Blake, wife, 26 NB (Scotch)
Laura Blake, daughter, 4/12 NB (Scotch)

Portland Ward 4, Saint John
Alexander J Blake, head, 53 NB (English)
Sophia E Blake, wife, 34 NB (Scotch)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
Esther Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)
Hattie Blake, daughter, 4/12 NB (English)

George Blake, head, 31 NB (Irish)
Catherine A Blake, wife, 31 NB (Irish)
George Blake, son, 4 NB (Irish)

Edward Blake, head, 28 NB (Irish)
Catharine Blake, wife, 26 NB (Irish)

Margaret Blake, head, 70 Ireland

Woodstock, Carleton
Mercy Blake, head, 48
William T Blake, son, 24
George S Blake, son, 22
James W Blake, son, 21

Hillsborough, Albert
James Blake, head, 44 NB (English)
E. J. Blake, wife, 44 NB (English)
George Blake, son, 24 NB (English)
Samuel Blake, son, 21 NB (English)
A. A. Blake, daughter, 19 NB (English)
J. A. Blake, son, 18 NB (English)
L. J. Blake, daughter, 11 NB (English)
M. R. Blake, daughter, 9 NB (English)
J. O. Blake, son, 7 NB (English)
L. May Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

J M Blake, head, 40 NB (English)
Sarah J Blake, wife, 35 NB (English)
J. H. Blake, son, 10 NB (English)
A. M. Blake, daughter, 8 NB (English)
E. J. Blake, daughter, 6 NB (English)
B. M. Blake, daughter, 4 NB (English)
L. A. Blake, daughter, 2 NB (English)

Robert Blake, head, 33 NB (Irish)
Amanda Blake, wife, 38 NB (Irish)
Ina L Blake, daughter, 9 NB (Irish)
Philena Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Minnie Blake, daughter, 3 NB (Irish)

Gilbert Milton, head, 46 NB (English)
Jane Milton, wife, 46 NB (English)
Eliza Blake, daughter, 24 NB (English)
Uriah Blake, son, 19 NB (English)
Sarah Blake, daughter, 17 NB (English)
Charles Blake, son, 14 NB (English)
Benjamin Blake, son, 12 NB (English)
George Milton, son, 4 NB (English)
Alice Milton, daughter, 3 NB (English)

Chatham, Northumberland
John Blake, head, 43 NB (Scotch)
Eleanor Blake, wife, 37 PEI (Irish)
John A Blake, son, 14 NB (Scotch)
Cecil James Blake, son, 2 NB (Scotch)
Lily Blake, daughter, 12 NB (Scotch)
Ida Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Scotch)
Eleanor Blake, daughter,5 NB (Scotch)
Hariet Blake, mother, 70 Scotland
Walter McAllister, ?, 87 Scotland

Mary Blake, head, 35 NB (Irish)
Maggie Blake, daughter, 8 NB (Irish)
Henrietta Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Irish)
Stanislaus  Blake, son, 3 NB (Irish)

Dudley Blake, head, 32 NB (Irish)
Annie Blake, wife, 28 NB (Scotch)
James F Blake, son, 2 NB (Irish)
Mary G Blake, daughter, 5 NB (Irish)

Richard Blake, head, 61 England
Ann Blake, wife, 68 England

Prince Ward, St John City
Jane Blake, ?, 30 NB (Irish) (living in the Gilbert household)

Kingsclear, York
Mary A Blake, ?, 23 NB (French) (living with the Chassy family)

Duke Ward, Saint John City
Lydia Blake, head, 75  USA (African)
Wilson Blake, ?, 15 NB, African

Addington, Restigouche
Alfred J Blake, head, 31 Jersey
Catharine Blake, wife, 33 Quebec
Catharine Blake, daughter, 6 NB (Jersey)
Eva Blake, daughter, 4 NB (Jersey)
Louisa Blake, daughter, 2 NB (Jersey)

St Stephen, Charlotte
Richard Blake, head, 76 Ireland
Mary Blake, wife, 60, Ireland

Andover, Victoria
Pheobe Blake, ?, 75 Ireland (living with the Kennedy family)

Sussex, Kings
Bertha Blake, ?, 51 Scotland (living with the Hazen family)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Companions of William the Conqueror

One of the small books that we purchased in France has an interesting plaque (William the Conqueror by Annie Fettu, OREP Editions, ISBN 978-2-912925-22-0 and the source: Archives departementales du Calvados - Photo Pascal Sellin). The names on the plaque follow in this blog post (the numbers denote where on the plaque the name occurs running down in five columns). Only 14 of the 425 names lack surnames. I sorted them into alphabetical order by surname for ease in reading through. I found the chart very interesting and was not surprised to see that there isn't a Blake/Blac mentioned. Many of the names are found in England today. I shall have to try and discover when this plaque was created and on what basis. The names follow below (those identified as participants in other documents are in bold and italic below Source:

