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Will of Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake, Town of Galway, Ireland - The National Archives PROB 11/1232, probated 4 May 1793

Peter Bodkin Blake’s will is below and the remainder of the files are letters that he wrote (annexed as codicils) and reading through them the only comments that prove to be interesting are the references to Sir Walter Blake (10th Baronet). These references do not add anything to my knowledge of the Blake family at Galway. I have only transcribed the original will, one codicil of six and the probate.

There are a number of Bodkin-Blake marriages in the Blake family at Galway.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 15 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1232
Name of testator: Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake
Place: Town of Galway, Ireland now residing in England
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 7 May 1787, probated 4 May 1793

[In margin] Peter Bodkin otherwise Peter Bodkin Blake

1    In the Name of God Amen
2    I Peter Bodkin commonly called Peter Bodkin Blake of
3    the Town of Galway in the Kingdom of Ireland but
4    now resident in England Gent do make this my last
5    Will and Testament in my own handwriting in
6    manner following that is to say Declaring that I
7    am a Protestant having duly conformed to that
8    Religion in the said Kingdom of Ireland I order
9    that my Body may be decently buried in the Parish
10    wherever I may die and as to such worldly Substance
11    as God has Pleased to bless me with I hereby dispose
12    of the same in manner following my just debts
13    and Funeral expence being first paid (that is to say) I
14    Give unto my Brother Francis Bodkin one shilling I
15    give unto William Greny Son to Thomas Greny of
16    Greginore in the County of Galway in Ireland deceased
17    my Bed and every thing else of mine which shall be
18    in my apartment in the said Town of Galway I
19    Give unto my Nephew and Niece Nicholas Brown and
20    his Sister Jane Brown one shilling each I Give unto
21    my two Nephews Ambrose Bodkin and Hyacinth Bodkin
22    of Kilbroge in the County of Galway in Ireland one
23    hundred pounds each of English money to be paid to
24    them respectively without Interest by my Executors herein
25    after named at their respective ages of twenty one
26    years but not sooner than two years next after my
27    decease and I direct that in case either of my said
28    two Nephews Ambrose and Hyacinth Bodkin shall
29    die before he shall attain the age
30    of twenty one years or sooner than two years next
31    after my decease the share of him so dying shall go
32    to the survivor of them payable also without Interest
33    at the age of twenty one years but not sooner than
34    two years next after my decease and in case both
35    my said Nephews shall die under the said age of
36    Twenty one years or sooner than two years next
37    after my decease I do give the said two several sums
38    of one hundred  and one hundred pounds unto my
39    worthy friend William Pollard of St Swithins Lane
40    London Merchant to whom I owe infinite obligations for
41    the Singular Services he has rendered to me I Give
42    unto my said Nephew Hyacinth Bodkin his heirs
43    Executors and administrators my two Leasehold houses
44    in the West Sabbt of Galway the one in the occupation of
45    Bartholomew Kelly and the other in the occupation of
46    Thomas Bursee he paying the Rent reserved by and
47    performing the covenants on the Tenant or Lessees part
48    contained in the Lease under which I hold the same
49    I Give unto Mr John Cologan of London Merchant
50    one of the Parties in trade with the said William
51    Pollard One hundred pounds Sterling to be raised and paid
52    to him within two years next after my decease and
53    I direct that the said Legacies to my Nephews Ambrose
54    and Hyacinth Bodkin and John Cologan amounting
55    together to three hundred pounds Sterling shall be
56    raised when payable by Sale of One hundred and
57    forty two pounds of the Capital Stock of the English
58    United East India Company which shall be standing in
59    my Name at my decease and the deficiency that may
60    be to make up or compleat the said sum of three hundred
61    pounds I direct that the same shall be raised out of
62    the Dividends of my said East India Stock which shall
63    become due after my decease and as to the residue of
64    the said East India Stock I direct the same shall continue
65    Standing in my Name so long as the said East India
66    Company shall exist and that the dividends to arise
67    thereby During the life of the said William Pollard
68    shall be received by him for his own use and after his
69    death the said dividends shall belong to such persons
70    as he shall by Will direct and in default of such
71    direction to his Executors or Administrators I direct that
72    the sum of three per cent Consolidated English Bank
73    Annuities which shall be standing in my name at my
74    decease shall continue standing therein during the existence
75    of the said Fund and that the dividends to arise thereby
76    during the life of my good friend Mr James Cooper the
77    other partner in trade with the said William Pollard
78    shall be received by him the said James Cooper for hi
79    own use and after his death the dividends of the said
80    Bank Annuities shall belong to such persons as he
81    shall by Will direct and in default of such direction then
82    to his Executors or Administrators I Give unto my said
83    Nephew Ambrose Bodkin his Executors and Administrators
84    a debt due from Richard Martin of Galway or Kentville
85    in the County of the Town of Galway aforesaid which
86    stand Secured by a Bond and Warrant of Attorney dated
87    respectively the Twenty second of January One thousand
88    Seven hundred and Eighty one to me for One hundred
89    and Twenty three pounds two shillings Sterling with all
90    the Interest that may be due thereon at the time of
91    my decease and as to all the residue of my Estate and
92    Effects whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature
