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H11 Newsletter - Volume 3, Issue 3, 2019

H11 Newsletter
Volume 3, Issue 3, 2019

Table of Contents

1.    Percentage occurrence of H11 within Haplogroup H
2.    FT DNA Project
3.    Project Statistics
4.    Changes in how a project administrator can view your results
5.    H11 in the news

1.    Percentage occurrence of H11 within Haplogroup H

FT DNA has the world’s largest mtDNA database containing 150,000 mtFull Sequences from over 180 different countries. HV is the umbrella under which H haplogroup sits. There are 976 downstream branches beneath H haplogroup with these 976 branches representing just 18% of the entire mitochondrial tree (as expressed at FT DNA) at this time of writing.  

H11 is located under the grouping H-T195C! and there are 35 branches under this grouping. H11 is listed as having 16 branches. Members have tested from 21 different countries (source: FT DNA Country Report: mtDNA Haplogroup H11):

Maternal Origin    Branch Participants    Downstream Participants    Distribution
Germany                         5                                         118                              12%
England                          5                                          110                             11%
Finland                           0                                            97                             10%
Sweden                          4                                            85                               9%
United States                 8                                            84                               9%
Poland                           3                                            68                               7%
Ireland                           2                                            61                               6%
Scotland                        1                                            39                               4%
Russian Federation       0                                            30                               3%
Ukraine                         1                                            28                               3%
United Kingdom           0                                            27                               3%
Norway                         0                                            26                               3%
France                           4                                            19                               2%
Canada                          0                                            16                               2%
Italy                               2                                            15                              2%
Hungary                        1                                            15                              2%
Slovakia                        1                                            14                              1%
Czech Republic            1                                             13                              1%
Lithuania                      0                                             11                              1%
Austria                         1                                               9                               1%
Serbia                           0                                               3                             0.2%
Romania                       0                                               3                             0.2%
Belgium                       0                                               2                              0.2%
Latvia                           0                                              2                               0.2%
Portugal                        0                                              1                               0.1%
Moldova                       0                                              1                               0.1%
Slovenia                       0                                               1                               0.1%
Montenegro                 0                                               1                                0.1%
Macedonia                   0                                               1                                0.1%
Albania                        0                                               1                                0.1%
South Africa                0                                               1                                0.1%
French Polynesia         0                                               1                                0.1%
Myanmar                     0                                               1                                0.1%
Unknown Origin       52                                           897                               48%
Total                           98                                         1861                             100%

In total there are 1861 individuals who have tested as H11 or one of its downstream subclades in a database of 150,000 people yielding a percentage of frequency of H11 in the entire database of 1.24%. H haplogroup itself has 67,149 downstream participants yielding a percentage of frequency of H in the entire database at FT DNA of 45%.

If one could extrapolate this to a world view with 7 billion + people but use just 7 billion, the prevalence of H11 and its subclades would be possibly 86,800,000. The problem being that a number of areas are under represented in the database probably due to the cost of testing. Hence, one could perhaps postulate that the number would be higher rather than lower.

Although this project is quite fascinating it does not represent very many people in terms of the actual frequency of H11 unfortunately. I will start to look at the Country Report which FT DNA provides on its website for each of the subclades under H11. As well individual members are self-reporting their origin. But roughly 50% of the individuals who tested have not entered a place of origin.

Looking at my own subclade of H11a2a1 the Country Report is quite revealing.

Maternal Origin    Branch Participants    Downstream Participants    Distribution
England                           16                                     16                                12%
United States                   14                                     14                                11%
Scotland                          10                                     10                                  8%
Ireland                             10                                     10                                  8%
United Kingdom                7                                      7                                   5%
Canada                               4                                      4                                   3%
Germany                            4                                      4                                   3%
Northern Ireland                2                                      2                                   2%
Wales                                 1                                      1                                   1%
Unknown Origin              63                                    63                                 48%
Total                               131                                  131                                100%

The Country Report at FT DNA has excluded the Unknown Origin but I have included it just to show that aspect. The frequency of the United Kingdom + the countries that make up the United Kingdom is quite remarkable (England 12%, Scotland 8%, Northern Ireland 2%, Wales 1%, United Kingdom 5%) totalling 28%. Noting that the frequency in the United States at 11% and Canada 3% with their colonial histories and the known expedition from Northern Ireland to the Carolinas in 1792 which brought members of H11a2a1 to that area increases this percentage to 42%. Adding in Ireland which is part of the Island chain known as the British Isles increased that percentage once again to 50%. There is a likely passage of H11a2a1 through Eastern Europe from the ice refuge at Ukraina and carrying on through the Germanic States which are found to colonize the east side of England thus permitting the addition of Germany with its 3% yielding 53%. The numbers are little eschewed due to rounding up but with the Unknown Origin at 48% all members are included and a likely path proposed for the movement of H11a2a1 out of Ukraina into the British Isles. Now, in my dreams, I could wish that the other 48% who have thus far not identified their origins at FT DNA might do so (if known) as it could be so revealing. One can imagine that in the future we may be able to look at our mitochondrial DNA and predict at least a country of origin.