Number    Forename    Article    Surname
277    Oure    d'    Addetot
426    Ruaud    l'    Adoube
266    Normand    d'    Adreci
45    Engenouf    de l'    Aigle
75    Geoffroi        Albelin
32    Bernard    d'    Alençon
115    Guillaume        Alis
354    Richer    d'    Andeli
17    Arnould    d'    André
216    Hugue    l'    Ane
116    Guillaume    d'    Angleville
205    Honfroi    d'    Ansleville
58    Gautier    d'    Appeville
117    Guillaume    l'    Archer
40    David    d'    Argentan
355    Robert    d'    Armentières
118    Guillaume    d'    Arques
267    Osberne    d'    Arques
399    Roger        Arundel
398    Roger    d'    Aubernon
356    Robert    d'    Auberville
400    Roger    D'    Auberville
427    Seri    d'    Auberville
261    Néel    d'    Aubigni
119    Guillaume    d'    Audrieu
109    Goubert    d'    Aufai
357    Robert    d'    Aumale
120    Guillaume    de '    Aune
281    Raoul    d'    Aunon
217    Hugue    d'    Avranches
280    Rahier    d'    Avre
282    Raoul        Baignard
325    Renaud    de    Bailleul
76    Geoffroi        Bainard
193    Guineboud    de    Balon
195    Hamelin    de    Balon
283    Raoul    de    Bans
284    Raoul    de    Bapaumes
358    Robert    de    Barbes
121    Guillaume        Basset
285    Raoul        Basset
336    Richard        Basset
359    Robert    le    Bastard
50    Eude    Evêque de    Bayeux
218    Hugue    de    Beauchamp
124    Guillaume    de    Beaufou
286    Raoul    de    Beaufou
337    Richard    de    Beaumais
199    Henri    de    Beaumont
360    Robert    de    Beaumont
401    Roger    de    Beaumont
110    Goubert    de    Beauvais
77    Geoffroi    du    Bec
122    Guillaume        Belet
287    Raoul    de    Bernai
219    Hugue    de    Bernières
202    Hervé    le    Bérruier
125    Guillaume        Bertran
262    Néel    de    Berville
41    Dreu    de la    Beuvrière
338    Richard    de    Bienfaite
402    Roger        Bigot
126    Guillaume    de    Biville
206    Honfroi    de    Biville
191    Guimond    de    Blangi
93    Gilbert    le    Blond
127    Guillaume    le    Blond
361    Robert    le    Blond
94    Gilbert    de    Blosbeville
288    Raoul        Blouet
362    Robert        Blouet
207    Honfroi    de    Bohon
220    Hugue    du    Bois-Hérbert
403    Roger        Boissel
221    Hugue    de    Bolbec
339    Richard    de    Bondeville
128    Guillaume        Bonvalet
129    Guillaume    de    Bosc
404    Roger    de    Bosc-Normand
130    Guillaume    du    Bosc-Roard
405    Roger    de    Bosc-Roard
289    Raoul        Botin
55    Eustache    Comte de    Boulogne
222    Hugue        Bourdet
363    Robert        Bourdet
59    Gautier    le    Bourguignon
131    Guillaume    de    Bourneville
132    Guillaume    de    Brai
223    Hugue    de    Brebeuf
406    Roger    de    Breteuil
22    Auvrai    le    Breton
95    Gilbert    de    Bretteville
268    Osberne    du    Breuil
330    Renier    de    Brimou
133    Guillaume    de    Briouse
364    Robert    de    Brix
290    Raoul    de la    Bruière
365    Robert    de    Buci
96    Gilbert    de    Budi
407    Roger    de    Bulli
428    Serlon    de    Burci
47    Erneis    de    Buron
134    Guillaume    de    Bursigni
60    Gautier    de    Caen
258    Maurin    de    Caen
136    Guillaume    de    Cailli
137    Guillaume    de    Cairon
78    Geoffroi    de    Cambrai
135    Guillaume    de    Canaigres
138    Guillaume        Cardon
139    Guillaume    de    Carnet
208    Honfroi    de    Carteret
257    Mauger    de    Carteret
408    Roger    de    Carteret
140    Guillaume    de    Castillon
141    Guillaume    de    Ceauce
49    Eude    Comte de    Champagne
366    Robert    de    Chandos
409    Roger    de    Chandos
291    Raoul    de    Chartres
6    Anquetil    de    Cherbourg
430    Sigan    de    Cioches
61    Gautier    de    Claville
142    Guillaume    la    Cleve
104    Gonfroi    de    Cloches
97    Gilbert    de    Colleville
143    Guillaume    de    Colleville
331    Renouf    de    Colombelles
27    Beaudoin    de    Colombières
292    Raoul    de    Colombières
293    Raoul    de    Conteville
367    Robert        Corbet
410    Roger        Corbet
144    Guillaume        Corbon
224    Hugue    de    Corbon
10    Ansfroi    de    Cormeilles
106    Goscelin    de    Cormeilles
20    Aubri    de    Couci
411    Roger    de    Courcelles
340    Richard    de    Courci
368    Robert    de    Courçon
294    Raoul    de    Courseme
112    Gui    de    Craon
259    Mile        Crespin
326    Renaud        Croc
369    Robert        Cruel
