Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Stepping out of my Conservative box

I usually avoid politics partly because I am a Conservative and by nature that is something really personal and I prefer to just get along with it and vote that way and have done so for most of my voting career. Occasionally I step outside of that box very cautiously and in wonderment that I could possibly vote for something that is simply not a part of my life. Liberalism just seems to be a big step away from the way that I think. But Dalton McGuinty gave me that thought that we should force the Provincial Conservatives to redo the party; get rid of the top echelon and let the grassroots Conservatives come to the forefront once again. Hopefully that is now happening provincially because I am not really caring for the present Liberal government or how the McGuinty era ended. A very promising beginning he brought in a Health Tax that saved our hospitals from becoming unable to manage. I was working in the hospitals in those days and had this notion that a Health Care Tax would be the way forward and shared it in my own quiet way. Not likely that it was original with me but I was really happy to see it happen and I see the way forward once again as increasing that Health Tax by 5% a year for at least four years in order to shore up our hospital finances. Having worked with residents over the years when I was working in the hospitals I am really disliking this present stance against the doctors. It was hard work to keep our doctors once graduated here in Ontario and I would rather not see that undone because the present Liberal government has to balance the budget after their wastes of the last couple of years. Balancing it on the doctor's backs just isn't fair and they are willing to have the next two years with no increases. Perhaps they would like to consider forfeiting some of their own salary to make up for their actual losses over the past six years! The increasing costs of health care are a result of an aging population. This idea that the cost of services has to somehow be offset is something that I can not accept in some cases particularly in the case of health care.

Another place in which money needs to be spent is in the preservation of our national heritage; our identity; what makes us Canadian and I am earnestly hoping that Library and Archives Canada can once again be brought back to its former position at the forefront of that collection.

The needs for health care will grow exponentially as the baby boomers reach into their old age. Fortunately a lot of the baby boomers have saved their money and are content in retirement and can afford to pay for an increase in the Health Tax. It isn't a lot of money but multiplied by millions it provides an infusion into the hospitals to keep them current and viable. All of the hospitals; not just a few chosen ones!

But I set aside my dislike for the provincial Liberals and voted for Justin Trudeau's party and in my riding that is Andrew Leslie and he has won. An excellent person for us to send to the House of Commons and I see a brilliant career for him following his own brilliant  career in the military. I was happy to see the numbers climb for the Liberals and their majority government. I look forward to seeing Justin Trudeau work towards his goals for Canada.

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