Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Blake - Sedgwick and autosomal DNA

One of the most amazing extras of doing autosomal DNA is proving lines or at least finding matches that can best be explained because of a paper trail. I have five Sedgwick matches on my AncestryDNA account and all are Distant Cousins (5th to 8th cousins). The Sedgwick connection goes all the way back to William Blake Andover, Hampshire, England married to Dorothy Madgwick of Overton, Hampshire, England. Their son William is my ancestor and their daughter Johanna is the ancestor of the Sedgwick family. Johanna married Major General Robert Sedgwick 6 Jan 1634/35 at Andover.

We would be 9th cousins which isn't too far off the estimated 5th - 8th cousins.  Now I am assuming that Ancestry organizes people in terms of decreasing shared centimorgans and these five matches can be found on pages 6,  7, 14, 15, and 37. Looking at all the shared surnames in each of these five it is likely that I have other matches with the two on pages 6 and 7. For 37, no other matches likely. But finding Sedgwick matches is quite phenomenal.

I have been happy with the trace back on Blake this last couple of years as everything fits together very well. Finding others descending from other couples in this line would be very interesting. I really haven't looked that carefully yet at my Ancestry matches because they were primarily Americans but they have Irish and English matches in there now so must have a look. My number of matches has nearly doubled in the last couple of months at AncestryDNA.

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