209    Honfroi    de    Culai
146    Guillaume    le    Despensier
370    Robert    le    Despensier
37    Beugelin    de    Dive
225    Hugue    de    Dol
62    Gautier    de    Douai
107    Goscelin    de    Douai
5    Amaure    de    Dreux
201    Herman    de    Dreux
147    Guillaume    de    Durville
148    Guillaume    d'    Ecouis
341    Richard    d'    Engagne
197    Hardouin    d'    Escalles
23    Auvrai    d'    Espagne
203    Hervé    d'    Espagne
149    Guillaume        Espec
295    Raoul    de l'    Estourmi
342    Richard    de l'    Estourmi
150    Guillaume    d'    Eu
269    Osberne    d'    Eu
371    Robert    Comte d'    Eu
151    Guillaume    Comte d'    Evreux
412    Roger    d'    Evreux
152    Guillaume    de    Falaise
153    Guillaume    de    Fécamp
200    Henri    de    Ferrières
28    Beaudoin    le    Flamand
52    Eude    le    Flamand
92    Gerboud    le    Flamand
194    Guinemar    le    Flamand
226    Hugue    le    Flamand
253    Josce    le    Flamand
332    Renouf        Flambard
154    Guillaume        Folet
48    Etienne    de    Fontenai
155    Guillaume    de la    Foret
263    Néel        Fossard
156    Guillaume    de    Fougères
296    Raoul    de    Fougères
53    Eude    de    Fourneaux
297    Raoul    de    Framan
343    Richard        Fresle
157    Guillaume        Froissart
372    Robert        Fromentin
298    Raoul    de    Gael
98    Gilbert    de    Gand
373    Robert    fils de    Gerould
123    Gilbert    de    Gibard
30    Berenger        Giffard
63    Gautier        Giffard
270    Osberne        Giffard
374    Robert    de    Glanville
158    Guillaume        Goulaffre
227    Hugue    de    Gournai
264    Néel    de    Gournai
7    Anquetil    de    Grai
64    Gautier    de    Grancourt
228    Hugue    de    Grentemesnil (Grandmesnil)
436    Turold    de    Grenteville
19    Aubert        Greslet
375    Robert        Guernon
438    Turstin    de    Gueron
229    Hugue    de    Guideville
79    Geoffroi    de la    Guierche
65    Gautier        Hachet
376    Robert    de    Harcourt
299    Raoul    de    Hauville
204    Hervé    d'    Hélion
433    Thiel    de    Herion
18    Arnould    d'    Hesdin
66    Gautier        Heuse
230    Hugue    de    Hodenc
231    Hugue    de    Hotot
210    Honfroi    de l'    Ile
300    Raoul    l'    Ile
67    Gautier    d'    Incourt
1    Achard    d'    Ivri
232    Hugue    d'    Ivri
413    Roger    d'    Ivri
68    Gautier    de    Laci
233    Hugue    de    Laci
249    Ilbert    de    Laci
414    Roger    de    Laci
301    Raoul    de    Lanquetot
159    Guillaume    de    Letre
57    Fouque    de    Liborg
302    Raoul    de    Limesi
415    Roger    de    Lisieux
38    Bigot    de    Loges
377    Robert    de    Lorz
160    Guillaume    de    Loucelles
51    Eude    Cul de    Louf
161    Guillaume        Louvet
234    Hugue    de    Maci
43    Durand        Malet
99    Gilbert        Malet
162    Guillaume        Malet
378    Robert        Malet
163    Guillaume    de    Malleville
100    Gilbert        Maminot
235    Hugue        Maminot
81    Geoffroi    de    Mandeville
236    Hugue    de    Manneville
439    Turstin        Mantel
303    Raoul    de    Marci
164    Guillaume    de la    Mare
237    Hugue    de la    Mare
80    Geoffroi    le    Maréchal
82    Geoffroi        Martel
165    Guillaume        Maubenc
105    Gonfroi        Mauduit
166    Guillaume        Mauduit
83    Geoffroi        Maurouard
238    Hugue        Mautravers
344    Richard    de    Meri
24    Auvrai        Merteberge
379    Robert    Comte de    Meulan
29    Beaudoin    de    Meules
416    Roger    de    Meules
239    Hugue    de    Mobec
167    Guillaume    de    Moion
168    Guillaume    de    Monceaux
417    Roger    de    Mongommeri
12    Ansger    de    Montaigu
42    Dreu    de    Montaigu
84    Geoffroi    de    Montbrai
380    Robert    de    Montbrai
214    Hubert    de    Mont-Canisi
240    Hugue    de    Montfort
381    Robert    de    Montfort
241    Hugue    de    Montgommeri
256    Mathieu    de    Mortagne
382    Robert    Comte de    Mortain
304    Raoul    de    Mortemer
383    Robert    des    Moutiers
416    Roger    de    Moyaux
69    Gautier    de    Mucedent
265    Néel    de    Munneville
384    Robert        Murdac
198    Hascouf        Musard
242    Hugue        Musart
417    Roger    de    Mussegros
33    Bernard    de    Neufmarche
345    Richard    de    Neuville
305    Raoul    de    Noron
169    Guillaume    de    Noyers
418    Roger    de    Oistreham
170    Guillaume    fils d'    Olgeanc
70    Gautier    d'    Omontville
