Friday, October 2, 2009

Carter - Hinxman

An interesting document that I ordered from the Hampshire Record Office several years ago is my next transcription endeavour. I ordered it because it is looking at Foxcott where William Blake died in 1696. The Carter family is most interesting because Thomas King my 5x great grandfather married Mary Carter of Andover. The name isn't uncommon but there is a thread of relatedness running between the King family and the Carter family and the Blake family of Abbotts Ann. The tentative wife for Thomas Blake my 5x great grandfather was/is Ann Carter. I am still proving/disproving this marriage. I do know that Thomas Blake my 6x great grandfather died at 29 leaving behind a young son who was (by family lore) raised by his widowed mother in a cottage at Foxcott. Putting the pieces together in this thirty year space can perhaps be best accomplished by these land records - at least that was my intent in buying them. There are still a lot more records that I could look at once I figure out which are the best records to look at - that means an indepth search of the database at the Hampshire Record Office and once I have the documents that I already purchased transcribed then I can fill in the missing areas.

Eventually Joseph Blake my 4x great grandfather moves from Andover to Upper Clatford and marries Joanna King (daughter of above mentioned Thomas King and Mary Carter). Thomas mentions the daughter of John Blake Malster at Abbotts Ann in his will and his son in law Joseph in his will (I was somewhat shocked that Joanna didn't even get one line!) and that he is to inherit everything that he has. Joseph died just five years later leaving behind one daughter and one son and a posthumously born son Thomas (my 3x great grandfather). This Thomas is then mentioned in the will of John Blake Malster at Abbotts Ann and John also gives money to the Church at Abbotts Ann and Upper Clatford. Sorting through this maze will likely be quite fascinating especially if the end result is orderly.

I completed the document and will just have a look through it before I send it off to my correspondent on the Blake-Hinxman family. It was an interesting document. I can not really see a relationship between Carter and Hinxman except he is helping her out by ultimately buying back the property. In the 1600s the Hinxman family held Foxcott Manor.

Tomorrow I shall continue transcribing but haven't decided what to work on yet.

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