Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bishops Nympton conversion

Proceding along with the conversion of the word file to an excel file, there are now at the middle of 1835 5278 baptisms, at the end of 1812 1111 marriages, at the end of 1812 3676 burials and at the end of 1886 364 banns. The baptisms continue up to 1986 and I will complete all of those before going to the marriages. Marriages will just be up to the middle of 1837 as Devon does not make fiche of the marriages from 1837 onwards, the burials then continue from 1813 to 1987. The Banns are now complete. I am on page 554 of this 876 page document. I am quite pleased to be moving along so quickly. The next stage will be to proofread the documents from the original microfiche of the Parish Registers.

I have had a few interesting emails. One in particular was from a descendant of the older brother of John Pincombe (my 2x great grandfather). The two families communciated into the early 1900s (likely until about 1918 when William Robert Pincombe died (my great grandfather). He used to visit relatives in the United States with his second family leaving my grandfather to take care of the farm.

A second email was from a descendant of the William Millin/Elizabeth Beard family (the sister of my 3x great grandmother Mary Beard married to Christy Buller). I am not entirely sure what to think of their queries and perhaps it was an error on my part to record a couple of thoughts on the Millin family and their emigration to Australia. I may just remove them from my blog until I can figure out again why I think it was five rather than the three for which he has clear knowledge. I know I chatted back and forth with another Beard cousin at the time about the Millin family. I think perhaps I will just remove the statement. Sometimes people are quite friendly on line and other times they are rather pointed and this is supposed to be fun so I tend to ignore them for the most part. My study of family history is just a hobby these days. My working in genealogy is way back in the past now. If I am incorrect in a statement than I can just remove it if anyone can substantiate that it is incorrect.

A third email today mentioned North Molton records. I eventually plan to submit the transcription to Genuki Devon.
Well that being said I shall get back to my Bishops Nympton file and delete the short statement from the Millin post until I can substantiate it. Likely I will not delve that thoroughly into the Millin family so I may never substantiate it. Time will tell in that regard.

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