93    or kind soever as were real or personal I Give devise
94    and Bequeath the same unto the said William
95    Pollard his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns
96    and to and for his and their own use and benefit
97    and in case the said John Cologan William Pollard
98    and James Cooper or any or either of them shall
99    refuse or decline to accept of any or either of the
100    Legacies and Bequests in this my Will give to
101    them as aforesaid then it is my will and desire and
102    I do hereby Give and Bequeath such of the said
103    Legacies as shall be so refused unto the Treasurer for
104    the time being of Greens Hospital to be applied by
105    him towards the support of the Seaman belonging to
106    the said Hospital and I do hereby constitute and appoint
107    the said William Pollard and James Cooper Executors of
108    this my Will and in case they shall both refuse
109    or decline the Execution of this my Will
110    then I appoint the Treasurer for the time being of
111    the said Hospital Sole Executor of this my Will
112    and revoking all former Wills by me at any time
113    heretofore made I do publish and declare this to
114    be my last Will and Testament in Witness whereof
115    I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this Seventh
116    day of May One thousand Seven hundred and Eighty
117    Seven Peter Bodkin Blake Signed Sealed
118    published and Declared by the said Peter Bodkin Blake
119    the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in
120    the presence of us who in his presence at his request
121    and in the presence of each other have thereto set
122    our Names as witnesses thereto Iona Thompson
123    J[onathan] Bugg Sarah Grant
124    Messrs Cologan Pollard and Hooper Galway the 30th May 1791
125    Gentleman I received your most esteemed favour of 9th
126    July last you insist I should let you know the
127    charge on the Bill on Curly It was wrote on the
128    protest thereof 6 shillings and 6 pence Irish making 6 [shillings]
129    English money with which I debit account I am
130    heartily sorry for the death of our mutual very good
131    friend Mr John Thompson Tis well he sent you my
132    Will previous to his death I am glad you think any
133    alteration I Will by Letter make in said will is binding
134    according to Law I beg you’l open and read said Will
135    Hyacinth Bodkin ye younger Brother of Ambrose
136    Bodkin mentioned in said will died in Dublin in Sep
137    last aged about 19 years and a half owing to his folly
138    and debauching and his Mother giving him too much
139    money tho he had a very strong constitution and the
140    older Brother Ambrose Bodkin came of age the 12th
141    Feby last who has a weak constitution yet he
142    follows as debauched a life as his said Brother
143    therefore tis thought he will  not live many years
144    unfortunately he take pleasure in boasting he can
145    bear drinking 3 or 4 bottles of wine after dinner
146    which he frequently does Soon after he came of age
147    I wrote him a Letter stating how I had a demand
148    to his and formerly my deceased Fathers Estate of £500
149    pds or by my giving Credit for £200 I received from my
150    Father for my age of 17 years to my age of 21 years in small payments in
151    that there remained at least 800 pds due to me as
152    the remainder of my childs portion this letter was
153    delivered to him by my Sister in Law his Mother who
154    thought my demand just and reasonable he did not give
155    her or to me a satisfactory answer therefore he shall
156    get no Legacy by me I hereby order desire and will that
157    the two hundred pounds sterling and everything else
158    which I willed and ordered for my Nephews Ambrose
159    and Hyacinth Bodkin in my said Will be given to Mr
160    William Pollard one of the Executors to my said Will
161    or to his issue or heirs payable in like manner as I
162    had ordered and willed it to be paid to my said
163    Nephews Ambrose and Hyacinth Bodkin I beg you’l
164    not answer this Letter directed to Galway for fear your
165    Letter should be opened by mistake as I would chuse
166    to keep this affair secret I intend soon to go to
167    Dublin from where I will write in form to Mr
168    William Pollard and to Mr James Cooper Executors to
169    my said Will I now write you this alteration in my
170    said will for fear death or my accedance should
171    happen me in my journey to Dublin I have this
172    day drawn a Bill on you at 21 days sight in
173    favour of the Right honourable David Larouche and Co for
174    £57 pounds which I entreat you’l please to honor
175    being on account of one years dividends due to me
176    last Xmas on my £512 pds etc India Stock and also on
177    my £500 pds Stock in the Bank Consolidated Annuities
178    I hope the dividends continued at 8 per cent on the
179    India Stock notwithstanding the great War at present
180    in the East Indies my next Letter to you or to the
181    Executors of my last Will I hope will be soon from Dublin
182    In the Interim I am most affectionately Gentleman
183    your most obedient humble Servant Peter Bodkin Blake
184    P.S. I say the Bill I have drawn on you this Day is
185    for fifty Seven pounds Sterl: Galway the 30th May
186    1791 Peter Bodkin Blake
187    This Will was proved at London with Six
188    Codicils the Fourth day of May in the year of our Lord
189    One thousand Seven hundred and Ninety three before the
190    Worshipful John Fisher Doctor of Laws Surrogate of the
191    Right honorable Sir Willian Wynne Knight and also Doctor of
192    Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the Prerogative
193    Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted by the oaths of
194    William Pollard and James Cooper Esquires two of the
195    Executors named in the Fourth Codicil to whom Administration
196    was Granted of all and singular the Goods Chattels and
197    Credits of the deceased having been first sworn duly to
198    administer power reserved of making the like Grant to
199    John Cologan Esquire the other Executor named in the
200    fourth Codicil when he shall apply for the same

