Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembrance Day

Reflecting on what has been done for us in the past century by the men and women of our armed forces, I found myself thinking once again about the idea of a guaranteed income for every man and woman 18 years of age and older. Although conservative by nature, and fiscally conservative at that, I totally support the idea of a guaranteed income for every man and woman 18 years of age and older in the entire world.

How would such an expense be funded? For me that is the first question uppermost in my mind. The recent release of information on wealth being concealed in off shore accounts reminds me once again that we need to have a world income tax; if you do not pay tax in the jurisdiction in which you live which accounts for all the income that you have earned (and that rate needs to be a reasonable one) then you should pay tax to a world wide income tax institution. Where would such an institution be located? Well properly it belongs within the United Nations. The organization had such wondrous hopes when it was founded - world wide peace was the aim but also it was to protect the minorities of the world who had no other protection. Can we trust that the United Nations could be a tax collector and distribute the monies in a fair and equitable manner? In the long run, I think we could. This meeting place of all the nations of the world has one vote each but perhaps we should reconsider that idea and convert that to representation by population. That way all of the people within a country become much more valuable to each country. But along with that we would have to consider population limitations namely following the Chinese example of controlling family size choosing perhaps two children rather than one since that is neutral growth - two people producing two children.

Looking at my own country Canada, why would the distribution of money in this fashion be valuable to people who would be supporting this funding from their rather large income base? Because they need people to buy their products, the more money they remove from their own country's jurisdiction and fail to pay income tax on it to their home country, the poorer the people in their home country become because somebody has to pay the taxes that run a country. At the moment we are heading towards more and more low income families and certainly $18,000 per person is well below the poverty level here in Canada. But two individuals make a couple and both over 18 they would then have $36,000 just for existing. With such a base they could do advanced training because you need that to get anywhere in this world of artificial intelligence. With such a base they are not living wondering where they will get funds to pay their rent/mortgage, food. They are spending the money locally supporting all those industries/services nearby.

With such a distribution of money in Canada, we would eliminate Welfare, Old Age Pensions and Disability all at once. The savings for the business of generating these particular items would be considerable although we would then need a department that manages the guaranteed income.

The dream would be that everyone in the world would be eligible and if no country provides then application to the United Nations department would guarantee that all would be covered.Controlling abuse would be simple, DNA testing of each and every individual on the face of this earth.

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