Friday, July 12, 2024

Four weeks since the last cataract surgery

Today is the beginning of the weaning off period for the steroid drops and the anti-inflammatory drops. Today I am down to 3 drops - 2 at 6am and 1 at 6pm. That lasts until Sunday night and then Monday to Wednesday just 1 inflammatory drop for the three days and I am finished with drops. A whole new experience putting drops in my eyes. I never put anything in my eyes including makeup all of my life so it will be nice to be free of that although one can never know the future for sure. 

 Soon I will return to not having to deal with things. I would love to be able to just write an email; ask for a quote and get the job done and then pay for it. No discussion needed other than determining that what I think I need and what can be supplied are the same thing! As I continue to age I realize how much of a real loner I am. I always thought I was but politeness did on occasion drag me out of that wondrous state where I did not have to deal with people other than employers. And of course Edward did drag me out of that loner state but we did have so very much in common. 

We have our new to us day bed partially set up now in the front bedroom and I will use that for sorting papers and things. It is nice to have a good length to work with and it was either a table which serves no other practical purpose or this day bed which my son in law and daughter offered to me as it makes up into a King sized bed for visitors if I ever have any which is dubious for the most part!

I do find the news somewhat fascinating today as my mind is now comparing the American system of government which is a republic to the Westminster System of government which we inherited from our British Colonial days. The American system has stood them well for over two centuries; they have had many admirable Presidents at the helm with my favourite being President Eisenhower whom I remember well from my childhood days. The hero of World War II absolutely with his cool careful approach to reducing Hitler's Fortress Europe so that the people of Europe could be free once again. There have been many presidents since but he does stand out as the perfect example of President in my mind. Here in Canada the Prime Minister shares the top position with the hereditary Head of State namely now King Charles III of the United Kingdom and those countries within the Commonwealth who still have the King as their Head of State. One elected and one by right of birth and for us it has been a good combination during my life. Interesting really. 

Today is a busy one with picking vegetables and fruit as we are to have sun/cloud but no rain. The rain has been great and the land is thoroughly soaked quite unusual to have so much rain in July but it will save all the plants perhaps to produce very well through now to the end of August or even into September. Our lettuce has been simply wonderful. 

I am slowly getting organized so that one more bookcase in the basement can be eliminated. Downsizing is proceeding apace and I am about where I thought I might be a year ago as I did not think I would accomplish very much last year other than publishing the revised Siderfin book and start to plan the next book. I actually have more written than I thought I would by now as I thought the cataract surgery would probably take up to six months before I was really functional again but in reality it is just under two months since the first surgery on the 27th of May. I still will not begin work on the books again until early September. But all of this lovely time (and once I have my new glasses) to organize Edward's material for publication on the website and give it to the Family History Library and the Guild of one name studies library for the use of the one-namers around the world. His work on the Kip/Kipp family of New York is phenomenal in my humble opinion and I will try to get that organized through August. But I also want to work on the studies that we did in our early marriage days on wild flowers of Ontario and get that published in his name. Also his thesis scanned and published. I had planned to do the scanning during my recovery period but would have found it difficult. With my new glasses I think I will find that easier. 

The day commences, exercise complete except for my yoga and jumping jacks for the morning before breakfast.

Thursday, July 11, 2024

What is protest

 Protest should be in writing, signed with your signature and should not interfere with the regular business of people living their lives including work and recreation. Protest behind a scarf to protect your privacy should be illegal since you are invading everyone's else's privacy. Protest should not be during the hours that have been designated as "usual sleep time." No one should have to put up with the noise that exists in these groups during the night. That is my take on it. We took a stand on anti-semitism and crafted laws that would punish for such hate crimes; they have not been used against these protesters wearing scarves so that they can still go and work for people that they condemn so that is just wrong. A hate crime is a hate crime and should be punished; marching in favour of barbaric terrorists is a hate crime and should carry a punishment. Undermining the governmental basis of a government starts with such leniency - no protests that do not fit into the above criteria - no displacement of people's rights to work and recreation; no hiding behind a scarf or other item; no protesting in the night, no habitation at protests. That works for me and probably works for most Canadians who are tired of people thinking they can just demonstrate where and how they want. None of us wanted the children of Gaza to die, None. This set of protests prolonged the war in my humble opinion; there can never be support for terrorists - they chose that life. One is left with the impression that the news reels were more important to them (except for the ones showing the barbaric actions of their heroes against the Israeli people) then the safeguarding of nature's gifts - the children. Thank you University of Waterloo for suing the protesters - all the universities should do that for the damage, the vandalism and the need to employ a private security company to clear the campus. 