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Will of Peter Bodkin Blake

I have been transcribing the will of Peter Bodkin Blake (five adobe reader files) and it is slow going through this one. I can not really decide if it is worth doing with regard to the Blake one name study project. His name is actually Peter Bodkin. He does not mention any Blake members but did live at Galway Ireland.

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Will of Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake, Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland - The National Archives PROB 11/1666, probated 26 Feb 1823

I located the will of Elizabeth Hamilton, sister of the present testator, Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake. That may help to locate this testator in terms of her state (i.e. married, spinster).

According to Elizabeth Hamilton’s will she was a spinster at the time of writing the will. She lived at Harrowgate, Yorkshire. She mentions her sister Katherine Blake.

In that I am mostly interested in the Blake surname I will not continue investigating this Blake line as I can not find the marriage of Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake.

Elizabeth Hamilton’s will was proved twice, once by Mary Anne and Elenor Crawford 25 Sep 1816 and following their deaths by Steward Crawford the 7th July 1821.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 15 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1666
Name of testator: Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake
Place: Eccles Street, Dublin, Ireland
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 23 Nov 1822, probated 26 Feb 1823

[In margin] Katherine otherwise Catherine Blake 9
[Top] Extracted from the Registry of his Majestys Court of Prerogative in Ireland

1    I Katherine Blake at present
2    residing in Eccles Street Dublin being blessed be God in
3    tolerable health and in possession of all my faculties aware
4    of the uncertain continuance of these mercies and of life
5    itself think it my duty to make this my last will and
6    Testament which I write with my own hand and declare
7    to be as follows in consequence of the lamented decease of
8    my beloved relatives Mary Anne and Elenor Crawford
9    who by the will of my late Sister Elizabeth Hamilton
10    were appointed heirs and successors at my death to her
11    moiety of a sum in the Navy five per Cent Government
12    Stock I consider that the disposal of said stocks reverts to me
13    as her nearest of kin together with my own moiety of
14    said property which was held by my Sister as my trustee
15    as appears by the will of my said Sister I therefore bequeath
16    to the Reverend Thomas Crawford and to John Crawford
17    the brothers of the late Mary Ann and Elenor Crawford
18    that Moiety of joint property which was by the will of my
19    late Sister bequeathed to the said Mary Ann and Eleanor
20    Crawford to be divided between the said Thomas and John
21    Crawford share and share alike I bequeath to the Reverend
22    Thomas Crawford the sum of four hundred pounds to be
23    paid out of my Moiety of property as above described but
24    now by Act of parliament removed into the four per Cents
25    and held for my benefit in the name of Stewart Crawford
26    Esquire of Bath surviving trustee and Executor to the Will
27    of my late Sister I bequeath to my Cousin John Crawford
28    the whole residue of my Moiety of property as already
29    mentioned as being in the four per Cents I also bequeath
30    to the said John Crawford the whole amount of my
31    property in the three per Cent Government Stock in England
32    which was vested by my desire in May 1819 in the name
33    of Mary Anne and Eleanor Crawford as acting trustees to
34    the Will of my late Sister Elizabeth Hamilton the said
35    bequest to remain subject to an annuity of ten pounds per
36    annum to my Cousin Ann Crawford during the term of
37    her life to be regularly paid by her Nephew the said John
38    Crawford my Books plate prints with all articles of household
39    furniture of which I may die possessed I leave to my Cousins
40    the Reverend Thomas Crawford and John Crawford
41    excepting such as I may hereafter specify to be equally divided
42    between them or sold as they may think fit I desire that all
43    my debts including death fees and funeral expences shall
44    be discharged as soon as possible after my death and after
45    which I constitute my Cousin John Crawford residuary
46    Legatee to my remaining property inpowering him as
47    Executor to this my will to enforce payment of whatever
48    sum or sums may be due to me at the time of my death
49    and it is my request that he will accept and discharge the
50    office of Executor to this my Will which I doubt not he will
51    most faithfully perform
52    Bartholomew Maziere of No 6 Hardwich Street in
53    the County of the City of Dublin Esquire make the oath
54    on the holy Evangelists and saith that he knew and was
55    well acquainted with Katherine Blake late of Eccles
56    Street in the County of the City of Dublin aforesaid deceased
57    and with her usual Character and manner of handwriting
58    having often seen her write and deponent having carefully
59    viewed perused and examined a paper Writing hereunto annexed
60    purporting to be the last Will and Testament or Testamentary
61    disposition in Writing of said deceased beginning “I Katherine Blake
62    at present residing in Eccles Street Dublin” and ending “which I
63    doubt not he will most faithfully perform” saith that every word
64    letter and figure in said will or Testamentary disposition in writing
65    is all of the proper handwriting of the said Katherine Blake
66    deceased to the best of deponents Judgement and belief Bartholomew
67    Maziere Sworn this 23rd day of November 1822 before us I Radcliff
68    Proved at London 26th February 1823 before the worshipful
69    Jesee Addams doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the Oath of John
70    Crawford Doctor of Medicine the sole Executor to whom Admon
71    was granted limited so far only as concerns all the Right Title
72    and Interest of her the said Katherine otherwise Catherine
73    Blake deceased in and to all her separate Estate and Effects over
74    which she had a disposing power by virtue of a certain deed
75    of Separation bearing date the 10th day of July 1787 and hath
76    disposed of accordingly and all benefit and advantage to be
77    had received and taken there from but no further or otherwise
78    being first sworn duly to administer

