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Living DNA results for my brother

Living DNA results came in for my brother. We are the least alike thus far of us seven siblings and fortunately for me he has been willing to be tested here and everywhere (and I have done so!). I expect his results to show a strong southern England setting and good percentages along the eastern coast of England. That was completely fulfilled but I was surprised not to see any Scotland but he does have a Cumbria component which is our Routledge line and they are far removed from the Scottish Highlands having come to the Cumbria area in the 1400s. I also thought he would have a north western European component that would be Germanic rather than Scandinavian. His results follow and I compare them to my results.

 Area                                                       my brother             me

Europe                                                      98.9%                100%

Great Britain and Ireland                         95.9%                   96.5%

South Central England                            23.9%                   31.7%

Southeast England                                  18.8%                      7.2%

Devon                                                      13.4%                     14.6%

Central England                                       0%                          14.6%

North Yorkshire                                     11.6%                         3.5%

South England                                       11.5%                         2.7%

Lincolnshire                                            7.7%                         2%

Northumbria                                             5.5%                         4%

North West England                                  0%                           3.5%

Cumbria                                                  2.2%                           0%

South Yorkshire                                      1.2%                           5.4%

Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland   0%                        4.8%

Northwest England                                  0%                             3.5%

Aberdeenshire                                         0%                             2.5% 

Europe (North and West)                        3%                              3.5%

Germanic                                                  3%                             0%

Scandinavia                                              0%                             3.5%

 Asia (South)                                         1.1%                            0%

Southern Central Asia                           1.1%                            0%

The first item that pretty much defines our family is the Great Britain and Ireland percentage. My result is 96.5% and my brother's result is 95.9%. Given that our father, three of our grandparents and all of their known ancestors were born and lived in England probably not surprising. Our fourth grandparent - maternal grandfather  John Routledge Pincombe - was born in Canada but his father William Robert Pincombe was born in England (Devon) and his mother Grace Gray was born in Canada and she was our first born Canadian ancestor. However both of her parents (Robert Gray and Elizabeth Mary Ann Routledge) were born in England (father in East Riding of Yorkshire and mother in Cumberland).

The North and West Europe component that each of us have remains somewhat of a mystery. I have 3.5% Scandinavian and my brother has 3% Germanic. Looking at 3% of our DNA the rough estimate would be a 3x great grandparent or 2 4x great grandparents. This is an interesting thought actually. For most of our lines I know the 3x great grandparent's place of birth, who they married and when/where they died. But there are a few exceptions - one is my maternal grandmother's father's grandfather - Christopher Buller. I think he is English but I have no proof. His death registration/burial registration does not give any clues in 1832. I have never found his birth/baptism in London, England where he lived his entire life (actually Bermondsey just south of the Thames in his adulthood). His wife Mary Beard I can trace back a number of generations in the Bermondsey area. The other exception is my maternal grandmother's mother's parents and grandparents. But this line is more likely to be Irish/Scot than Scandinavian or Germanic. We do have a number of matches with people who currently live in Germany and always have and I must have a look to see if my brother actually has more of these matches than I do. In general though these matches are with people having a Jewish ancestry and endogamy is probably playing a part in all of that as I suspect our possible Jewish ancestor converted to Church of England back in the 1400s (first appears in Anglican Church records) or earlier. 

The Devon results for both of us at 13.4% for my brother and 14.6% for me are very reasonable given the matches to our Pincombe lines that we share in common. We have been most fortunate to have half a dozen and more of our Pincombe cousins test ranging from 3rd cousin to 4th cousin. Their testing has enabled the phasing of our grandparents DNA which is progressing and helpful with new matches. Our Pincombe line was at Bishops Nympton from the late 1590s to the present and prior to that the line was at North Molton (East Buckland and Filleigh) back to 1485. Prior to that is not firmly proven although some researchers have placed this family in western Cornwall and others in Herefordshire. They came to North Molton with Lord de la Zouche following the Battle of Bosworth Field in which Lord Zouche was attainted for supporting Richard III.

The South Central England results with 23.9% for my brother and 31.7% for me were also an expected result. South Central England includes Wiltshire and Somerset (as well as Hampshire) and the matches which we have thus far point to my having inherited strongly from my paternal grandmother whose lines were from Wiltshire predominantly although she, herself, was born in Kimpton, Hampshire. Plus I have strong matches with my 2x great grandmother (my maternal side) who was born at Selworthy, Elizabeth Rew (daughter of John Rew and Elizabeth Siderfin) but married her Pincombe husband at Bishops Nympton and my brother does not match the Somerset cousins for the most part. My brother inherited strongly from his paternal grandfather which is primarily Hampshire and perhaps gives some evidence with his South eastern percentage that the Blake families at Andover were indeed all related as one line of this family went to Surrey and then London in the latter part of the 1600s.