419    Roger    d'    Orbec
306    Raoul    d'    Ouilli
385    Robert    d'    Ouilli
307    Raoul        Painel
34    Bernard        Pancevolt
171    Guillaume        Pantoul
437    Turold    de    Papelion
56    Foucher    de    Paris
172    Guillaume    de    Parthenai
271    Osberne        Pastforeire
145    Guillaume    de    Paumera
173    Guillaume        Peche
111    Guernon    de    Peis
85    Geoffroi    Comte du    Perche
16    Arnould    de    Perci
174    Guillaume    de    Perci
175    Guillaume        Pevrel
333    Renouf        Pevrel
420    Roger        Picot
9    Anscoul    de    Picqvini
86    Geoffroi    de    Pierrepont
327    Renaud    de    Pierrepont
386    Robert    de    Pierrepont
308    Raoul        Pinel
309    Raoul        Pipin
176    Guillaume    de    Piquiri
421    Roger    de    Pistres
177    Guillaume        Poignant
346    Richard        Poignant
178    Guillaume    de    Poillei
432    Thierri        Pointel
179    Guillaume    le    Poitevin
422    Roger    le    Poitevin
310    Raoul    de la    Pommeraie
215    Hubert    de    Pont
387    Robert    de    Pontchardon
180    Guillaume    de    Pont-de-l'Arche
243    Hugue    de    Port
272    Osberne    du    Quesnai
311    Raoul    du    Quesnai
181    Guillaume        Quesnel
113    Gui    de    Raimbeaucourt
46    Engerrand    de    Rainbeaucourt
114    Gui    de    Rainecourt
423    Roger    de    Rames
244    Hugue    de    Rennes
182    Guillaume    de    Reviers
347    Richard    de    Reviers
388    Robert    de    Rhuddlan
71    Gautier    de    Riebou
108    Goscelin    de la    Rivière
389    Robert    de    Romenel
8    Anquetil    de    Ros
15    Ansgot    de    Ros
87    Geoffroi    de    Ros
429    Serlon    de    Ros
423    Vauquelin    de    Rosai
441    Turstin    fils de    Rou
4    Alain    le    Roux
88    Geoffroi    de    Runeville
348    Richard    de    Sacquerville
349    Richard    de    Saint-Clair
424    Roger    de    Saint-Germain
328    Renaud    de    Saint-Hélène
440    Turstin    de    Saint-Hélène
390    Robert    de    Saint-Leger
35    Bernard    de    Saint-Ouen
245    Hugue    de    Saint-Quentin
312    Raoul    de    Saint-Sanson
72    Gautier    de    Saint-Valeri
334    Renouf    de    Saint-Waleri
273    Osberne    du    Saussai
314    Raoul    du    Saussai
315    Raoul    de    Sauvigni
13    Ansger    de    Senarpont
54    Eude    le    Sénéchal
196    Hamon    le    Sénéchal
431    Simon    de    Senlis
183    Guillaume    de    Sept-Meules
246    Hugue        Silvestre
425    Roger    de    Sommeri
350    Richard    de    Sourdeval
184    Guillaume        Taillebois
251    Ive        Taillebois
316    Raoul        Taillebois
89    Geoffroi        Talbot
351    Richard        Talbot
25    Auvrai    de    Tanie
192    Guimond    de    Tessel
391    Robert    de    Thaon
317    Raoul    du    Theil
101    Gilbert        Tibon
211    Honfroi    du    Tilleul
442    Turstin        Tinel
73    Gautier        Tirel
185    Guillaume    de    Tocni
31    Berenger    de    Toeni
250    Ilbert    de    Toeni
254    Jumel    de    Toeni
318    Raoul    de    Toeni (Tosny?)
392    Robert    de    Toeni
329    Renaud    de    Torteval
319    Raoul    de    Tourlaville
90    Geoffroi    de    Tournai
320    Raoul    de    Tourneville
321    Raoul        Tranchant
91    Geoffroi    de    Trelli
322    Raoul    fils d'    Unepac
279    Pierre    de    Valognes
186    Guillaume    de    Vatteville
352    Richard    de    Vatteville
393    Robert    de    Vatteville
11    Ansfroi    de    Vaubadon
276    Osmont    de    Vaubadon
335    Renouf        Vaubadon
187    Guillaume    de    Vauville
3    Altard    de    Vaux
394    Robert    des    Vaux
395    Robert    de    Veci
21    Aubri    de    Ver
188    Guillaume    de    Ver
36    Bertran    de    Verdun
74    Gautier    de    Vernon
213    Huard    de    Vernon
353    Richard    de    Vernon
252    Ive    de    Vesci
189    Guillaume    de    Vesli
247    Hugue    de    Vesli
396    Robert    de    Vesli
397    Robert    de    Villon
212    Honfroi        Vis-de-Louf
323    Raoul        Vis-de-Loup
248    Hugue    de    Viville
274    Osberne    de    Warci
190    Guillaume    de    Warenne
102    Gilbert    de    Werables
103    Gilbert    de    Wissant
2    Aievl       
14    Ansgot       
26    Azor       
39    Carbonnel       
44    Ecouland       
255    Lanfranc       
260    Murdac       
275    Osmond       
278    Picot       
324    Ravenot       
434    Toustain       
435    Turold       
424    Vital       
425    Wadard  