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Will of Henry Blake of Lehinch, co Mayo, Ireland - The National Archives, PROB 11/1075, probated 14 Mar 1781

The testator, Henry Blake, is descendant of the Galway Blake family being a 12th great grandson of Richard Caddell alias Blake. Henry, the testator, was the son of Henry Blake and Charity Annesley and his sister Charity married Thomas Newburgh. Neither of the children had any descendants and, as mentioned, the property of the testator is passing to his kinsman Valentine Blake son of Mark Blake.

The grandfather of the testator was Patrick Blake and Patrick was the son of Henry Blake who had emigrated to Montserrat about 1668, returning to Galway in 1676 where he purchased the estate of Lehinch, Co Mayo and the estate of Renvyle, Co Galway. This Henry had three sons Patrick, John and Nicholas and a daughter Katherine. None of these sons had a line that continued past the current testator.

Henry was the son of John Blake and Mary French. John had been the Mayor of Galway and was elected MP. His family included four sons and four daughters. The eldest son was named Thomas Blake with Henry being the second eldest. The present testator had selected the descendant of Thomas to be his successor to his estates. Thomas married Mary Blake (his cousin) and their eldest son was John Blake and he married Eveline Lynch. Their second eldest son was Mark Blake and he had married Joan French. Their second eldest son was Valentine Blake mentioned in the will below.

Relationship Chart

Valentine Blake [120] is the 3rd cousin of Henry Blake [1602]

                                Common Ancestor

                                  * John Blake [73]
                                (          -1680/1681)
                                 * Mary French [84]
                     |                                      |
                     |                                      |
            * Henry Blake [86]                      * Thomas Blake [85]
             (          -1704)                     (          -Abt 1690)
                                                             Mary Blake [876]
                                              Married likely 10 Feb 1658 [54]
                     |                                      |
                     |                                      |
           * Patrick Blake [87]                     * John Blake [107]
             (          -1693)                     (          -Aft 1720)
                                                           Eveline Lynch [114]
                                                  Married 28 Dec 1695 [57]
                     |                                      |
                     |                                      |
            * Henry Blake [88]                      * Mark Blake [116]
          Charity Annesley [1600]                    Joan French [117]
             (          -1732)                   Married 18 Sep 1731 [58]
            Married 1721 [731]
                     |                                      |
                     |                                      |
           * Henry Blake [1602]                   * Valentine Blake [120]
           (          -Bef 1780)                     (          -1800)

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 14 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1075
Name of testator: Henry Blake
Place: Lehinch, Mayo, Ireland
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 5 May 1779, probated 14 Mar 1781

[In margin] Henry Blake Esqr
[Top] Extracted from the Registry of his Majestys Court of Prerogative in Ireland