Great having new storm doors although they are pretty cheaply made considering the price tag (about half or a quarter of the weight of the doors they replaced!). You can see industry slowly eroding products; shrinking products to increase their profits which some try to hide so that they do not pay appropriate taxes. If we want to have a free world then we all need to contribute; hiding wealth in island nations thinking you can escape taxes and force people to work for less and less in a rapidly more expensive world will be your downfall. Support the country that made you what you are. We need more military equipment; 4% of GDP is really the more realistic number but we need to get to at least 2%. Donate a ship; an expensive piece of land equipment; an airplane. 

Soon time for my optometrist appointment for new glasses. I do need new glasses for sure and have for nearly two years but getting cataract surgery did prove to be a hurdle to that. I was not going to pay for a set of glasses that would need to be replaced after surgery but I never dreamed it would take 1.5 years to finally be at a point where I could get my new glasses. These plastic lenses have their advantages but really are only good for two years in my personal opinion (perhaps it is acid rain that deteriorates their quality no ideas on that). I look forward to new glasses so that I can get back to driving once again. Plus I do not like bugs in my eyes and do miss wearing my glasses and my normal glasses are too strong to use except for close work such as this blog!

On to the day, lots of exercise planned as I am getting back up to my normal level. The end of the eye drops is coming and I am down to only three per day starting tomorrow and then on Monday down to one per day and all gone by next Wednesday. The most eye drops when treating both eyes per day was 18 drops per day and it has declined from that down to six per day today. That is really the item that you need help with in those early days after surgery. I could actually see adequately right after surgery although somewhat blurry but I just had to be a little bit tired for my eyesight to be blurry anyway. But now I appear to have crisp sight actually and can recognize birds way out in the garden without my glasses. Somewhat amazing actually along with having real depth of vision and not just that implied by my brain. It is surprising the effect it has on people's faces as they are different actually. The detail is much more noticeable to me now.


Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Lovely rain and new storm doors

 The new storm doors are on and it is nice to see doors closing themselves once again and not having to force them open to get out of the house! Both doors had been on for a while, one for 45 years and the other perhaps 20 years. A few more small items to get done and then winter will arrive and I will hibernate. I do keep in touch with neighbours and family though (daily with family) which is important I think. 

The next items are fencing, new back step and fixing the front porch which is pulling away from the wall. There are other items like the laneway but will work at that next spring perhaps. We will see. Life always seems so busy actually. 

My setup to memoralize all of Edward's work is getting into place as we organize the cabinets to make it easy for me to locate material. The scanners, camera setup are all old now so only really useful to me and will likely get donated/given away on completion of this next set of tasks which will probably take a couple of years since I will work that into my writing schedule which is also a couple of years long. Must take time to buy a few new clothes as mine are getting shabby for sure. But it will be so very nice to have this working space organized to do the management of the material. I do not have to do any setup and can just go in and do whatever I have scheduled as a distraction to my writing and to keep me from sitting all day long at my computer which is also old but does the job. As I approach 80 I am noticing that what I thought would occur has and that is my mind is starting to consider how to tie up loose ends with respect to my research. I continue with my membership in the Guild of one name studies as I will deposit all of my electronic files there as they are prepared. I have so many counties now completed for the Blake wills and will deposit that material as well as the Buller wills and a couple of other sets. 

Thank you God for the lovely rain yesterday which has freshened up the garden very nicely. I will need to cut the front lawn soon once again as the lilies are still blooming. But soon that will also be past - amazing how quickly time passes actually. As the forces of evil try to rally in the world one can see the forces for good lining up as my mother said just prior to World War II. One does hope and pray that we do not have global conflict once again but not surprising that Russia is at the head of all of this evil along with Iran. Winston Churchill predicted that Russia would always be a problem under its current leadership because these people at the helm in Russia are so greedy for money, land and power. The people of Russia have risen before though and thrown off the cloak of evil; I can not think that they are in agreement with bombing a children's hospital in Ukraine - how disgusting the Nazi psychopathic Putin and his adherents really are. The same goes for Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis whose only aim in life is to commit genocide against the Jewish people. 

On to breakfast and Latin to follow. Another beautiful day in God's world with rain to come. The rain is always needed in July; it can be a very dry month here. Must also work on the Blake Newsletter!

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

An interesting thing

 I actually have two brothers and one son in law who could easily install those two storm doors for me and would cost me half as much but the brothers live far away (two of my four brothers are deceased) and my son in law has two children to manage. They would have always been my preferred choice but for the sake of the economy and my lack of desire to try my own skills at installing a door I did use the Home Depot website and hire someone to do the task. He responded the same day as the names were given to me by Home Depot which was certainly great. He was around to measure up the doors for me very quickly which I also appreciated. And I do understand when people are busy; it is summer everyone is getting things done for sure. Not sure when it will be but I never go anywhere particularly so it doesn't really matter; I just wait!

