Friday, November 3, 2017

New Directions

Life has turned around a new corner for me and I am sitting back and looking at the workload that I have assigned to myself. I want to do it a little differently to match my lifestyle.

Firstly, I want to continue blogging Blake wills and will try to get back to that at least 10 wills per month (I am a person who lives by numbers, I learn numerically and I live numerically - just me).

Secondly, I want to fix up an error that I have recently discovered in my Legacy charting. When I upgraded to Legacy 8 from Legacy 7 I seemed to have shifted the way that I opened and saved my files resulting in a set of duplicate files which contained changes somewhat erratically. Recently discovered after my busy year as co-treasurer of the OGS Conference 2017 (and there is still work to do; not yet finished as a final trial balance needs to be done and then the audit).

Thirdly, along with fixing that error I want to produce a new family chart to use with my DNA matching on the various services that I have tested at (along with my siblings). I am finding it very handy to have all this information and matching but it would be even more meaningful if my charting was consistent and so that is another one of my goals from this new direction.

Fourthly, I want to continue with my one name studies of Blake and Pincombe but I am in the process of teasing some of this information out of my personal records as over the past fourteen years of doing genealogy (yes amazingly I have now been at this for fourteen years!) so that I am able to hand off, at some point in the future, all of my records to the Guild in the form of DVDs to either be picked up by another as a one name study or into their archives for a future researcher who will do the same as I did - pick up the traces of work that someone else has done in the past.

Fifthly, I will continue writing my family story. I have "completed" the story of my generation, my parent's generation (although family get togethers continue to add new information to their stories), my grandparent's generation (new records add to this information and family get togethers) and my great grandparents including all of their children tracing them down as close to the present as I am able (a few exciting matches have lately come my way continuing to prove that the paper research that I have done is right on). Susan Courage, and I hope she doesn't mind my mentioning her name, has emerged as one of my 6th cousins 2x removed where we share 5x great grandparents Ellis Ellis and Sarah Wellspring (our family DNA match is with her sister but none the less very exciting to have found a cousin amongst the people that I have actually come to know). But now I am into my 2x great grandparents and continue to work on John Blake and Ann Farmer and their ten children, 49 grandchildren and hundreds of great grandchildren I am still pulling out of the records. I have been nearly a year working on this line!

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