1    In the Name of God Amen
2    I Henry Blake of Lehinch in the County of Mayo Esqr
3    do make and publish this my last Will and Testament
4    and dispose of my real and personal Estates in manner
5    following hereby revoking all former Wills First I devise
6    all my Lands and my Estates in the Countys of
7    Mayo and Galway Subject to and chargeable with
8    all my Just debts which I order and will to be paid
9    out of the Rents and proceeds thereof and Subject
10    also to such Legacies and annuities as are herein
11    after bequeathed and charged upon the same unto the
12    Honourable James Brown of __n Street in the City
13    of Dublin Councellor at Law and Arthur McGuire
14    of Dawson Street in the said City Esqr and their
15    heirs to the use of and In Trust for my Kinsman
16    Valentine Blake late of the Island of Jamaica
17    Merchant but now at Lehinch above mentioned for and
18    during the Term of his natural life and from and
19    after the determination of that Estate to my said
20    Trustees James Brown and Arthur McGuire and
21    their heirs during the life of the said Valentine Blake
22    to preserve the contingent Remainders herein after
23    limited from being destroyed and for that purpose
24    to make Entries and bring actions as the case
25    shall require yet nevertheless in Trust to permit the said
26    Valentine Blake and his assigns to receive the Rents
27    and profits thereof to his and their own proper use
28    and benefit during his life and from and after his
29    decease to the use of the first and every other Son of
30    the said Valentine Blake severally and Successively
31    one after the other according to their priority of
32    Birth and the heirs Male of their Several and
33    respective Bodies in regular Tail Male provided
34    always that such Sons of said Valentine Blake
35    be begotten the Body of a protestant Wife born of
36    a protestant Father and Mother and not otherwise
37    and I do hereby give full power to said Valentine
38    Vale to charge my said Estates in the hands of my
39    Trustees aforesaid with a Jointure to the life of
40    any such protestant wife as is above discribed whom
41    he may Marry to consist of any annual
42    he may think fit not Exceeding however Five
43    hundred pounds a Year and also to charge them
44    with the Sum of Five thousand pounds for any
45    Younger Children he may have by such protestant
46    Wife to be divided amongst them in such shares
47    and to be payable at such times as he shall by any
48    authentick writing appoint and also to make Leases
49    of any of my said Lands for Twenty one Years or two
50    Lives at the best Improved Rent but no in Reversion
51    But if my said Kinsman Valentine Blake should not
52    Marry such a protestant Wife or so Marrying should
53    not leave Issue Male by her or that such Issue being
54    had should die before full Age without leaving Issue
55    Male then and in any of such cases my Will is that all
56    my said Lands and Real Estates shall be and go to the
57    use of my Kinsman John Blake Son of Mark
58    Blake of the Town of Galway and Younger Brother
59    of the aforesaid Valentine Blake for and during his
60    natural life with the same provisions for preserving
61    contingent remainders as have been herein before
62    mentioned in my devise to his Elder Brother Valentine
63    Blake provided the said John shall become a protestant
64    within three Months after the said Lands shall fall
65    to him and after his decease to the use of his Sons
66    Successively in regular Tail Male following Exactly the
67    same Line of Succession as is mentioned in my devise
68    to the Sons of his Brother Valentine and Subject
69    to the same Condition of such Son being born of
70    such a protestant Wife as is above described and in
71    case the said John Blake shall Marry ever a protestant
72    Wife I then give him the same powers for Settling
73    a Jointure charging with portions for Younger
74    Children and making of Leases that I have herein
75    above given to his Elder Brother Valentine but if he the
76    said John Blake should not so conform or not
77    Marry such a protestant Wife or so Marrying there
78    should be a Failure of Issue Male by such Marriage
79    then my Will is that all my said Lands and Estates
80    in the Countys aforesaid shall be and go to the use
81    of Arthur Mr Guire Esqr my Trustee above mentioned
82    and his heirs for ever Secondly I devise my share of
83    and all my Interest in the Lands of Lullimore and
84    Lullibog lying in the County of Kildare to my
85    Kinsman Arthur McGuire Esqr my Trustee before
86    mentioned and in heirs for ever the said Lands being
87    used by John Annesley of Ballysax in the said County
88    of Kildare Esqr Thirdly I hereby charge my said
89    Lands and Estates in the Countys of Mayo and Galway
90    aforesaid with the following Legacies and annual
91    Rent charges to be paid out of the Rents of said
92    Lands and order that the Rent charges shall
93    commence on the first day of May which shall next
94    ensue the day of my decease and shall thence forward
95    be payable half Yearly and be recoverable by Distress
96    Viz[ a vi]t I bequeath to my Cousin Dorothy Rutledge of
97    Killala in the County of Mayo aforesaid but now of
98    Lehnich before mentioned a Rent charge of Sixty
99    pounds a Year for and during her life to her sole and
100    Separate use as if unmarried to be paid into no
101    hands but her own and upon her own Receipt only
102    and this I give her in lieu of the annuity I now
103    allow her which is to cease on my death and I
104    hereby ratify the Gift of one hundred pounds which
105    I formerly promised her in my Letter to her Brother
106    Francis Knox Esqre a bequeath to each of her
107    daughters Mary and Charity Rutledge the Sum of
108    two hundred pounds to be paid to them on the days
109    of their Marriage respectively provided they Marry
110    with the previous advice and intire consent of their
111    mother above mentioned and of their uncle Francis
112    Knox Esqre and if they should not Marry in the
113    life time of their said Mother then the said two
