Sunday, December 4, 2011

Conversion of the Bishops Nympton Parish Register from text file to excel file

Working away on the Bishops Nympton word file and at the end of one week I have converted 25% of the file to an excel file. It has been a slow process on the one hand and on the other hand I do have 25% converted. It is still possible that I can complete the file by Christmas.

Initially I typed in the entries from the one file into the other. But I listened to the thoughts of my husband and daughter and tried capturing the text and converting it to an excel data sheet and then working on rearranging the text. Although it initially appeared to be slower gradually I developed a scheme that worked and I moved to this newer method for the conversion.

The priests of course had their own pattern for recording and it wasn't always the same. I have now reached the contracts/marriages which in the mid 1600s had an amazing amount of information in this parish register. I must reduce them to one line but it is the "form" that will be left out not the information that can be gleaned from these entries.

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