I have a couple more tasks to do. I did ask him about my front porch which is pulling away from the brickwork (stone porch) and I will save any comments on that for personal consumption. Edward hired a company shortly after he retired to do the front porch so one can see how long that porch has stood the test of time and it has been pulling away from the house for a bit. Anyway I did not do a good job of managing the hardening sand and need to use our high pressure hose to clean them off (although the rain is doing not too bad a job!) and will get that done eventually but I need the porch fixed and want to build a new porch at the side entrance which I mentioned as that is one of the items on the list of this company. I also have a fence to extend and revise somewhat and did mention that as well. Yes I could do that but I do not mind hiring someone else to do it. 

The porch having taken apart the intricate patio and redone the bed of it and then reconstructed it I could do as well but will not do that either again but it doesn't actually need to be repaired. The laneway and stonework needs to be upgraded as well. So lots of work, none of it interconnected, to do and I need a handy man type of construction company to do all of these things but they will all need to be fitted into a timetable and could take a while but given the work I need to do on Ed's material I have lots of time to have these companies/this company take their time to get my stuff done. The porch is still useable!

On to Latin; I am enjoying the latin and it does give my eyes a workout every day without straining them particularly.

My Storm Doors

Sad to report the contractor that I hired was unable to put my storm doors on yesterday but hopefully today. I did know that he had another project in the morning as he had informed me when he received my payment for the doors that he did have this project to go to first. I am the daughter of a trades owner and do know that smaller projects do sometimes have to wait for an opening. I will just continue to wait and see but do look forward to having new screen doors even if they are not the same excellent quality that the ones they are replacing were but times change and the quality of merchandise has certainly diminished since my childhood. Another human excess; the throw away generations. Just take a load to the dump and you will see that our generation is the most negligent there has ever been on the planet! I do not exclude myself from the blame although at least in my favour is my tendency to not buy very much! But eventually even I have to buy things. 

However, we firmed up our new fences so that will happen this fall at some point. The fence on one side will be replaced by an extension of the present chain link to the back of the house. The other will be a lovely wooden fence replacing the aging wooden fence that is there attached to chain link further down. Why not wood on the other side? It blocks the sun and we are rapidly losing our sun view with the tree cover so a little more open will be very nice. We have a back patio that is secluded so happy with that. 

Owning a house is really the pits to be honest; I have no need for it and eventually it will go the way of the Dodo bird (sad to say; God must look down on us and wonder when we will realize that we are responsible for how the world goes). 

I was excited to read that Palestinian groups are trying to form cells in Gaza that are Hamas free. Terrorists are archaic; barbaric and just plain ridiculous in a modern world (the only aim of these terrorists (Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthis) is to annihilate everyone who isn't Muslim starting with the Jews - really ignorant one might say and I would pray to God that he strike them all dead but not likely to happen unfortunately). And one must note they (the terrorists) do not care how many Muslims die in their rampages! 

At nearly 79 my desire for home ownership is pretty much gone. But I do need to respectfully continue to downsize Edward's work and get it published and the original material either given to family, donated or shredded if it does not have a home to go to. It still takes up a lot of space - the entire master bedroom is now committed to this task with all possible tools at my disposal. Scanners, Printers, Camera setup, large table type areas to work on and almost 25 boxes still to go. Now all concentrated in one room I will work away at that as I write my books this next winter. It was still too scattered for me to work on it and the task was always so daunting and he had published some of his work on World Connect and discovering World Connect was defunct meant that I had to do something with it myself. Probably I was never really into home ownership although we have owned one for most of our marriage (I was 20 when we were married and living in my parent's home). Edward's zest for gardening drove the home ownership mostly and a place to raise our children for sure. But one does need a roof over one's head and walls here in Canada (the winters are cold for sure) and home ownership continues to be the best way!

The birds are busy today cleaning up the last seeds in the feeder before it is filled again for the day. Not much left; mostly bird level of eating as the squirrels will not return until the new feed is put out nor the chipmunks and we haven't seen the rats/mice for weeks now it sees. I would need to reread my blog to check on that. I do not really have any animal that I am opposed to but some have diseases that cross to human and so must be avoided if there are children around and we do have children on our street. The racoons are just too big to be in a yard and mostly they do not come into this yard especially now that we are not using the large feeder. It would actually get up there and eat! Although that was a rare sighting for sure. Usually early spring for that and then they find better pickings elsewhere. 

The second cleaning day and it is the basement. I will soon start up the robot to clean the rug. 

On to breakfast. The day commences. Perhaps some work on the Blake Newsletter as I would like to get it published sooner rather than later (was due 1st of July).