114    hundred pounds so bequeathed to each of them shall
115    bear Interest from their said Mothers decease and
116    not before I bequeath to James Rutledge the
117    Brother of the aforesaid Mary and Charity Rutledge
118    the Sum of three hundred pounds to bear Interest
119    from the day of my decease but not to be payable
120    except upon some rational Scheme for his advancement
121    to be approved of by his uncle Francis Knox aforesaid
122    and by my Executors herein after mentioned or any
123    two of them I bequeath to my Cousins Ann Cuff and
124    Bridget Cuff of Stephens Green in the City of Dublin
125    a Rent charge of twenty pounds a year to each of
126    them Severally for and during their lives respectively
127    requesting their kind acceptance of this small Token
128    of my regard and Esteem I bequeath to my Servant
129    Hugh Kane now living with me at Lehinch
130    aforesaid a Rent charge of Fifteen pounds a year
131    during his life over and above his wages which I
132    hereby order to be continued and paid to him
133    Yearly as long as he lives out of the Rents of
134    my Lands aforesaid and I leave him besides
135    Forty pounds to Build a house I order that all
136    the Servants living with me at the time of my
137    decease shall each of them receive a Years wages
138    over and above what may be then due to them
139    Fourthly as to all the personal Estate I may die
140    possessed of in the Kingdom of England or Ireland
141    I dispose of it in the manner following I give to
142    my friend and Kinsman the hon[our]able George
143    Browne of Claremont in the County of Mayo all
144    my plate Jewells and Trinkets that are in my
145    Iron Chest at Arthur McGuire Esqre in Dawson
146    Street Dublin to be applied to the use of his
147    daughter Margaret Browne as he may think fit
148    I give to my Kinsman Francis Blake of Ralena
149    in the County of Roscommon Esqre one hundred
150    Guineas and I give the like Sum of one hundred
151    Guineas to my friend Fitzherbert Richards now of half
152    Moon Street in the City of London Esqre and I give
153    the like Sum to the hon[oura]ble James Browne my
154    Trustee herein before mentioned requesting of each of
155    them that they would respectively lay out this Money
156    in the purchase a Ring a Snuff Box or something
157    of that sort to be kept as a Memorial of their Friend
158    I give to my Kinsman John Knox of Dorset Street
159    in the City of Dublin Second Son of James Knox
160    of Moyne in the County of Mayo Esqre Five hundred
161    pounds I give to my friend Parsons Sterling of
162    Sackville Street in the City of London Esqre the eight
163    hundred pounds Stock which I have there in the
164    four per Cent Bank Consolidated Annuities In Trust
165    to his Son James Sterling to be applied to the sole
166    use and advancement of the said James and to
167    no other purpose whatever I give to my Friend
168    Arthur McGuire Esqre above mentioned Six hundred
169    pounds together with all the Interest and Costs
170    which may be due at my decease on the Several
171    Bonds left including Settlement Bonds or all __of them as have not be applied by
172    me to the exs of my Mothers Will or the Expences
173    of the Executorship thereof I order my Executors to
174    deliver up to those Intitled to them by virtue of my
175    Mothers Will first deducting out of the Contents of
176    said Bonds whatever may remain due to me for
177    the said Expences of the Executorship and the debts
178    and Legacies discharged by me as to all the rest of
179    my said personal Fortune be it where it will or of
180    what nature it may I give to my Kinsman
181    Valentine Blake aforesaid and do hereby appoint
182    my residuary Legatee thereof Lastly I appoint the
183    Hon[oura]ble George Browne also before mentioned Arthur
184    McGuire Esqre herein also before mentioned and the
185    said Valentine Blake to be the Executors of this
186    my last Will and In Witness whereof I have hereunto
187    put my hand and Seal the Fifth day of May
188    one thousand Seven hundred and Seventy nine 1779
189    when the words benefit and the the words so
190    conform or not and the words and not before and
191    the word there and the word be were Interlined
192    in different places with my own hand H Blake
193    Signed Sealed published and declared by the
194    above named Henry Blake as his last Will and
195    Testament in the presence of us who Subscribe our
196    names as Witnesses in his presence and in the
197    presence of each other Christ Howe Thom Lindsey
198    Willm Fish
199    In the Name of God Amen
200    I Henry Blake of Lehinch in the Kingdom of
201    Ireland but now of Maddox Street Hanover Square
202    in the City of London do make and publish this
203    Codicil to my last Will and Testament which I
204    deposited in the hands of the hon[oura]ble George
205    Browne of Claremont in the Kingdom of
206    Ireland First I order that I may be Buried in a
207    very private manner at Bromley or Eltham in
208    Kent at the option of such of my Relations and
209    Friends as may be kind enough to see these last
210    offices performed to me and in hopes that my
211    Bones may be the more likely to remain undisturbed
212    I desire that my Grave may be made very deep and
213    desire that there may be no Inscription on the Flat
214    Stone to be placed over my Grave but these words
215    Sir Edgment Henricus Blake armiger ob nt Vpa
216    with my arms Engraved at Top in the plain manner
217    they are on my Seal 2dly I order that the following
218    Tenants at Lehinch shall be Forgiven all the
219    arrears of Rent which they may owe at the May
220    or November proceeding my death viz Robert Dyrcoll
221    Samuel Johnston George Buchard Patrick and
222    John Hagarty Brothers at Cloneen and Cormick
223    Hugllos of the same place and also Michael
224    Hugllos of Towne Daikin and Henry Pott Mallett
225    (Kirwan the Son of the Sick old Mary) and I desire each
226    of the poor cotters of Siss__tava may be Forgiven
227    half a years Rent in their account next occurring