2.    FT DNA Project:
There are now 357 members in our project. A total of 303 members have added their maternal ancestors information. However, we still only have 49 gedcoms uploaded.

3.    Project Statistics (yDNA statistics removed):

Combined GEDCOMs Uploaded        49
DISTINCT mtDNA Haplogroups        17
Family Finder       254
Genographic 2.0 Transfers         20
Maternal Ancestor Information       303
mtDNA            323
mtDNA Full Sequence        313
mtDNA Plus        320
mtDNA Subgroups          22
Total Members        357
Unreturned Kits          15

Within the study group we have members in every sub-haplogroup except H11a5. I will not do a breakdown of the various groups in this newsletter. Generally I will do that in Issue 1 of each year.

4.    Changes in how a project administrator can view your results

FT DNA has upgraded their access to accounts so that the default is Group Access only. If you wish to have your results included in the project then you must grant Limited Access to the Administrator. Minimum access means that I can not see any earliest ancestor information that you may have added to your project.

5.    H11 in the News

An interesting comment by Stoljarova 2015 in looking at an Estonian population sample “The discovery of H11a in Narva is a big deal. H11a is more or less East European-specific today. And these mitogenomes from Estonia show there are other forms of H11 in Eastern Europe(H11b, H11*-unclassified).” Narva (a city in Estonia) is at the eastern extreme point of Estonia near the Russian border on the Narva River.

Kevin Alan Brook in his website: has a page devoted to Polish Genetics: Abstracts and Summaries. He presents a table of the frequency of H haplogroup with the total Polish population and lists H11 as 0.52%. This percentage being less than the 1.24% of H predicted in the overall FT DNA database. He does have some fairly recent papers mentioned on his website.

Any submissions to this newsletter can be submitted to Elizabeth Kipp (

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H11 Newsletter in preparation

This particular issue of the H11 Newsletter will not do a summary of rest spots/geographical areas in the world where H11 has been mentioned. I will reserve that for the first issue of each volume. It is quite time consuming but I do mention it separately and within the newsletter in hopes that members of the group who have been able to locate the resting spot for their furtherest back ancestor will add it to their kit.

I continue brickwalled in Birmingham with my great grandmother Ellen Taylor wife of Edwin Denner Buller. Although I have done a fair amount of research and attempted to eliminate as many Ellen Taylors born in Birmingham in the 1859 to 1862 time period, my thoughts with regard to her parents remains a possibility rather than a probability. I do not on any site or with any of my siblings have a conclusive match with a descendant of Thomas Taylor and Ellen (Roberts) Taylor the possible parents of my Ellen Taylor.

That isn't actually what brought me to the administration of the H11 haplogroup nearly ten years ago however. I was intensely interested and remain thus in the deep ancestry of my particular line. There are several distinct mutations placing me into H11a2a1 with one further mutation that is familial that have assisted me in my quest. For instance I am confident that my line has deep ancestry in Ayrshire/Argyllshire, Scotland. This particular grouping is also found in Country Antrim (and nearby counties in Northern Ireland) as well as in the south of Ireland. It will be the further mutation that will perhaps point more directly to the ancestry of my line.

This haplogroup H11 wintered during the Last Glacial Maximum at Ukraina. H11 is found quite extensively in Russia, the Baltic States, and the Ukraine placing the descendants of those early peoples in the same area in which their ancestors have lived for 20,000 years or more. There is a trek for H11 into Western Europe and the British Isles both across the Channel and via Scandinavia (Doggerland perhaps). In some cases H11 also went south in Europe and can be found in small numbers in Southern Europe.

H11 is a very small portion of Haplogroup H and I will once again discuss that in this newsletter as there have been newer articles since I last wrote about the size of H11 within Haplogroup H.