Southeast England which includes London and Surrey was the home of my 3x great grandfather Christopher Buller's wife Mary Beard. The Beard family can be found back into the 1600s in the Bermondsey area. Henry Beard (Mary's father) was a tanner and he had married Elizabeth Hemsley and her family is likely from the North Yorkshire/Northumberland area back a couple of generations (Elizabeth was born in 1742 at St Mary Newington daughter of Matthew Hemsley and Mary Coal. But my brother's portion at 18.8% is much larger than would be expected from 4x great grandparents and the only other London line is of course Christopher Buller himself. Hence I am suspicious that Blake is also showing up in this area with its roots in Andover.

No Central England for my brother and again not a surprise as he has very few matches with our Buller and Welch cousins. Henry Christopher Buller married Anne Welch in 1838 at Edgbaston, Warwickshire. He the son of Christopher Buller and Mary Beard and Anne the daughter of William Welch and Sarah Cheatle. In this choice he received more Pincombe-Gray then Buller-Taylor from our mother. William Robert Pincombe having married Grace Gray (family from East Riding of Yorkshire and Cumberland) my maternal great grandparents.

North Yorkshire was 11.6% for my brother and only 3.5% for me. Our Sproxton family likely hailed from North Yorkshire (Ann Sproxton (daughter of Richard Sproxton and Ann Harland married 1753 Great Driffield) married John Cobb 1782 at Lund and they were the parents of Elizabeth Cobb who married Robert Gray 1806 at Lund and their son Robert Junior emigrated to Canada and was the father of Grace Gray. The percentage is high however and I suspect there is also Hemsley in that mix.

South England is primarily Hampshire where our father was born (Ernest Blake born 1904 at Eastleigh) and all of his Blake line mostly from Upper Clatford and all pretty much within a few kilometres of Andover going back in time although Elizabeth Lambden (Elizabeth married Isaac Farmer 1789 at Andover; Ann Farmer married John Blake also at Andover in 1823 (parents of Edward Blake my great grandfather)'s father was likely from Berkshire. For the most part though the Blake line and the families that married into Blake were from Andover or closeby. My brother inherited strongly from my paternal grandfather and that shows up strongly in his matches. He is at 11.5% and I am at 2.7% and I suspect some of mine is from the Dorset area where our great grandmother Maria Jane Knight was born (she married Edward Blake at Upper Clatford in 1870) as I have very good Knight matches.

As with myself, Lincolnshire is partly an unknown. Close to London as I get back into the 1700s there are some unknowns in my lines. My brother was 7.7% and myself at 2%. Certainly he inherited strongly from the Gray family and as I work my way back in the East Riding of Yorkshire there are lines coming in that I have not yet discovered.

Northumbria at 5.5% for my brother and 4% for me is perhaps some of our Routledge ancestry (2 of my 3x great grandparents Thomas Routledge and Elizabeth Routledge (2nd cousins) married in 1785 at Bewcastle Cumberland). There is also my Hemsley family likely from this area and 5x to 6x great grandparents.

Cumbria at 2.2% for my brother and 0% for me is very likely this Routledge family as well. Although I do have matches with our Routledge cousins and my brother does not thus far only two have tested.

South Yorkshire at 1.2% for my brother and 5.4% for me is perhaps again the Gray family who lived at Etton and places within about a 10 kilometre radius of Etton.

Not unexpected, my brother shows no Irish or Scottish. He does not have a lot of matches compared to a multitude of Irish/Scot matches for myself. Northwest England at 0% for my brother and 3.5% for myself, Southwest Scotland and Northern Ireland and 0% for my brother and 4.8% for myself, and Aberdeenshire at 0% for my brother and 2.5% all point to our possible Irish/Planter Scot ancestry. He has very few matches with people of known Irish/Scot ancestry. This is of course our unknown line. My maternal grandmother's mother was Ellen Taylor born at Birmingham and we of course share her mitochondrial DNA (H11a2a1, relatively uncommon although there are probably slightly less than one million people who share it on the planet today!) which does point to Ayrshire/Argyllshire Scotland in the Blood of the Isles Database. Matches with the colony in the Carolinas founded by the Rev William Martin and his six shiploads of colonists in 1772 was from County Antrim and a number of matches with our mitochondrial DNA are found with people who descend from this group of colonists.

Scandinavian (3.5% for myself) and Germanic (3% for my brother) are somewhat mysterious as I do not have any known ancestors born in these two areas. But I have many many Scandinavian matches (and some German). My brother has few Scandinavian but many German matches. Perhaps it is fairly ancient and has just managed to be passed down through the ages relatively intact but through whom is the question and one which I look at in depth with each new close match that is from Scandinavia or the Germanic Countries.

Very pleased with these results as well from Living DNA. Looking forward to their matching. I have also shared one set of another brother's results and one set of another sister's results for the matching. Now that I have these results I will do a write up for Living DNA as they have requested feedback.

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