228    my decease Also the three last named persons are
229    all of Carrowkell[y] 3dly I bequeath to the two Miss
230    Morgans with whom I lodge all the Furniture that
231    belongs to me in the dining Room here viz[ a vi]t my
232    large Book Case my large reading desk with the
233    Cabinet of Drawers underneath it my Small
234    writing desk and all my Framed and Glazed
235    prints in the Dineing Room and Closet and all the
236    Ireland Tea Trays and the Table Tray I likewise
237    bequeath to Miss Ann Morgan Fifty Guineas and
238    to her Sister Miss Elizabeth Morgan thirty Guineas
239    for their Great care of me during my Illness to be
240    paid them directly and the Furniture to be delivered
241    up to them as soon as my Executors has taken out
242    the Contents 4thly I give to my Servant Patrick
243    Donoghoe if living with me at the time of my
244    death all my Linnen and wearing apparel of
245    every kind that I have in England I order that
246    his wages and Boys wages be continued till my
247    Executor comes to England and has Settled my
248    affairs here provided said Patrick will remain here
249    as long as I hope he will I order he may get
250    ten pounds to buy him Mourning and Ten
251    pounds more to be on his Expences back to Ireland
252    and that when he gets there he may get two
253    years wages over and above what may be then due to
254    him 5thly I order that Hugh McCoy shall stand
255    rent free in his Freehold during his life he paying
256    only for those acres which he holds over and above his
257    Freehold 6thly if I should not die in London or near
258    it I desire that I may be buried at the nearest
259    Village Church to the place of my decease 7thly I
260    appoint my Kinsman Valentine Blake now of
261    Lehinch Executor to this Codicil 8thly I leave the
262    following Trifles to some of my Friends which
263    I request they will kindly accept as Small
264    Memorandums of the regard of their departed
265    Friend and if I should have made any different
266    disposition of the Following things in will (which
267    I cannot now recollect not having a copy of my
268    Will by me) I desire that the present disposition may
269    stand good notwithstanding said Will viz[ a vi]t I leave
270    my Graham watch and Seals except the Seals
271    with my arms and Cypher which I leave to my
272    Executor to my Friends the hon[oura]ble Richard Gow
273    now of this City I leave my Gold Headed Cane
274    to my Friend Parsons Sterlings Esqre now also of
275    this City and I leave the diamond Ring that was
276    in _isters which will be found in one of the
277    drawers of my large Reading desk to my Friend
278    Francis Knox Esqre now likewise of this City but I
279    desire that before it is presented to him my Executor
280    would get it now set in a handsome manner
281    with small Stones Round it either as a Mourning
282    Ring or as a Socket at the choise of my said
283    Friend 9thly I desire that all my Books and prints
284    may be Sold by action or otherwise as my Executor
285    may be advised but I recommend that Mr Paine
286    at the Mews gate in Castle Street may have a
287    preference he being the faires honeste man
288    my Executor can deal with the prints I
289    suppose be Sold by action and I bequeath the
290    produce of said Books and prints to my
291    Cousin Bridget Cuff of Stephens Green Dublin
292    10thly I bequeath the eight hundred pounds Stock
293    which I have in the Four per Cent Consol Fund
294    to my Friend Parsons Sterling Esqre above
295    mentioned In Trust for the use of his Son James
296    Sterling if I should have mentioned this bequest
297    in my Will as I believe I have it being always
298    my intentions that what is here mentioned is only
299    to be considered as a confirmation of the said
300    Legacy in my Will or rather an unnecessary
301    repetition I except out of the Book I have ordered
302    to be held here those which are ready packed up
303    in the deal Box in the Clost they being mostly
304    Books printed in Dublin which are not Saleable here
305    and I desire my Executor may take them to
306    Ireland for his own use In witness whereof I have
307    here unto put my hand and Seal in London this
308    18 December 1779 H Blake Signed Sealed and
309    published in presence of Wm Lyndon
310    The last will and Testament and Codicil of
311    Henry Blake late of Lehinch in the county
312    of Mayo Esquire deceased (having and soforth
313    was proved and approved in Common Form
314    of Said and Registered in his Majesty Court
315    of Prerogative and the burden of the Execution
316    of and administration of the Goods
317    and so forth of the said deceased were
318    granted by the most Reverend Father
319    Richard and so forth to Valentine Blake
329    Esquire one of the Executors therein named
321    he being first personally Sworn Saving the
322    the Right of the honourable George
323    Browne and Arthur McGuire Esquire
324    the other Executors and so Forth (Sowing
325    and soforth) dated the 9th day of November
326    in the year of our Lord 1780
327    A true copy which I attest
328    Hen Upton
329    d Regr
330    This Will was proved at London with a
331    Codicil the fourteenth day of March in the Year
332    of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred eighty
333    one before the Right Worshipful Peter Calvert
334    doctor of Laws Master Keeper or Commissary of the
335    prerogative Court of Canterbury lawfully constituted
336    by the oath of Valentine Blake one of Executors
337    named in the said Will to whom administration
338    was granted of all and Singular the Goods
339    Chattels and Credits of the deceased having
340    been first Sworn by Commission duly to administer
341    power reserved of making the like grant to the
342    Honourable George Browne and Arthur Mc
343    Guire otherwise Macquire Esquire the other
344    Executors named in the said Will when they
345    or either of them shall apply for the same.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Will of Elizabeth Graham Blake, Belmont, Galway, Ireland - The National Archives PROB 11/1882, probated 19 Aug 1837