Will of Henry Blake, late Bailiff, Keston, Kent - PROB 11/1906/421, probated 6 Feb 1839

Interestingly there was a James Blake son of Henry and Lucy Blake baptized at Bromley RD in Kent 8 Jul 1792. Keston is in Bromley RD.

Other children baptized at Keston by this Henry and Lucy Blake:

John Blake baptized 4 Feb 1798

A Henry Blake married Lucy Covell at St Mary the Virgin Hayes Kent 17 Sep 1797 (by Banns).

There was a Henry Blake baptized 25 Jul 1773 at Saint Werburgh Hoo, Kent son of Edward and Anne Blake. An Edward Blake married an Ann Greenhill 14 Jul 1760 at St Mary Chatham Kent.

Since Henry was a Bailiff to Sir Vicary Gibbs it may be possible to look at the papers of Sir Vicary to discover more about Henry. There are 60 records held at the National Archives.

This is the prescription account book of Dr Thomas Ilott a local medical practitioner (the parish of Keston is mentioned in this set of documents)   .

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 24 Jul 2019
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1906/421
Testator: Henry Blake, late Bailiff
Place: Keston, Kent
Type of Record:    Will
Date of document: 14 Jan 1839, probated 6 Feb 1839

[Margin]: Henry Blake 5

1    This is the last Will and Testament
2    Of me Henry Blake of the parish of Keston in the County of Kent (late Bailiff to
3    Sir Vicary Gibbs) Whereas I am possessed of a certain share in the Government Stock
4    Or fund called Bank Long annuities and also other property as lent money to
5    Persons well known by my Executors hereinafter named and for which I receive
6    Interest I give and dispose of the same in the manner following First I give
7    And bequeath unto
8    William Eyles of Knockholt in Kent labourer the sum of Ten pounds also I give
9    And bequeath unto Henry Chapman of the parish of Keston in Kent Schoolmas
10    ter the sum of Five pounds also I give and bequeath unto William Purday of
11    Keston in Kent Wheelwright the sum of forty pounds my watch seal and key also
12    Night stool and a chest also I give and bequeath unto Charles Banks of Bexley in
13    Kent Gentleman one of my executors hereinafter mentioned the sum of Ten pounds
14    For the trouble he will have in executing this my Will and as to all the Rest
15    Residue and Remainder of my Estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of
16    What nature kind and quality soever the same may be and not herein before
17    Given and disposed of after payment of my debts legacies funeral expences and
18    The expence of proving this my Will I do hereby give and bequeath the same
19    Being all personal unto my Son James Blake of Penrith in New South Wales
20    His executors admors and assigns to and for his own use and benefit absolutely
21    And I do hereby make ordain constitute and appoint Charles Banks of Bexley
22    Kent Gentleman and William Purday of Keston in Kent Wheelwright Executors
23    Of this my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I the said Henry Blake
24    The Testator have to this my Will and Testament set my hand and seal this
25    Fourteenth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
26    And thirty nine Henry Blake Signed sealed published and declared
27    By the said Testator Henry Blake as and for his last Will and Testament in the
28    Presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each
29    Other subscribed our names as Witnesses thereto Willm Iverson
30    Robert Wood
31    Proved at London the 6th Feb 1839 before the Worshipful Herbert
32    Downer doctor of Laws and Surrogate by the oaths of Charles Banks and William
33    Purdny in the will written Purday the Execdutors to admon was granted having
34    Been first sworn duly to administer

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Will of Frances Blake, Widow, Deptford, Kent - The National Archives, PROB 11/2100/232, probated 4 Oct 1849

Frances Stacy married a William Blake 15 Nov 1790 at Saint Bride Fleet Street in London by Licence. Frances Hunter married a Benjamin Stacy 25 Aug 1785 at St Botolph without Aldersgate in London. Frances Hunter was baptized 14 Apr 1758 in London daughter of George and Jane Hunter.

Children baptized in London by George and Jane Hunter:

Elizabeth Hunter 30 Jun 1751 at Shoreditch
Jane Hunter 26 Nov 1752 at London
Mary Hunter 28 Mar 1756 at London
Frances Hunter 14 Apr 1758 at London
George Hunter 19 Mar 1760 at London
Joseph William Hunter 18 Jun 1762 at London
Sarah Hunter 13 Sep 1764 at London
Ursula Hunter 11 May 1766 at London

Bolded sisters appear in the will below.

There was a William Blake baptized at St Botolph Aldersgate 2 Dec 1792 (born 15 November 1792) son of William and Frances Blake.