Geoffroy de Mortagne
Guillaume Fitz Osbern
Aimery IV de Thouars, vicomte de Thouars     

I did find the reference in the Archives and it is not very old just 1927 but it would be interesting to borrow this book and see what it has to say about the document as it does look to be older than this time period:

Identifiant pérenne de la notice :
Titre :
Guillaume le Conquérant [Texte imprimé] : légende et histoire : le chef d'armée et l'organisateur ; essai suivi d'une Liste des Compagnons de Guillaume / H.Prentout
Alphabet du titre :
Auteur(s) :
Prentout, Henri (1867-....). Auteur
Date(s) :
Langue(s) :
Pays :
Editeur(s) :
Caen : E.Lanier, 1927
Description :
1 vol. (78 p.-[1] f. de pl.) ; 23 cm 
Lien(s) externe(s)
Worldcat : 

Another rather interesting document emerged in my searching the web but again the date of this document is 18th century (the images are found at this site) and handwritten. This document does not carry the forenames but rather refers to the men as seigneur or comte as follows:

Dimensions 32,5 x 25
Institution France - Rouen - Archives départementales de Seine-Maritime
Référence d'origine J 221
Période chronologique Moyen Âge
Thématique Relations politiques et militaires
Rappel historique

A la mort d’Edouard le Confesseur en 1066, Harold se fait couronner roi d’Angleterre, prenant ainsi le trône qui revenait à Guillaume Le Bâtard.

Devant le refus d’Harold de lui laisser le royaume, Guillaume décide de lever une armée pour se rendre outre-manche. Tout juste dix mois séparent la mort d’Edouard de la victoire d’Hastings.


Le débarquement se déroula sans encombre à Pevensey et les grandes manœuvres de l’armée aboutirent à la victoire d’Hastings, le 14 octobre 1066.

Pour plus de détails :

Pierre Bouet, Hastings, 14 octobre 1066, Tallandier, 2010.

Michel de Boüard, Guillaume le Conquérant, Fayard, 2010.

The Bayeux Tapestry which we saw in Rouen does mention some of these bolded and italicised names.