Friday, October 9, 2009

Cape Cod Trip and Whale Watching

The week flew by on us whilst we were visiting Cape Cod and I didn't post even once. Unfortunately I took ill on the second day and was out of action until the end of the third day so missed out on a big portion of the trip. The whale watching did not happen as there were gale force winds blowing and the others had a dune buggy trip instead which I expect was quite nice. I would have found it interesting but was quite content to just lie quietly and let the illness leave me.

It is an eleven hour bus trip from here to Cape Cod with stops for lunch and several breaks so about 8.5 hours of driving time. I finished off my book on the Templars and read most of my book on the Little Ice Age: How climate made History 1300 - 1850, by Brian Fagan, which I will elaborate on later. Excellent book and I shall do a book report on it for Ed as it has strong genealogical indications for those searching their family lines particularly in Europe (northern), Scandinavian Peninsula and the British Isles. I shall have to look at some of the interesting entries I have found in the parish registers as they refer to severe storms and highly elevated death rates and compare them with the text of the book.

I did work on one of my large documents and transcribed some of it but for the most part I simply relaxed and got better. I was improved enough to have my lobster dinner - I ate sparingly and concentrated on my baked potato but did eat the tail of my lobster which was very lovely (without any added butter!). I ate it slowly and munched it a long time so as to enjoy every morsel that I allowed myself.

Back to work tomorrow although I have more or less decided to sew my dress for our daughter's wedding. I simply didn't find what I was looking for and I really do not want to buy a dress with beadwork as it just isn't me. I shall find a nice brocade and make a style that I like.

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