Also baptized at St Botolph Aldersgate children of William and Frances Blake:

Frances Blake baptized 31 Jul 1791
John Blake baptized 4 Dec 1796
Joseph Blake baptized 22 Dec 1799

A William Blake was buried 4 Jan 1809 at St Botolph Aldersgate. He was 52 years of age (born circa 1757).

Interesting there was a Thomas Blake and a Widow Blake at St Botolph, Aldgate in 1638 (The Inhabitants of London).

William Blake is found on the 1841 Census in Deptford Kent living on the High Street and with him his wife Sarah, children William, Frances, Martha, George and Benjamin. As well his mother Frances is living with them and she is listed as 83 years of age and independent, not born in Kent.

William Blake 45 years Oilman and Coal Dealer, not born in Kent
Sarah Blake 45 years , not born in Kent
William Blake 14, Tailor Ap, born in Kent
Frances Blake  13 (female), born in Kent
Martha Blake 10, born in Kent
George Blake 8, born in Kent
Benjamin Blake 6, born in Kent
Frances Blake 83, not born in Kent

Possibly William Blake and Sarah Bohn married 6 Mar 1826 at St Giles Cripplegate, London. She may have died Sep quarter 1842 at Walthamstow Essex as this family on the 1851 Census appears to have a new mother Mary Ann. William Blake married Mary Ann Field Jun quarter 1843 in West Ham RD.

Mary Ann Blake was born Sep quarter 1844 in West Ham Union.
Henry Fox Blake was born Jun quarter 1849 in West Ham Union.
Sarah Blake was born Sep quarter 1851 in West Ham Union.

On the 1851 Census at Walthamstow (identified as the place where Frances Blake was living at the time of her death prior to 1849),

William Blake, 58 years, Grocer, born City of London, Mdx
Mary Ann Blake, 40 years, born Mdx, Edgeware
Frances Blake, 22 years, Dress Maker, born Deptford Kent
Martha Blake, 20 years, , born Deptford Kent
Benjamin Blake, 16 years, born Deptford Kent
Mary A Blake, 6 years, born Walthamstow Essex
Henrietta   J Blake, 3 years, born Walthamstow Essex
Henry F Blake, 1 year, born Walthamstow Essex

William Blake may have died Jun quarter 1859 in West Ham Union. He would have been 67 years of age.

The 1861 Census lists Mary Ann Blake as a widow, 51 years, General Dealer, born Edgeware, Herts, Mary Ann Blake, 16 years, Assistant in Business, born Walthamstow Essex, Henrietta Blake, 13 years, Assistant in Business, born Walthamstow, Henry F Blake, 11 years, scholar, born Walthamstow and Sarah Blake 9 years born Walthamstow.

No clues in all of this to a possible parentage for William Blake, husband of Frances (Hunter) (Stacy) Blake.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 22 Jul 2019
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/2100/232
Testator: Frances Blake, Widow
Place: Deptford, Kent
Type of Record:    Will
Date of document: 15 Apr 1830, probated 4 Oct 1849

