Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blake, Hinxman, Question and others

It was a very busy day today as I wanted to send off the transcription I did yesterday of an Indenture between Christian Hinxman and William Barber in the 1680s. It was interesting because it mentioned a place called Woolrer's Deane. My other correspondent is interested in the Hinxman family that was at Deane in the 1700s. The similarity of the day struck me as interesting and I transcribed the document - a huge document in four pieces (one can only imagine the size of the original with all of its seals!). Peter Blake was also mentioned at Clatford and this is the brother of my 8x great grandfather William Blake. Thus far I have not find any references to this William other than his death in 1696 at Foxcott and his marriage in 1644 to Ann Hellier (plus the baptisms of their children). I need to transcribe the next parish register at Andover and see if there is anything helpful in there.

That completed I then decided to support my niece running in the 5K Breast Cancer race and that done we then watched a couple of issues of MASH. Always an interesting series to watch. We then went off to find a lamp shade for our ancient floor lamp. It was already old when we acquired it shortly after we were married. It was rewired so really an old outside and a new inside! However we were not able to find a lampshade that fits it yet. We also went to Marks Work Warehouse to buy my woolen work socks for winter. We keep our house fairly cool (about 20 and cooler at night) so one needs warm wool socks in the winter here.

We then entered more Music CDs into Library Thing and we are slowly getting everything entered that is on the main floor. We hope to complete that task in another couple of weeks. We still have records and tapes plus my fiche to do.

Then off to look at flowers for the wedding and we have booked Flowermania. It is a simple display as the dress itself is aboslutely lovely but quite unadorned itself. It will make beautiful pictures and having the simple uncluttered lines will be quite lovely I think. Just the Rehearsal Party left to plan once we know the dates that our daughter isn't on call at the hospital. The hospital is a well oiled machine with all sorts of schedules that keep it running smoothly and although only a third year medical student she fits into that master plan and we need to work everything around that.

Now I have finally gotten back to the project that I planned first thing this morning for today and that is an Indenture between Thomas Grace Yeoman of Highcleere and Joseph Hinxman of North Hinton. Although I purchased this thinking it might be helpful to me - the Hinxman documents have been interesting but do not clarify anything about my Blake line other than times which is helpful actually.

The Indenture is very interesting actually and the original owner of the tract with Mary Carter Spinster which is really interesting. The Carter family was married into the King family at Upper Clatford (my line) and I am still sorting them out. I have Gyles Carter will to transcribe in my stack. It was his grandaughter that married Thomas King my 5x great grandfather.

Tomorrow I want to finish the Indenture and perhaps start on yet another document that deals with Foxcott. I think that my 4x great grandfather Joseph Blake grew up in a cottage at Foxcott which his father had grown up in with his widowed mother. However proving it will be a challenge but each time I find details that mention family names that marry into the Blake line I transcribe the document to see if I can find clues to point the way.

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