Sunday, October 18, 2009


We went to Church this morning and it was Stewardship Sunday. The sermon was quite interesting and a somewhat novel way to encourage people to increase their givings to the Church. Our Church has an annual budget of nearly $800,000 but it is the Church that is used for State affairs in Ottawa. I continue to tithe my small pension and will do so as long as I live. The last thirty years I have contemplated how I can serve God best and have endeavoured to do so. For nearly twenty years I helped at my husband's United Church but I must admit I am happy to be "home" again in my Anglican Church. I tend towards the idea that Church is between God and I and I do what I can do help His mission on earth. My work now involves transcribing the Parish Records of my families Churches so that others may also be able to search them readily. I need to discover how to share them more readily and I will soon start to work at that. I have done some publishing which is one means at my disposal. But not all of my records lend themselves to publishing in county journals simply because they are much too long - the Parish Registers of Bishops Nympton are over 900 pages long.

I decided to search the Buller wills once again on The National Archives site and I decided to download John Buller in Westminster. He mentions all of his children (will probated in 1780) which included John (his eldest son), Henry, Edward (from his first marriage to Mary St Aubyn) and then his second wife Caroline Elizabeth and their children: Frederick, George and Augustus. No Christopher so now I know that the family at St Marylebone is not closely related. John also mentioned his brother (Reverend Doctor William Buller) who is an Anglican priest. His brother was to be one of his overseers so that was the reason for mentioning him. He could still have other siblings that could be the father of Christopher. Sometimes eliminating people works just as well as finding them. I notice though that his last child Augustus was baptized at Saint Martin in the Fields where Clara Buller (older sister to my great grandfather Edwin Denner Buller) was baptized in 1846. George Buller second youngest son was baptized in 1775 at Saint Martin in the Fields. Frederick William Buller was baptized in 1773 at Saint Martin in the Fields. His first family were all born at Morvall Cornwall - his first wife was Mary St Aubyn and they married 31 Mar 1760. John was born circa 1761, Henry circa 1763 and Edward circa 1765 (Sir Edward Buller). If my Buller line is related to this one, I have not yet found a link. I always find Henry Christopher (my 2x great grandfather) in Birmingham if he isn't in London so would be (and I have investigated this as well) more interested in the Watwickshire Buller family. None of this family has provided me with any leads either thus far!

We went for an 11K bicycle ride (probably one of our last ones for this year although if the weather holds we may still get to ride into November). I am just past Edmonton in my virtual walking/biking tour across Canada (starting from Victoria in British Columbia).

Tomorrow I need to start working on my dress and I shall transcribe more of the Andover register.

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