[Margin]: Frances Blake 15

1    In the Name of God Amen:
2    I Frances Blake of Deptford in the County of Kent Widow being of
3    sound mind memory and understanding do make publish and declare
4    this to be my last Will and Testament in manner and form following
5    that is to say I direct that I may be buried in the same grave with
6    my late husband William Blake in the burial ground of Saint
7    Botolph Without Aldersgate in the City of London and that my funeral
8    may be conducted in a plain and decent manner I also direct that my
9    just debts funeral expences and the costs of proving this my Will be
10    paid and satisfied by my executors hereinafter named as soon as may
11    be after my decease from and out of such sums of money as may be
12    due to me as interest on the stock now standing in my name in the
13    books of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England in the
14    four per cents and that should the amount of interest then due not
15    be sufficient to defray the said expences I direct that the Settlement
16    thereof be delayed until a sum sufficient to the discharge thereof
17    and arising from such interest shall come their hands and the
18    residue if any shall be equally divided between my two Sons George
19    Stacy and William Blake I give and bequeath unto the said George
20    Stacy and Nancy his Wife the sum of one thousand pounds
21    stock in the Navy four per cent the interest whereof to be received
22    by them so long as both of either of them should live the principal
23    to remain in their joint names as long as they or either of them
24    should so long live when I direct that the said one thousand
25    pounds four per cents shall be sold and the produce thereof with
26    any interest then due thereon shall be equally divided amongst
27    the children of the said George Stacy and Nancy his Wife share
28    and share alike such respective portions to be paid to them on his
29    her or their attaining twenty one and each respective share to be
30    invested in the name of the party intitled thereto in some good
31    security either of Government or of the Bank of England as they
32    my said executors shall judge proper thereto remain both princi-
33    pal and interest until the respective parties entitled thereto shall
34    attain such age of twenty one years And I also direct that in
35    case any of the said Children should die before attaining the said
36    age of twenty one years the share or shares of him her or them so
37    dying shall be equally divided amongst the survivors share and
38    share alike and disposed of as already provided unless such child
39    or children should be married and die before he or she should have
40    attained twenty one then the issue of such marriage should be con-
41    sidered as the representative or representatives of such child or
42    children so dying and failing such issue or in the event of such
43    issue failing to attain twenty one the property shall again revert to
44    the remaining children and the representatives of the remaining
45    children of the said George Stacy and Nancy his wife I also give
46    and bequeath all my wearing apparel unto my Sisters Elizabeth
47    Jane and Sarah Hunter or such of them as may be living at my
48    decease for their joint use and benefit And as to all the rest residue
49    and remainder of My estate and effects whatsoever and wheresoever
50    and of what nature kind or quality soever the same shall or may
51    consist at the time of my decease I give and bequeath the same and
52    every part thereof unto and to and for the sold absolute use and
53    benefit of my Son William Blake for his own use and benefit and to
54    Be disposed of by him in any manner he may judge proper Save and
55    except all such property as may be bequeathed or devised to me by
56    Will or otherwise and not now in my possession but over which
57    the right of disposal is or may be vested in me then I will that all
58    such property shall be equally divided share and share alike
59    between my said two Sons George Stacy and William Blake their
60    heirs executors administrators and assigns And I nominate and appoint
61    my said two Sons George Stacy of Aldersgate Street London and William
62    Blake of High Street Deptford Executors of this my Will Lastly I revoke
63    all former and other Wills by me at any time heretofore made and
64    declare this only to be and contain my last Will and Testament In
65    witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fifteenth
66    day of April in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
67    thirty Frances Blake Signed Sealed published and
68    declared by the said Frances Blake the Testatrix as and for her last
69    Will and Testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her
70    Request and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names
71    as Witnesses thereto William Brown Printer High St Deptford
72    William Pembroke Butcher High Street Deptford
73    A Codicil to the Will of me the within named Frances
74    Blake Whereas the price of the public funds and the value of money
75    being at this time equal I have given to my Son the within named
76    George Stacy the sum of Three hundred and fifty pounds to enable
77    him to discharge certain obligations incurred by him whilst presenting
78    his claim to the freehold lately held by Mr Joseph Nash of Great Mis
79    senden in the County of Buckingham deceased Now it is therefore my
80    Will that the one thousand pounds stock within mentioned shall be
81    reduced to the sum of Six hundred and fifty pounds stock and which
82    said Six hundred and fifty pounds stock I direct shall be subjected to
83    the same conditions and be disposed of precisely in the same manner
84    as I have directed in the case of the one thousand pounds stock and in
85    all other respects I confirm my said Will In witness whereof I have
86    hereunto set my hand and seal the twenty third day of January in
87    the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine
88    Frances Blake Witnesses T B Knott Builder High Street Deptford
89    William Pembroke Butcher High Street Deptford
90    In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
91    In the Goods of Frances Blake widow deceased
92    Appeared Personally William Pembroke of High
93    Street Deptford in the County of Kent Butcher and made oath he is one
94    of the subscribed Witnesses to the Codicil to the last Will and Testament
95    of the said Frances Blake formerly of Deptford in the County of Kent
96    but late of Walthamstow in the County of Essex Widow deceased
97    Bearing date the twenty third day of January one thousand eight
98    hundred and thirty nine and now thereunto annexed And he further
99    made oath that on the twenty third day of January aforesaid the
100    said testatrix duly executed the said Codicil to the said Will by sign
101    ing her name at the foot or end thereof in the presence of this
102    deponent and of Thomas Baker Knott thereupon attested and
103    subscribed the said Codicil in the presence of the said Testatrix and
104    of each other William Pembroke On the first day of October
105    1849 the said William Pembroke was duly sworn to the truth of
106    this affidavit before me F T Pratt Surr Present Montagu G
107    _atriam Notary Public
108    Proved at London with a Codicil the 4th October 1849 before the
109    Worshipful Frederic Thomas Pratt Doctor of Laws and Surrogate on
110    the oaths of George Stacy and William Blake the Sons the Executors
111    to whom admon was granted having been first sworn duly to
112    administer