No information could be located on the testator, Elizabeth Graham Blake of Belmont, Galway.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 14 Feb 2017
Source:  The National Archives, PROB 11/1882
Name of testator: Elizabeth Graham Blake
Place: Belmont, Galway, Ireland
Type of Record: Will
Dated: 19 April 1836, probated 19 Aug 1837

[In margin] Elizabeth Graham Blake 6

1    This is my Will I give and bequeath All my Property
2    and rights moveable and unmoveable in whatever place they may exist without any deception
3    or reserve that is to say in d’enfunt to Miss Marie Seontine Graham born at Paris on the
4    twentieth of January 1825 who shall enjoy the same during her life and until her decease
5    reckoning from the day of the opening of my succession and in reversion to Mr Pierre Alphonse
6    Gauthier working at Paris No 36 in the Rue de Baidy who shall receive the d’enfunt thereof
7    on the decease of Miss Graham Consequently I appoint Miss Marie Seontine Graham and
8    Mr Pierre Alphonse Gauthier my Universal Legatees conjointly between them the first in
9    d’enfunt and the second in reversion I appoint as Testamentary Executor Mr Auguste
10    Barot residing at Paris No 26 in the Rue de la Monnaie upon whom I confer the possession
11    of my property for a year and a day in conformity to the Civil Code I revoke every other
12    previous disposition and Will Such is my desire Paris the 19th April 1836 Signed
13    E Graham Blake of Belmont County of Galway Ireland
14    Beneath is written Registered at Paris the sixth of March one thousand eight hundred
15    and thirty seven fol 131 Vol C9 Received five francs fifty centines the tenth included Signed
16    Nestier Thus it is in the Original of the said autograph Will signed and marked by the
17    president of the Court of the First Instance of the Seine and deposited as a Maniere with
18    Mr Esnee Notary of Paris signed underneath in pursuance of an order of the President
19    aforesaid contained in his verbal process on opening and describing the said Will dated at
20    Paris the twenty seventh of February one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven Esnee
21    Notarial Sign The present Copy contains one leaf without addition or any word being void
22    Esnee Notarial Sign
23    I William Duff of the City of London Notary Public duly admitted and sworn
24    to hereby ratify that the above is a true and faithful Translation of the document in the
25    French Language hereunto annexed In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand
26    and seal of Office at London the twenty first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand
27    eight hundred and thirty seven In Testimonium Veritatis Willm Duff Noty Pub
28    Proved at London 19th August 1837 before the Judge by the oath of Auguste
29    Barot the sole Executor to whom Admon was granted having been first sworn by Common
30    duly to administer