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Will of Elizabeth Blake, Widow, Dover, Kent - The National Archives, PROB 11/1041/326

Jesse Curling married Elizabeth Hallum 16 Jun 1770 at Rotherhithe by Licence. There was an Elizabeth Hallum baptized 20 Feb 1734 at Rotherhithe St Mary daughter of Edward and Ann Hallum. There was an Edward Hallum who married an Ann Smith 12 Oct 1728 at St Nicholas Cole Abbey in London.

Using the surnames Smithers and Rand I was not able to discover anything further.

Transcriber: Elizabeth Kipp
Recorded: 20 Jul 2019
Source: The National Archives, PROB 11/1041/326
Testator: Elizabeth Blake, Widow
Place: Dover, Kent
Type of Record:    Will
Date of document: 7 Sep 1776, probated 4 May 1778

[Margin]: Elizabeth Blake

1    In the Name of God Amen:
2    I Elizabeth Blake of the Town and Port of Dover in
3    the County of Kent widow being Mindful of my Mortality
4    do make and ordain this my last Will and Testam[en]t
5    in manner and form following (that is to say) First
6    I give and bequeath unto my Kinswoman Mary
7    Rand Spinster Daughter of my late Niece Sarah Rand
8    deceased the sum of five hundred pounds of lawful Money
9    of Great Britain And I also give unto her the said
10    Mary Rand all my wearing apparel whatsoever of every
11    sort and kind Also I give and bequeath unto my Niece
12    Elizabeth Curling the Wife of Jesse Curling of the parish of
13    Saint Mary Rotherhithe in the County of Surry Mariner the
14    sum of one hundred pounds of lawful Money of Great
15    Britain And I give to my Kinswoman Ann Smithers
16    spinster daughter of my late Niece Ann Smithers
17    deceased the sum of fifty pounds of like lawful
18    money the said several Money Legacies to be respectively
19    paid within three Months next after my decease Also
20    I give and bequeath all my silver plate whatsoever
21    of what kind or Nature soever the same may be
22    unto my said Niece Elizabeth Curling and my said
23    Kinswoman Mary Rand equally to be divided between
24    them share and share alike And as to all the rest and
25    residue of my Goods Chattels Effects Debts due and is
26    owing to me Money Securities for Money and all other
27    my personal Estate whatsoever and wheresoever and
28    of what Kind or Nature soever the same may be at
29    the time of my decease (after payment and Satisfaction
30    of all my just debts Funeral Expences the Legacies
31    aforesaid and the Charges of proving and Executing this
32    my Will I do give and bequeath the same and every
33    part thereof unto my Sister Martha Legard Widow
34    and my said Kinswoman Mary Rand equally to be
35    divided between them the said Martha Legard and Mary
36    Rand share and share alike And I make constitute
37    and Appoint my said Niece Elizabeth Curling and my
38    said Kinswoman Mary Rand Executrices of this my last
39    Will and Testament And lastly I revoke all former
40    Wills by me made In Witness whereof I the said
41    Elizabeth Blake have to this my last Will and
42    Testament set my hand and Seal the seventh day of
43    September in the sixteenth year of the Reign of our
44    Sovereign Lord George the Third by the Grace of God
45    of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender
46    of the Faith etc and in the year of our Lord one
47    Thousand seven hundred and seventy six Elizabeth Blake
48    Signed Sealed published and declared by the said
49    Elizabeth Blake as and for her last Will and Testament
50    in the presence of us who have hereunto subscribed
51    our Names as Witnesses   thereto in her presence at her
52    request and in the presence of each other Thomas
53    Tournay Thos Middleton
54    This Will was proved at London the fourth
55    day of May in the year of our Lord one
56    thousand Seven hundred and seventy eight before the
57    worshipful Francis Simpson Doctor of Laws and
58    Surrogate of the Right Worshipful Sir George Hay
59    Knight also Doctor of Laws Master Keeper or
60    Commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
61    lawfully constituted by the oaths of Elizabeth Curling
62    Wife of Jesse Curling and Mary Rand Spinster the
63    Executrises named in the said Will to whom
64    administration was granted of all and singular the
65    Goods Chattels and Credits of the deceased having
66    been first Sworn duly to administer